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Evinda Lepins
“It's time to give the gavel back to God, we were never meant to be judges.”
Evinda Lepins

“Never look down on anyone unless you're looking down to extend a helping hand, or word.”
Barbara Hart

Nico J. Genes
“I like nature and I enjoy walking through the forest admiring its beauty and breathing not just the fresh air but, also the quietness and peacefulness of the place. There I feel serene. I feel I am accepted just the way I am whenever I arrive and for as long as I stay. Yes, there it doesn’t matter how I look, what country I come from, if I am from rich or poor family, what is my education, income, religion, sexual orientation and color of skin. It doesn’t even care if my hair looks messy and whether I wear the latest fashion cloths.”
Nico J. Genes

“We Are Not Here To Look Mistakes Of One,For You Are Attempting Towards Direction One Of Making your Own....”
khode manish v

“I sit every night and I observe the stars, I tell them all of my secrets and everything that pulls me down.
I rest in their silence, in the way they never have to reply or judge my sorrows. They just listen and brighten my darkness…”
Samiha Totanji

Giridhar Alwar
“Maturity is knowing everybody has their own persception and they are right when we see them from their perspective.”
Giridhar Alwar, My Quest For Happy Life

Alana Terry
“Don't judge someone just because they sin differently than you. Don't judge someone who fails a test you yourself have yet to pass. Don't judge someone until you've crawled into his skin and walked around a bit.”
Alana Terry, Straightened

Amish Tripathi
“Everyone is struggling. I suppose we must try to understand and learn rather than judge”
Amish Tripathi, Raavan: Enemy of Aryavarta

Criss Jami
“One of the shining exceptions in personalities is that writers do not need to be charismatic in their own persons; they are free to be dull by each of the human senses as a void for other, more powerful realities. Some have the ability to dwell almost completely in their imaginations, living vicariously through the stunning characters and fascinating worlds they create by using only words on paper. In this way, people are much like books: we can try judging them by their covers, but alas, there is always the possibility of our being deluded in doing so.”
Criss Jami