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Chantal Larocque
“Paper flowers make just about any heart smile…and that- is the best gift of all!”
Chantal Larocque, Bold & Beautiful Paper Flowers: More Than 50 Easy Paper Blooms and Gorgeous Arrangements You Can Make at Home

“The items people own reveal something about the owners. Every quaint item that a person selects to surround themselves with has a basic quiddity, the essence, or inherent nature of things. As a people, we assign a value meaning not only to the things that we presently possess, but also to the items destined for one generation to hand down to the next generation.”
Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls

Kaushik Ram
“It is by accepting our own gifts that we truly come into our power”
Kaushik Ram, Hidden World: The Inside Story of the Soul

“We have to believe in us. We're the miracle of modern and changing times. Share your talents and gift, inspire others and be inspired”
Val Uchendu

“Always hold on tight and give thanks for the ones who care, for they are a GIFT”
Maria Koszler

“Your greatness will be defined by your deeds ... Give a simple smile, a GIFT IN"DEED”
Maria Koszler

“if you don't find and refine your gift, you will never be valuable to the world”
Mlungisi Simelane

“If you don't find your gift, you are a generational crook. Your gift is supposed to supply the needs to other people”
Mlungisi Simelane

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