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Margaret Weis
“its like you said? i lead my people-"
forth!" zifnab carried on enthusiastically! " out of eygpt! out of bondage! across the desert! pillar of fire-"
desert?" lenthan looked anxious again. "fire? i thought we were going to the stars!"
sorry. wrong script" zifnab said”
Margaret Weis, Elven Star

“The bigger the lie, the more believable it becomes to the average Arab citizen. Thus, Arab media never fail to be less than outrageous. They blamed the defeat on none other than Israel, as though self-defense and self-preservation was not a right to be exercised by the Jewish enemy.”
Nonie Darwish

“In the West "yes" is "yes" and "no" is "no." But when Arabs hear the word "no" from an American they often take it as an insult. That is because Arabs don't say the word "no" directly. Very often they say "in Shaalah" when they mean "no." In dealing with Westerners, an Arab may say "yes' when they really don't mean it, and that gets them in a lot of trouble with Westerners.”
Nonie Darwish

حافظ إبراهيم
“أَنا إِن قَدَّرَ الإِلَهُ مَماتي لا تَرى الشَرقَ يَرفَعُ الرَأسَ بَعدي
ما رَماني رامٍ وَراحَ سَليماً مِن قَديمٍ عِنايَةُ اللَهُ جُندي
كَم بَغَت دَولَةٌ عَلَيَّ وَجارَت ثُمَّ زالَت وَتِلكَ عُقبى التَعَدّي”
حافظ إبراهيم
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