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D.D. Barant
“Yeah? Feels like we just traded one set of rumors for another. We still have no idea where he is, what his plans are, or even what he looks like."
Patience, dear girl, patience."
Easy for you to say. You're immortal.”
DD Barant

D.D. Barant
“What happens if I try to run?” I ask as the doors close. (jace)
“I’ll stop you.” (charlie)
“You don’t look too quick.” (jace)
“You’d be surprised.” (charlie)
“I hate surprises.” (jace)
“Then don’t run. (charlie)”
D.D. Barant

D.D. Barant
“How...how are you doing, Jace?'
Holding on. Just barely. Charlie?'
Charlie's tone is almost conversational. 'Kind of getting the urge to kill both of you. Think I'm gonna head back.'
Sure, okay, no problem.'
Yeah, yeah, good idea. You do that.”
D.D. Barant