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محمدرضا شفیعی کدکنی
“به کجا چنین شتابان؟
گون از نسیم پرسید
- دل من گرفته زین جا
هوس سفر نداری
ز غبار این بیابان؟
- همه آرزویم اما
چه کنم که بسته پایم.
به کجا چنین شتابان؟
- به هر آن کجا که باشد
به جز این سرا، سرایم
- سفرت به خیر اما تو و دوستی، خدا را
چو از این کویر وحشت به سلامتی گذشتی
به شکوفه‌ها، به باران
برسان سلام ما را”
محمدرضا شفیعی کدکنی, در کوچه باغ های نشابور

Leonardo da Vinci
“i thought i was learning to live but i was learning to die”
Leonardo da Vinci

Christina Garner
“What was that bit about fish sticks?” he asked, climbing back into the SUV.
“Oh, pretty clever of her actually, though I thought it ridiculous at the time. Sometimes Mom gets paranoid, thinks people might be out to get her, out to get me.” I laughed nervously at how close that hit to home. “Anyway, one night she was really freaked out and came up with a code. If I was ever
kidnapped or something, she would say something about me liking fish sticks. If I said I wanted fish sticks, that meant I was in danger and needed help, no matter what else I’d said to her that I was fine.” “So by you saying you hate fish sticks…”“She knows I’m fine and she doesn’t need to further involve the police. Who says bipolar disorder can’t be useful?”
Christina Garner, Gateway

Parul Wadhwa
“Myra wasn't simple or complicated. She was different. She was not perfect, not even close but her flaws were intresting. She always had an opinion, something to say about everything.Most interesting thing about her is that she never said something to please, yet she was nice to be around.”
Parul Wadhwa, The Masquerade

Sarah Beth Durst
“The beanstalk felt like sandpaper".”
Sarah Beth Durst, Out of the Wild

Po Bronson
“We are all writing the story of our life. We want to know what it’s “about,” what are its themes and which theme is on the rise. We demand of it something deeper, or richer, or more substantive. We want to know where we’re headed __not to spoil our own ending by ruining the surprise, but we want to ensure that when the ending comes, it won’t be shallow. We will not have done something. We will not have squandered our time here.”
Po Bronson

Stanisław Lem
“And perhaps Solaris is the cradle of your divine child," Snow went on, with a widening grin that increased the number of lines round his eyes. Solaris could be the first phase of the despairing God. Perhaps its intelligence will grow enormously. All the contents of our Solarist libraries could be just a record of his teething troubles…”
Stanisław Lem, Solaris

Canaan Mashonganyika
“Its Do-ABLE!!”
Canaan Mashonganyika, It's Do-Able!: Power to Unleash Your Dream

“With change, life becomes an interesting ride.”
Sunday Adelaja