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Jill Shalvis
“I’m already yours. Always have been. All you have to do is step into the ring.”
Jill Shalvis, Simply Irresistible
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J. Lynn
“You with me?”

Remembering him saying that before, our first time, I nodded and whispered, “Yes.”

He kissed me again. “Then stay with me.”
J. Lynn, Stay with Me

J. Lynn
“Look, we can stand out here and argue about it for the next ten minutes, but you’re getting in this truck.”

My eyes narrowed. “Let me remind you of something. I don’t know you. Like at all.”

“And I’m not asking you to get naked and give me a private show.” Pausing, his gaze seemed to drift down my body again. “Although, that is way interesting. A bad idea, but way interesting.”
J. Lynn, Stay with Me

Penelope Douglas
“We want a house, a car, a fancy f*cking vacation, and prestige. So what do we do? We go to school and we get jobs we hate to pay for the things we want. We deal with people we don't like and waste years of our lives sitting in stark fluorescent-lit rooms and listening to coworkers who bore us so we can pay for a small amount of precious time to enjoy what makes us happy, to achieve a fraction of our lives just feeling as if it was all worth it. We sacrifice to earn.”
Penelope Douglas, Falling Away

J. Lynn
“Thank you,” he said.

I blinked. “What?”

A funny little smile played out across his lips. “Thank you for trusting me with this.”

My mouth gaped.

“It’s a big deal.” His lashes lifted and his eyes met mine. “What we did. It was your first time. I’m honored.”

Was this real?

“So thank you.”

Jax closed the distance between us, melding our lips together in what had to have been the sweetest kiss possible, and I realized this was real. Not some orgasm-induced hallucination, and there was truly no wonder why I’d fallen for him.”
J. Lynn, Stay with Me

Ashley Poston
“I can’t lie, you insufferable Ironblood,” he chided. “I’m apologizing because I can’t forgive you right now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to kiss you, ma’alor. And it doesn’t mean I don’t like you. I do. I like you, but do you really want me? Someone who can’t touch other people? That’s my reality. I’ll never kiss you without seeing your fate. I’ll never touch you without seeing how you’ll die. Am I someone you could be happy with?” Robb’s brow furrowed. “Screw fate. I’ll tear down the stars for you.”
Ashley Poston, Heart of Iron

Jennifer L. Armentrout
“Stick with me, babe, and I'll change your life.”
Jennifer L. Armentrout, Stay with Me

Trish Milburn
“Okay, okay, we get it. You two really like each other,” Egan says. He nudges Keller aside. “It’s my turn. I think I have a date up there somewhere.”
Bit Toni doesn’t appear at the top of the stairs.
“Toni?” I say.
“Come out, come out, wherever you are,” Egan adds.
“She’s, uh…I’ll go get her.” I don’t want to reveal how nervous Toni is. That will put too much importance on this date, on Egan.
“Nah, I’ll go get her.” Egan bounds up the stairs.”
Trish Milburn, White Witch
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Ashley Poston
“I promise you on iron and stars.”
Ashley Poston, Heart of Iron

Ashley Poston
“Robb glanced over the side of the crate to see for himself.
The headless android twitched and began to rise. If he believed in the Moon Goddess, he'd be praying right now. He'd be praying really, really hard.
And he'd be praying something like, Merciful Goddess, if you exist, please hand my ass to me some other day. I don't want to die, I haven't kissed Jax yet.
That last revelation sent a cold chill down his spine.
He wanted to KISS JAX. He wanted to taste the starlight on his skin and press his lips against the cool curve of his collarbone--”
Ashley Poston, Heart of Iron

Theresa Kay
“I turn my face and force the corners of my mouth up. There may even be a bit if eyelash fluttering going on. He just rolls his dark blue eyes at me, obviously not impressed—or maybe I just look like I have something stuck in my eye. Sometimes it would be nice to make use of some feminine wiles. I sigh and drop my shoulders. "Out."

"You're going to have to do better than that. You know I'm not supposed to let you out without an escort."

"Please. I can't breathe in here." I step forward, stare up into his face, and lower my voice. "Do you know Emily wanted me to come to sewing circle this morning? Can you even imagine?"

Flint's mouth rounds up into a smile and he coughs to cover his chuckle. "No, Jax. I can't possibly imagine you doing anything remotely feminine.”
Theresa Kay, Broken Skies

Ashley Poston
“The Solani have a saying," he said, his voice soft. "Al gat ha astri ke'eto. It means something like 'Until the next star shines on you'--until we meet again. So, Al gat ha astri ke'eto, ma'alor.”
Ashley Poston, Heart of Iron

Ashley Poston
“But then jJax said, "Yet don't we always go looking for danger?"
"And we have a Metal to save," Robb added.
Talle shook her head. "Who is now a brainwashed murdering robot who wants to KILL us."
"But he didn't," Ana argued, painfully aware of the wound in her stomach. If he had wanted to kill her, he could have. He knew how. She didn't tell them what Di had whispered before he plunged the blade into her, wishing to have let her burn. That was not Di. So, she kept it to herself, a secret between her and her new scars. And that means the HIVE didn't take everything. The HIVE WON'T take everything. The Iron Kingdom isn't mine--it's ours. We're the outcasts, the rebels, the refugees--"
"And the royalty," said Jax.
"And the royalty," she agreed. "We're part of the Iron Kingdom. We're the parts no one remembers, so they'll never see us coming. Who's with me?"
Jax and Robb raised their hands without hesitation, and then Lenda, and Talle. The captain pursed her lips, blinking the stray tears out of her eyes, and then she nodded because Ana knew she just wanted to keep her safe--but now it was Ana's turn to save people.
"To the ends of the universe, darling," Siege finally replied.
Ana's heart swelled. She held tightly to Di's memory core, a lifeline glowing with hope in the dark. Once, she had not known who she could be without Di, and once she couldn't have fathomed the thought. But now she knew she carried Di with her, and Barger, and Wick, and Riggs--and Siege, and Talle, and Lenda and Robb and Jax, and Machivalle and Wynn, and Viera, and her late parents and lost brothers, tucked within the steady thrum of her heart. They were the sum of her parts that made her whole.
She was Ananke Armorov. She was the heir to the Iron Kingdom. She was a girl born in fire and raised in the stars, and she would burn against the darkness--and drive it away.”
Ashley Poston, Heart of Iron

Ashley Poston
“Jax had realized, in the moments he though Robb would bleed out in the cargo bay, that he wanted to fly into those eyes. he wanted to get lost in them. Just once. If they just opened one more time.”
Ashley Poston, Heart of Iron

Ashley Poston
“Chivalry looks good on you, ma'alor," he said, brushing a dark curl out of Robb's face. "And I hate that I like it."
"Your flattery will only get you so far," Robb joked, trying to grin, but it turned sour and bitter. "I like you, but I have no right to say that. For what my mother did--for what I did. But...if there was a way for you to forgive me, no matter how long it takes, would you let me? Will you let me try to be worthy of you?"
The question took Jax by surprise.
He sat back, quite unable to find a response.
I've seen you stars, he wanted to say, and this is impossible.
All his life he'd thought that all fates flowed in a continuous, never-ending river, but now the current was disrupted, the path unsettled. They had changed the stars, and he was falling in love with a boy who should have died.
Robb shifted, uncomfortable. "Or--or if you don't feel the same way--"
"I'm sorry," Jax began, but when he looked into Robb's eyes, there were tears there. Alarmed, he quickly added, "No, no! That's not what I meant! I don't mean--"
"I knew you wouldn't. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." Tears curved down Robb's cheeks, and almost exasperated, Jax wiped them away.
"I can't LIE, you insufferable Ironblood," he chided. "I'm apologizing because I can't forgive you right now, but that doesn't mean I don't want to kiss you, ma'alor. And it doesn't mean I don't like you. I do. I like you, but do you really want ME? Someone who can't touch other people? That's my reality. I'll never kiss you without seeing your fate. I'll never touch you without seeing how you'll die. Am I someone you could be happy with?"
Robb's brow furrowed. "Screw fate. I'll tear down the stars for you."
For HIM? Even though Jax had to wear gloves, and could never brush his lips against Robb's jawline without seeing the stars, never kiss Robb's ears, or traced the lines of his body, or feel the heat that pulsed just beneath his skin, hot and red and wanting. Jax felt his throat tighten as tears pooled at the edges of his eyes. He didn't cry. He never cried.
Robb took Jax's hand, and kissed his gloved knuckles. "And lucky for you," Robb added, "I'm not planning to ever die, so you don't have to worry about my stars."
He laughed. "You make being mad at you hard, ma'alor."
"I plan on making it impossible," replied Robb, and raised an eyebrow. "What does ma'alor mean?"
Jax chewed on his bottom lip. 'It means..." But he couldn't bear that sort of embarrassment, so he simply leaned into the Ironblood and kissed him. Savoring the moment, the unknowingness of it all.
Until new images came flooding across his senses like a wave of darkness across the stars.”
Ashley Poston, Heart of Iron

Ashley Poston
“Stop making a fool of yourself--and stop bowing to me, stars above," Jax added exasperatedly, and waited for Robb to stand again. "I'm not worth THAT must groveling."
"But you are."
Jax sighed, and held out his hand. "Come on--Di and Ana are waiting."
Robb hesitated. "Well? Don't you want to take a dashing boy's hand?" Oh--oh did he.
And he wanted to win a Wicked Luck game against this dashing boy. And he wanted to know why he had left his home, what his favorite color was, what food he liked best--what FLAVOR.
Robb wanted to know him as intimately as a sailor knew the stars.”
Ashley Poston, Heart of Iron

Elise Kova
“You show up as if you materialize from the wind itself, to save the life of the crown prince whom you jumped off the side of the Pass in an attempt to save. You're unassuming, you're filthy, and you're soaked in what I can only presume to be the blood of our enemies." A grin slowly spread across Jax's face, like that of a rabid beast. "Who said anything about being disappointed?”
Elise Kova, Earth's End

Ashley Poston
“Jax took Robb by the face, fingers spreading into his hair, dark curls wrapping around his fingers, snarling them, so Robb could look at no one else. He memorized the constellation of freckles crossing Robb's nose, peppering his sun-kissed cheeks. The way the human boy looked at him made a strange, burning feeling turn in his stomach. He wanted to kiss off the freckles and place them in the sky as guiding stars.”
Ashley Poston, Heart of Iron

Cristin Harber
“Jax focused on the important stuff in regard to work, leaving out the part where he'd gotten drunk and married.”
Cristin Harber
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Inka Loreen Minden
“Stöhnend dreht er sich auf den Rücken, legt die Hand auf die Stirn und jammert übertrieben: »Oh mein Gott, worauf habe ich mich nur eingelassen? Diese Ärztin hat aus mir einen Achtstundenschläfer gemacht. Ich bin ein Kuschelbär geworden, ein Sonnenbrillenträger, Busenwärmer und Frauenzuhörer. Mein Leben, wie es einmal war, ist vorbei. Ich unterdrücke meine Furze, rülpse nicht mehr laut und setze mich zum Pinkeln hin. Das alles nur ihretwegen!«

Vor Lachen halte ich mir den Bauch. »Jetzt übertreib mal nicht so, und das mit dem Sitzpinkeln stimmt ja wohl gar nicht!«

Er wirft mir einen seiner Unschuldsblicke zu. »Im Moment bin ich schon zu schwach zum Stehen. Ehrlich.«

Todernst sage ich: »Soll ich dir die Pinkelflasche bringen?«

»Nur wenn du ihn reinhältst.«”
Inka Loreen Minden, Jax
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J.A. Huss
“We are love in slow motion. We move as one, leaving the darkness behind, where it belongs, and become the light.”
J.A. Huss, Wasted Lust
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Katie Kacvinsky
“By the way, the other reason I agreed to help you is because I love your eyes. You have the most beautiful eyes. It's my weakness.”
Katie Kacvinsky, Still Point

Ashley Poston
“I WILL get you out of here," he said with conviction. "I promise you. On iron and stars.”
Ashley Poston, Heart of Iron

Ashley Poston
“Robb's brow furrowed. "Screw fate. I'll tear down the stars for you.”
Ashley Poston, Heart of Iron

Elise Kova
“We all believe in you two. We are all fighting for you. Do you know why?"
She shook her head. She didn't have the faintest idea.
"Because you two represent something, something more than you do individually. You are the impossible dreamers. The two who took on fate to be together. No one believed you could be anything. More than once, you both strove for more, for dreams that you should've never dreamed. So when you say you fight for peace, people believe it. Because you have cheated death and fate. Compared to that, finding peace will surely be easy.”
Elise Kova, Crystal Crowned

A.E. Via
“God had just enough time to throw on some jeans when a loud bang sounded on the door. He frowned and yanked the door open. God looked into the angry eyes of the wrong Day. He wanted to see Detective Day, not Dr. Day. God huffed and stepped to the side to let Jax in.

“How did you find me, Jax?” God asked as his greeting.

“I didn’t, your partner did. He seems to be able to track his lover anywhere in the United States,” Jax said with zero humor.

His brow scrunched for a couple seconds before he realized what Jax was talking about. Track your lover. “He’s actually using that goddamn app on our phones. Sonofabitch.”

“If you weren’t still sick and so freakishly huge, I’d punch you in your jaw for hurting my baby brother,” Jax fumed.

God plopped down on the bed and hissed at the pain in his ribs.

“Jax, I’m not a man of excuses. I fucked up and I admit it. I will fix this and soon. Leo means everything to me, and really, he’s all I’ve got.”

Jax dropped his large medical bag to the floor and looked God in his eyes. “But do you love him?”

God didn’t speak.

“You already know how he feels about you. I’ve never seen him care for anyone else the way he cared for you while you were sick. He was scared and worried. He’s still worried. He sent me here, wouldn’t take no for an answer. You may care about him, but if you can’t love him the way he wants you to, then let him know now…not after he’s too far in,” Jax said.”
A. E. Via
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A.E. Via
“Oh shit!” Day snapped his fingers at his recollection of something very critical. Why do I always forget about this? “I know exactly where he is…or at least I will in a second.” Day hung up without another word.

He pulled up his track-your-lover app on his phone. He never did tell God how he’d found him in that alley in Buckhead. It took a few seconds for the app to open fully before he saw the red dot beeping on the map of their city. You call yourself a detective, God. Pfft. He immediately called his brother back.

“Jax, he’s at the Fairfield Lodge in East Point. Please go check on him.” Day didn’t want to sound so pathetic. God had thrown him around and tossed him out like old luggage, but Day loved him and would never want to see God hurt or in need of help but too proud to ask for it.”
A. E. Via
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A.E. Via
“It couldn’t have been that bad that he had to hurt you, Leo.”

“Oh no, it was bad. It was the fucking first twenty minutes of Saving Private Ryan bad, Jax.” Day paced as he listened to his brother go on about God accepting responsibility for his own actions.

“Jax, don’t get me wrong, I’m highly pissed off with my partner. I’m pissed off to the highest of pisstivity. But I still have to know that he’s okay. That crazy brother of his really landed some hard blows on him and God didn’t fight back at all.”

“Because it’s his baby brother. That I do get,” Jax said softly. “But I can’t check on him, Leo, because believe me, there is nothing here to clue me in on where he may have went.” Jax paused before speaking again. “I must say I’m curious how he got all that heavy furniture out of here if he was in as bad a shape as you say.”

“Well, that wouldn’t be too hard to do. A lot of people owe God favors—both of us actually. If God called someone for help, they’d drop everything and come to help.” Day took a deep breath. “The same as I would if he had called me.” Day’s voice was strained from the hurt in his chest and he had no doubt that Jax was picking up on it.

“That asshole,” Jax snapped.

“Whoa, big brother. Don’t go cursing away your do-gooder image. You know you’re not a vulgar-language type of person…leave that for us heathens.” Day laughed humorlessly.

Day heard his brother laugh an irritated chuckle at him for trying to lighten the situation.

“Fine. But, after he apologizes numerous times, I’m going to give him a piece of my mind,” Jax said.

Day did smile that time. He had no doubt his brother would do just that.”
A. E. Via
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A.E. Via
“Are you in love with him, Leonidis?”

“Yes.” Again there wasn’t an ounce of hesitation, and even Day had to admit that he was shocked as shit at his confession.

“You never mentioned that Cash was gay,” Jax said.

“I know.”

“Leo, what are you doing? Falling for a straight man, and your partner at that?” His brother tried to make eye contact with him.

Day finally looked into his brother’s eyes, soft hazel ones that matched his own, and told him. “He loves me back. Straight, gay, bi, goddamn tranny…whatever he is. That man loves me too. He just hasn’t said it yet,” Day took another sip, “but he will.”

Day was relieved his brother left that subject alone.”
A. E. Via

Elise Kova
“He was going to burn them.
He was going to burn them alive.
He could do it. He would do it. He must do it. This was his destiny now as the Empire's monster. And what good was a monster if it could not be made useful for killing?”
Elise Kova, The Crown's Dog

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