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Faith Hunter
“I've spent all the years since full of guilt and misery, even though I didn't remember it. I've let it run my thoughts, my plans, my whole life. But the experience doesn't own me. I own it. What I do with it is up to me, just like what Molly does with her death magic is up to her.”
Faith Hunter, Black Arts

Travis Luedke
“Ana never saw the rotten apples littering the ground as she continually reached for the rare golden apple on the tree. Ana had stepped in a lot of rotten apples in her lifetime. She should have learned by now.”
Travis Luedke, The Nightlife: Las Vegas

Shannon L. Alder
“Despite our disapproval with what God allows us to endure, he still remains the same God that is not interested in our convenience, as much as our character.”
Shannon L. Alder

“He was dazed, the soft thoughts sinking slowly in. A son. Even a daughter. His child. Immortality. A chance to make good. Pass on the hard lessons learned.”
Helen Hodgman, Jack and Jill

“Life is the greatest author of us all, for it writes the very best and very worst of all tales & stories...”
Andrè Michael Pietroschek