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James W. Bodden
“Men started praying to you, begging for a taste. That legend of yours spiraled out of control. You gave the people hope. They were told you were all they ever needed.”
James W. Bodden, The Red Light Princess

Michael Bassey Johnson
“Every great man is an idol, an oracle of inquiry. Don't aspire to know the former, but aspire to know the diety in his soul.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

N.T. Wright
“I have argued that the God of the Bible, and especially of the Gospels, can be understood only as God-in-public, and that methods of criticism designed to keep this rumor quiet need to be challenged by appropriate historical, theological, and political critique and replaced by methods that do justice to the reality of the texts and hence do justice - in the much fuller sense - in the public world that the Gospels demand to address.”
N. T. Wright