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Agnes Repplier
“Things are as they are, and no amount of self-deception makes them otherwise. The friend who is incapable of depression depresses us as surely as the friend who is incapable of boredom bores us. Somewhere in our hearts is a strong, though dimly understood, desire to face realities, and to measure consequences, to have done with the fatigue of pretending. It is not optimism to enjoy the view when one is treed by a bull; it is philosophy. The optimist would say that being treed was a valuable experience. The disciple of gladness would say it was a pleasurable sensation. The Christian Scientist would say there was no bull, though remaining–if he were wise–on the tree-top. The philosopher would make the best of a bad job, and seek what compensation he could find.”
Agnes Repplier, Points of Friction

Curtis White
“Few things in cultural programming in the mass media are quite as disturbing as watching Charlie Rose leaning forward, craning out over his table, peering deeply, on the very precipice of an incisive question sure to reveal a real Idea, a slim, almost excited smile starting to form on his lips as he imagines the dawning joy of the intellectual life revealed for himself and his audience, and we move with the camera, oh-so-sincerely, to his guest and see that all this expectation and anticipation is addressed to . . . Lance Armstrong. Or Ron “Opie” Howard. Or Gary Shandling…..”
Curtis White

Avijeet Das
“Some people can't see their piteous personalities. They can't fathom the of their own selves!

They remain prisoners in their own cages of archaic thoughts. Fettered to a parochial mentality, they fail to become visionaries! Enslaved to their innate desire for pettiness, they remain small minded and little hearted!

Alas, wearing a well-tailored tailored suit or a trendy blazer does not take away their lack of sophistication. Unknowingly they make a caricature of themselves!

Thus, they remain epitomes of platitude and banality; their thoughts reek of oafishness, fatuousness, and avariciousness!

In the process, they fail to inspire the world, and let down people around them.”
Avijeet Das