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Viktor E. Frankl
“But today’s society is characterized by achievement orientation, and consequently it adores people who are successful and happy and, in particular, it adores the young. It virtually ignores the value of all those who are otherwise, and in so doing blurs the decisive difference between being valuable in the sense of dignity and being valuable in the sense of usefulness. If one is not cognizant of this difference and holds that an individual’s value stems only from his present usefulness, then, believe me, one owes it only to personal inconsistency not to plead for euthanasia along the lines of Hitler’s program, that is to say, ‘mercy’ killing of all those who have lost their social usefulness, be it because of old age, incurable illness, mental deterioration, or whatever handicap they may suffer. Confounding the dignity of man with mere usefulness arises from conceptual confusion that in turn may be traced back to the contemporary nihilism transmitted on many an academic campus and many an analytical couch.”
Viktor E. Frankl, Man's Search for Meaning

John Paul II
“There is no dignity when the human dimension is eliminated from the person. In short, the problem with pornography is not that it shows too much of the person, but that it shows far too little.”
Pope John Paul II

John Calvin
“We are not to reflect on the wickedness of men but to look to the image of God in them, an image which, covering and obliterating their faults, an image which, by its beauty and dignity, should allure us to love and embrace them.”
John Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion, 2 Vols

Francis A. Schaeffer
“If man is not made in the image of God, nothing then stands in the way of inhumanity. There is no good reason why mankind should be perceived as special. Human life is cheapened. We can see this in many of the major issues being debated in our society today: abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, the increase of child abuse and violence of all kinds, pornography ... , the routine torture of political prisoners in many parts of the world, the crime explosion, and the random violence which surrounds us.”
Francis A. Schaeffer, Whatever Happened to the Human Race?

Amit Ray
“Joy is found when you focus your energy on improving human dignity, human capacity and human values.”
Amit Ray, Yoga The Science of Well-Being

R.C. Sproul
“The most obscene symbol in human history is the Cross; yet in its ugliness it remains the most eloquent testimony to human dignity.”
R.C. Sproul

“In a fair and just society you can't create laws based on how you feel at the worst moment in your life.”
Norris Henderson

“Unless we recognise that each individual is irrepeatable and valuable by virtue of simply being conceived human, we cannot begin to talk about human rights. This includes the right to be born, as all of us have enjoyed. True justice should be for each human being, visible and invisible, young and old, disabled and able, to enjoy fully their right to life. The accidental attributes that we acquire such as colour, sex intelligence, economic circumstances, physical or mental disability should not be used as an excuse to deprive a person of life.”
Margaret Ogola

Amit Ray
“Yoga is the best tool for international peace, health, harmony and human dignity.”
Amit Ray, Yoga The Science of Well-Being

Christina Engela
“Is human dignity and human life so cheap that the rights protecting it can be traded away to appease the appetite for intimidation and prejudice of a vicious and self-centered group - for whatever reason, power, politics, nationalism, or unity?”
Christina Engela, Bugspray

Wole Soyinka
“For now, let us simply observe that the assault on human dignity is one of the prime goals of the visitation of fear, a prelude to the domination of the mind and the triumph of power”
Wole Soyinka

Heribert Prantl
“Das Feindstrafrecht betrachtet sein Subjekt als Sphinx: halb Mensch, halb Tier.”
Heribert Prantl, Der Terrorist als Gesetzgeber. Wie man mit Angst Politik macht

John Paul II
“The term 'person' has been coined to signify that a man cannot be wholly contained within the concept 'individual member of the species', but that there is something more to him, a particular richness and perfection in the manner of his being, which can only be brought out by the use of the word 'person'.”
John Paul II

“No life lacks grandeur if you claim it as your own.”
Marty Rubin

Amit Ray
“Yoga exercises are the best connecting tools for unity, human dignity, health, equality, global peace and compassion.”
Amit Ray, Yoga The Science of Well-Being

“Freedom and dignity for everyone in the world, is the hardest thing to achieve, but we must not give up.”

Heribert Prantl
“Der Lebensschutz des potentiellen Opfers soll mehr wiegen als die Menschenwürde des potenziellen Täters.”
Heribert Prantl, Der Terrorist als Gesetzgeber. Wie man mit Angst Politik macht

Martin Guevara Urbina
“Perhaps more than never, in a highly globalized world, we must recognize that multiculturalism is not simply understanding ethnic/racial histories or the mere appreciation of cultural “difference,” but accepting that multiculturalism spreads across the very inner core of America’s institutions, and ingrained in the very essence of life, for multicultural perspectives, ideas, and ideologies empower us to elevate the multicultural discourse to a higher level of social transformation—ultimately, universal equality, justice, respect, and human dignity for all, in all facets of human existence.”
Martin Guevara Urbina, Twenty-first Century Dynamics of Multiculturalism: Beyond Post-racial America

George Cardinal Pell
“In this confusion we begin to see what lies behind John Paul II's startling warning about democracy "effectively mov[ing] towards a form of totalitarianism." It begins to happen at a practical level when we simultaneously hold that rights which arise from the dignity of the person are also a matter of "bargaining." New rights can be claimed or created, and whatever privileges can be negotiated around them are then secured by reference to human dignity, even when these new rights are directly contrary to the human dignity of some, for example, the unborn or the elderly sick. This confusion about the nature of rights debases their currency and undermines the first principles of democracy. Such freedom gradually becomes a tyrannical "freedom of the 'the strong' against the weak, who have no choice but to submit.”
George Cardinal Pell, God and Caesar: Selected Essays on Religion, Politics, and Society

Heribert Prantl
“Ein Individuum, das sich nicht in einen bürgerlichen Zustand zwingen [lässt], [kann] den Segnungen des Begriffs „Person“ nicht teilhaftig werden.”
Heribert Prantl, Der Terrorist als Gesetzgeber. Wie man mit Angst Politik macht

Michael Novak
“We can talk about human dignity, but where is it?”
Michael Novak, Writing from Left to Right: My Journey from Liberal to Conservative

“Historical omission points toward a culture’s subconscious beliefs that some people matter less than others.”
Aurin Squire

Thomas Mann
“L'humanité ? La noblesse ? C'était l'esprit qui distinguait l'homme - cet être éminemment détaché de la nature, et qui s'y sentait nettement opposé - de toute autre forme de vie organique. C'était donc à l'esprit, à la maladie, que tenait la dignité de l'homme, sa noblesse.”
Thomas Mann, The Magic Mountain

Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn
“For the genuine materialist there is no fundamental, but only a gradual, an “evolutionary” difference, between man and a pest, a noxious insect”
Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, Leftism Revisited: from de Sade and Marx to Hitler and Pol Pot

Eraldo Banovac
“It can be accepted that there is a price for man's work, time spent or service done, but never for human dignity.”
Eraldo Banovac

Allan Dare Pearce
“Slavery stands as an affront to human dignity.”
Allan Dare Pearce, Paris in April

“Helping others is a good effort to instill human dignity”
Gift Gugu Mona

Theodore Dalrymple
“Experience has taught me that it is wrong and cruel to suspend judgment, that nonjudgmentalism is at best indifference to the suffering of others, at worst a disguised form of sadism. How can one respect people as members of the human race unless one holds them to a standard of conduct and truthfulness? How can people learn from experience unless they are told that they can and should change? One doesn't demand of laboratory mice that they do better: but man is not a mouse, and I can think of no more contemptuous way of treating people than to ascribe to them no more responsibility than such mice.”
Theodore Dalrymple, Life at the Bottom: The Worldview That Makes the Underclass