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Elizabeth Gilbert
“I was struck - not for the first time in my years of travel - by how isolating contemporary American society can seem by comparison. Where I came from, we have shriveled down the notion of what constitutes 'a family unit' to such a tiny scale that it would probably be unrecognizable as a family to anybody in one of these big, loose, enveloping Hmong clans. You almost need an electron microscope to study the modern Western family these days.”
Elizabeth Gilbert, Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage

“Hmong are Hill tribes that live in Kingdom of Thailand. These individuals are found principally in China, Vietnam, Laos and Kingdom of Thailand. Hmong individuals have their own news channel from this one can get all the news of hmong individuals and their lives.”

“The one source for Hmong News Worldwide. The Hmong Journal provides Hmong news, Hmong radio, Hmong music, Hmong tv, and Hmong movies.”

“One additionally watches Hmong movies on YouTube or on Hmong journals also. This Hmong motion picture is for his or her Hmong folks in their own language.”

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