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Javier Cercas
“Nobody remembers them, you know ? Nobody. Nobody remebers why they died, why they didnt have a wife and children
and a sun lit room either, nobody, least of all people for whom they fought. There is no and there never will be some pathetic street
in one pathetic village of a shitty country that is named after any of them."
Miralles stopped talking, he took out his handkerchief, wiped the tears, blew his nose, he did so without shame, as if he was not ashamed of crying in public,
as Homers warriors of old did it, as any soldier of Salamis would do.”
Javier Cercas, Soldados de Salamina

Javier Cercas
“I was about to tell her that Miralles hadn't fought in one war, but many, but I couldn't, because I suddenly saw Miralles walking
across the Libyan desert towards the Murzuk oasis- young, ragged, dusty and annonymous, carrying the tricolour flag of a country not his own, of a country that is all countries and also the country of liberty and which only exists because he and four Moors and a black guy are raising that flag as they keep walking onwards, onwards, ever onwards.”
Javier Cercas, Soldados de Salamina

“When you give more than anyone could possibly expect you get more than you ever expected.”
Clyde Lee Dennis

Ivan M. Granger
“When we don’t practice gratitude,
the world around us seems alien and unwelcoming,
and we shut down in self-protection.

Gratitude opens us to reality.”
Ivan M. Granger

Kim Holden
“Gratitude isn’t a gift to the receiver, it’s a gift to the giver.”
Kim Holden, So Much More