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Michael Kunze
“Engel nennens Freude,
Teufel nennens Pein,
Menschen meinen,
Es muss Liebe sein.”
Michael Kunze

“Silas paused even longer. Finally he said, in a voice almost like his own, “I fear he must learn to put his clothes on the right side out. He will have twenty more years now to master the art. Let us hope that time is sufficient.” He took a step forward. 'Take care of him, Elisabeth.”
Margaret Rogerson, Sorcery of Thorns

Elisabeth Elliot
“I cannot close my heart to Thee. This is the response of a humble heart, one that admits its poverty and recognizes the gentle Love that waits, the Joy that is seeking him precisely because he is in such pain that he can hardly seek anything but death. Then, although he is blind, he sees with the eye of faith, and what he sees, through the mist of tears, is a rainbow. He comes to believe that the promise is true: Tears are not forever. There will be a morning without them. His faith lays hold of the promise and, mysteriously, he finds that pain has been exchanged for joy.”
Elisabeth Elliot, Loneliness: It Can Be a Wilderness, It Can Be a Pathway to God

“Quietly, she asked, “Would you have done the same for me? I think you would have.”
“That is not—” But he couldn’t finish, for his stricken look plainly said, Of course; that and more. Anything Everything.”
Margaret Rogerson, Sorcery of Thorns