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Karina Halle
“You are all mine, even if you run. I will find you because a soul needs its other half to truly live.”
Karina Halle , On Every Street

Karina Halle
“Javier put me back together only to break me again.”
Karina Halle, On Every Street

Karina Halle
“I hope I'm always a part of you, Eden. You'll forever be a part of me. A world without you in it is a song without the music. You need both to make it whole.”
Karina Halle, Sins & Needles

Karina Halle
“I’m scared of him. I’m disgusted by the vile monster he becomes, this beast he lets out. But I still love him. I’d still do anything for him. I can’t just turn off my heart. I want to, I do, but I can’t. I love him with everything I have and I hate myself for it. Because it’s wrong to love him, I know. It’s so wrong.”
Karina Halle, On Every Street

“I don't belive in God. I believe in...Al Pacino.”
Javier Bardem

“Don't follow your dreams, lead them”
Javier Rodriguez

Ginn Hale
“I will not have him harmed," Javier stated firmly. "He is dear to me, Elezar. More dear than my own life. He is my heart and soul. And if you raise a hand against him again, then you make me your enemy.”
Ginn Hale, Lord of the White Hell, Book 2
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