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Steve Maraboli
“We can’t continuously be a society of well-wishers. We must take action to bring those wishes to fruition.”
Steve Maraboli

Kamand Kojouri
“Think the tree that bears nutrition:
though the fruits are picked,
the plant maintains fruition.
So give all the love you have.
Do not hold any in reserve.
What is given is not lost; it shall return.”
Kamand Kojouri

“Life is too short to be mad for too long.”
Judith L. Harper

Nikolai Gogol
“It is almost impossible to express the extraordinary silence that came over everyone whose eyes were fixed on the painting––not a rustle, not a sound; and the painting meanwhile appeared loftier and loftier with every minute; brightly and wonderfully it detached itself from everything, and all transformed finally into one instant––the fruit of a thought that had flown down to the artist from heaven––an instant for which the whole of human life is only a preparation.”
Nikolai Gogol, The Collected Tales of Nikolai Gogol

“Speak it into existence and your words, through your desires, will bring it into fruition.”
Sovereign Voice

Grant McLachlan
“My favourite word: FRUITION.”
Grant McLachlan

“Don't worship the ground that I walk on, I don't deserve it.
Instead, worship your dreams, and bring them to fruition.
Now that deserves respect.”
Anthony T. Hincks

Steven Magee
“Have faith that the results that you are looking for will come from the fruition of your research.”
Steven Magee