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Linda Urban
“I have gone over to the dork side.”
Linda Urban, A Crooked Kind of Perfect

Sarra Manning
“Dorkdom isn't something you can choose. It's something you are. But instead of dividing the world up into dorkside and darkside, I've realised that we all have a little bit of dork inside us.”
Sarra Manning, Adorkable

“I loved our mutual corny sense of humor. Underneath all his macho bravado, he was a dork. Just like me.”
Kate Rockland, Falling Is Like This

“Hey Circe, how come your horoscope predictions are never that a hot girl is gonna fall madly in love with me forever and ever?”

“Uh, cause you're a dork Seth!” She taunted.

“Oh yeah,” Seth said happily smiling at her. “That explains the devastating loneliness and constant abuse by alpha males…”
Charlie Fey, Easy "A"