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Don DeLillo
“Why are free spirits always so fucking dumb?”
Don DeLillo, Great Jones Street

Emma Goldman
“I have often been asked why I maintained such a non-compromising antagonism to government and in what way I have found myself oppressed by it. In my opinion every individual is hampered by it. It exacts taxes from production. It creates tariffs, which prevent free exchange. It stands ever for the status quo and traditional conduct and belief. It comes into private lives and into most intimate personal relations, enabling the superstitious, puritanical, and distorted ones to impose their ignorant prejudice and moral servitudes upon the sensitive, the imaginative, and the free spirits. Government does this by its divorce laws, its moral censorships, and by a thousand petty persecutions of those who are too honest to wear the moral mask of respectability. In addition, government protects the strong at the expense of the weak, provides courts and laws which the rich may scorn and the poor must obey. It enables the predatory rich to make wars to provide foreign markets for the favored ones, with prosperity for the rulers and wholesale death for the ruled. However, it is not only government in the sense of the state which is destructive of every individual value and quality. It is the whole complex of authority and institutional domination which strangles life. It is the superstition, myth, pretense, evasions, and subservience which support authority and institutional domination. It is the reverence for these institutions instilled in the school, the church and the home in order that man may believe and obey without protest. Such a process of devitalizing and distorting personalities of the individual and of whole communities may have been a part of historical evolution; but it should be strenuously combated by every honest and independent mind in an age which has any pretense to enlightenment.”
Emma Goldman, Red Emma Speaks

Kathleen Long
“Even free spirits had to the face the music sometime.”
Kathleen Long, Get Bunny Love

John Lanchester
“Shahid was the free spirit of the Kamal family: a dreamer, an idealist, a wanderer on the face of the earth--or, as Ahmed would put it, a lazy fuckwit.”
John Lanchester, Capital

“she enetered the room and the entire crowd stopped, who was she? even in a million moons; you will never understand her, for she is to mysterious to presume and too wise to share her light to everyone. I wanted to love her, but i could tell, i wasnt the only one.”
Nikki Rowe

“What do we free spirits want? We just want to think our own thoughts and feel our own feelings. Why should that be a problem for anyone else?”
Marty Rubin

“I am not a prisoner to be locked up in people's ideologies, I am not a criminal to be locked up in your mind, I am a free spirit and I make no apologies for it”
Evy Michaels

“Around a free spirit everyone feels free.”
Marty Rubin

“In the presence of a truly free spirit, everyone feels free.”
Marty Rubin

Tanya Shaffer
“Here's what I love about travel: strangers get a chance to amaze you. Sometimes a single day can bring a blooming surprise, a simple kindness that opens a chink in the brittle shell of your heart and makes you a different person when you go to sleep--more tender less jaded--than you were when you woke up.”
Tanya Shaffer

“Free spirits are always condemned. Only sycophants are tolerated.”
Marty Rubin

“A free-spirited woman is the freest thing on earth.”
Marty Rubin

“Stereotype: a cage for the free spirit.”
Marty Rubin

“Absolutes: cages for the free spirit.”
Marty Rubin

“All free spirits are not artists, but all artists are free spirits.”
Marty Rubin

“There's nothing in the world more attractive than a free-spirited woman.”
Marty Rubin

“I feel like I belong to a different culture now. An older, nomadic one. I feel like I belong to the woods and stars and not at all to the houses.”
Lucy Letcher, Southbound

“Free spirits invent their own games: ones with no rules.”
Marty Rubin