Formative Years Quotes

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Kim Stanley Robinson
“Childhood isn't just those years. It's also the opinions you form about them afterward. That's why our childhoods are so long.”
Kim Stanley Robinson, Green Mars

Caroline Kepnes
“ can love some all you want, but you can't go into their past and become a part of their formative years.”
Caroline Kepnes, Hidden Bodies

“There are three qualities that make someone a true professional. These are the ability to work unsupervised, the ability to certify the completion of a job or task and, finally, the ability to behave with integrity at all times.”
Subroto Bagchi

Iris Murdoch
“There were good times or goodish times, only the bad times were so—crucial.”
Iris Murdoch, The Sea, The Sea

Iris Murdoch
“I have always wanted to kill you, all my life led to that blow. Jealousy and hatred compose my earliest memories. I have killed you every day in my thoughts.”
Iris Murdoch, The Green Knight

Pamela McLean
“We all come by our stories and our interpretation of the world through the lives we’ve led and particularly through the earliest formative years of our development.”
Pamela McLean, Self as Coach, Self as Leader: Developing the Best in You to Develop the Best in Others

“ many of our most steadfast patterns are begun in those years between childhood and adulthood.”
Doireann Ní Ghríofa, A Ghost in the Throat