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Robert G. Ingersoll
“Why should we place Christ at the top and summit of the human race? Was he kinder, more forgiving, more self-sacrificing than Buddha? Was he wiser, did he meet death with more perfect calmness, than Socrates? Was he more patient, more charitable, than Epictetus? Was he a greater philosopher, a deeper thinker, than Epicurus? In what respect was he the superior of Zoroaster? Was he gentler than Lao-tsze, more universal than Confucius? Were his ideas of human rights and duties superior to those of Zeno? Did he express grander truths than Cicero? Was his mind subtler than Spinoza’s? Was his brain equal to Kepler’s or Newton’s? Was he grander in death – a sublimer martyr than Bruno? Was he in intelligence, in the force and beauty of expression, in breadth and scope of thought, in wealth of illustration, in aptness of comparison, in knowledge of the human brain and heart, of all passions, hopes and fears, the equal of Shakespeare, the greatest of the human race?”
Robert G. Ingersoll, About The Holy Bible

Irène Némirovsky
“Waiting is erotic. ”
Bruno, Irene Nemirovsky, Suite Française
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Elizabeth Lim
“Oh, Bruno, I'm sorry."
Her dog looked at her as if he didn't understand why she was apologizing to him.
"You could be home with a hot meal and a warm bed right now." She stroked his ear playfully. "You could be drinking a nice warm bowl of milk, or chasing Lucifer out of the kitchen." She drew him close, burying her face in his warm fur. "But I'm glad you're here, loyal as always. Thank you, Bruno.”
Elizabeth Lim, So This is Love

Elizabeth Lim
“And why the name Bruno?"
"My papa picked it. He said it meant 'brown,' like his coat. But also 'protector.' We didn't mean to keep him at first. But he came to us looking so starved and sad that we took him in, and once he'd been fed, Papa and I couldn't part with him." Cinderella smiled at Bruno. "He's been my sweetest companion ever since. And my most loyal protector."
"I like dogs more than people," said the duchess. "For that very reason- they don't let you down as much.”
Elizabeth Lim, So This is Love

Blue Jeans
“Porque el pasado nunca regresa y, si te equivocas, no puedes volver atras”
Blue Jeans, No sonrías, que me enamoro