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Jennifer Love Hewitt
“Death isn't the end, it's the beginning.”
Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Echols
“A smaller rocket cut across the sky, trailing smoke. It exploded in a red heart.
"Awwwww!" said the crowd.
"Upside down," said Sean.
The heart was, indeed, upside down. It grew and grew, upside down, until it's lights trailed and faded.
A bigger rocket exploded in bright golden sparks, and then came another red heart.
"Upside down," said all the boys.
Three explosions layered on top of one another, gold, blue, pink. Then still another red heart exploded, growing and growing before it faded.
"Upside down," said everyone in the boat but me.
My own heart expanded for Adam.
I whispered, "I know what he meant.”
Jennifer Echols, Endless Summer

Jennifer Echols
“Your confidence in me is heartwarming.
Makes me want to return all the money I stole from the little old ladies and kick the heroin.”
Jennifer Echols, Endless Summer

Jennifer Echols
“Her dad turned to me. "You. Follow Me."
"Woof," I said.”
Jennifer Echols, Endless Summer

Jennifer Echols
“Adam ” Lori called loudly enough for me to hear her but not so loud that her voice would carry up to my mom in the marina office- or to her dad who might be listening from their screened porch facing the water.

“I came over to get some tips from the boys about teaching Tammy and Rachel to board. Of course I did not come over here to see you. How could you think such a thing That would be disobedient.”

I held up the wax.
“For my own disobedience I have to buff the boat. Then I’m going for a jog.”
She tilted her head. Probably her eyes widened but I couldn’t see them behind her sunglasses. I hated not being able to see her eyes.
She asked “In this heat?”
I didn’t mind jogging in the heat. The heat was a big friendly animal that liked to wrestle and only occasionally sat on me until I lost my breath. Anyway she was missing the point.

I repeated carefully ”I am GOING for a JOG.”
“I HEARD you the FIRST time ” she said. “It’s late afternoon in the middle of June. It’s ninety-five degrees out here.”
“He means he’s GOING for a JOG” Rachel and Tammy said at the same time.
“He’s GOING for a JOG.”
Lori still didn’t get it. Normally her blondeness was one of the things I loved about her. At the moment not so much.
Exasperated Cameron told her “Adam wants you to go for a jog too.”
She said “Oh ”
“If you two airheads have to hook up secretly for very long ” Sean said “you’re not going to make it.”
Jennifer Echols, Endless Summer

Jennifer Echols
“Let's go," I said.
"Go where?"
"On Lori's date with Parker."
Now he looked at me over the nerdy spectacles he wore for reading.
"I wasn't aware it was a double date. And you're not my type.”
Jennifer Echols, Endless Summer

Jennifer Echols
“Think like a middle-aged man with OCD, a dead wife, and a teenage daughter.
Think like a woman with three teenage sons who once ran a golf cart into the side of their granddad's house."
"Cameron and Sean shouldn't have let me drive," Adam said in his own defense. "I was seven."
"You shouldn't have ASKED to drive. You were seven.”
Jennifer Echols, Endless Summer

Jennifer Echols
“I'm not stalking her," I insisted.
"I'm making sure she's safe. Besides, how could you stalk Lori McGillicuddy?
She'd see you and come out to your truck and say, "Hi, I'm Lori. Are you my stalker? It's so neat to meet you! While you're stuck here watching my every move, can I bring you anything? Sweet tea?”
Jennifer Echols, Endless Summer

Jennifer L. Armentrout
“Aiden was gone. Like Caleb, but in a different way. I'd lost both of them.”
Jennifer L. Armentrout, Pure

Jennifer Echols
“Stay away from her."
"Keep your hands off her."
"I'll try."
He scowled at me.
"I will," I said.”
Jennifer Echols, Endless Summer

Jenny Trout
“It was the damnedest thing, life. Once you decide exactly how things are going to go, something or someone comes along and messes it all up.”
Jennifer Armintrout, Ashes to Ashes

Jennifer Estep
“I know, I know. But I can always kill him later. This way, at least we get to humiliate him first.”
Finn eyed me. “Sometimes I think you’re even more devious, twisted, and vicious than I am.”
I grinned. “You only wish you could be as ruthless as me.”
Jennifer Estep, Deadly Sting

Jennifer Echols
“What did Kevin Ye get arrested for anyway? Didn't he steal a car?"
"He stole the driver's ed car."
I laughed. Then I saw how Adam was looking at me.
"He gave it back."
"They MAKE you give stuff back, Lori, after they arrest you for stealing it.”
Jennifer Echols, Endless Summer

Jennifer Echols
“I need to explain all this to Adam in private. I can't get McGillicuddy to explain it to him. Something will be lost in translation."
"Well, excuse me that I can't look at him all googly-eyed," my brother said.
"And he's liable to punch you," I said.”
Jennifer Echols, Endless Summer

Jennifer Estep
“Can you play the piano like Beethoven? Or sing like Carly Simon? Can you take fie pages' worth of quotes and turn them into a usable story ten minutes before deadline? I don't think so, unless you have more hidden talents I don't know about. We all have our special sills. They don't make us better or worse than each other. Just different”
Jennifer Estep, Karma Girl

Jennifer Echols
“He sighed, then said, "So basically, you're stalking her."
"I am NOT stalking her." I insisted.
"That's where you come in. If I followed her by myself, someone who did not understand the situation and did not realize that I am so responsible-"
McGillicuddy snorted.
"- might mistake what I am doing for stalking.
However, her big brother is with me. Therefore we are protecting her.”
Jennifer Echols, Endless Summer

Jennifer Echols
“You make terrible, terrible plans."
"Hey, " I protested. "One of my plans caught you didn't it?"
"Yeah, but you meant to catch Sean."
He took his hand off my shoulder.
I waved his concerns away, along with a cloud of gnats that had found us in the forest.
"You're getting lost in the details. Keep the big picture in mind.”
Jennifer Echols, Endless Summer

Jennifer Echols
“Stubble or what?"
Eyes still closed he chuckled. "I'm not shaving until our parents let us date again."
He kissed my cheek.
"What if it takes... a... while?"
I asked struggling to talk. He'd made his way down to my neck. His tongue circled there slowly.
"There are only six or seven weeks until August football practice starts right?"
"Hm." His mouth moved up my neck toward my ear. Oh.
"Will you be able to stuff your beard into your helmet?" I croaked.
In answer he put his lips on my ear.
I forgot the next joke I'd planned to make and lost myself in Adam.”
Jennifer Echols, Endless Summer

Jennifer Echols
“Adam thinks that you two are in an argument."
My body zinged into alert mode. My mind didn't know what Mrs. Vader meant, but my body already did. Even Sean glanced over at her with a cautious look.
"He does?" I asked faintly.
"A bad one," she confirmed.
"How could we be in a bad argument without me even knowing about it?”
Jennifer Echols, Endless Summer

Jennifer Echols
“Better you than Cameron " McGillicuddy grumbled. "I know where Cameron's been."
Sean snorted.
Cameron said "I already told you I did NOT come on to Lori.”
Jennifer Echols, Endless Summer

Jennifer Echols
“Even though Sean still held my head down I was the only one who thought to ask
"Who's driving the boat?"
Over the motor I heard girls screaming at us the instant before we crashed.”
Jennifer Echols, Endless Summer

Siobhan Vivian
“They don't understand that it's hard to be her, to be shopping with them.
Like when Dana had pointed out a pair of jeans that Jennifer HAD to try, before darting into another section. Skinny girls can walk by a table full of pants, piled in high stacks, and peel a pair off the top. Easy. Effortless. But not girls like Jennifer.”
Siobhan Vivian, The List

Jennifer Echols
“Oof!" Adam caught me all right, with the side of his head. I could tell by the feel of his skull on my foot as I kicked him. He grabbed me the best he could anyway, and we half landed, half fell in the pine needles.
He lay facedown on the ground. I flopped him over on his back to make sure he was alive. If he had a concussion, we'd have to call the ambulance, which meant we'd get caught and he'd get sent to military school.
On the bright side, maybe the military school would not take him if he had brain damage.
"I'm so sorry."
"Worth it," he grunted. He rolled onto his feet like a ninja and grabbed my hand.
"Hurry, before they release the hounds.”
Jennifer Echols, Endless Summer

Jennifer Lynn Barnes
“Oh God. I'm jealous of farts.”
Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Nobody

“Jennifer's smiling! She must be feeling sick or something!”
Nick Sullivan

Jennifer Echols
“Taking his hand I said "Fank woo."
"Hm " he laughed with his mouth closed.”
Jennifer Echols, Endless Summer

Jennifer Kathleen Phillips
“Open the door for words that open doors.”
Jennifer Kathleen Phillips

Jennifer Kathleen Phillips
“The sky is not the limit”
Jennifer Kathleen Phillips, Word Power Poetry & Poetics

Morgan Parker
“...there was no fucking chance I was going to hang out with Jennifer doing scrapbooking. I couldn't trust her with scissors for one thing.”
Morgan Parker, Non Friction