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Hugh Nibley
“Indolent and unworthy the beggar may be—but that is not your concern: It is better, said Joseph Smith, to feed ten impostors than to run the risk of turning away one honest petition.”
Hugh Nibley, Approaching Zion

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“Shyness is a luxury reserved for those who are above the poverty line. To a beggar, being shy is deadly.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Robert G. Ingersoll
“The grandest ambition that any man can possibly have, is to so live, and so improve himself in heart and brain, as to be worthy of the love of some splendid woman; and the grandest ambition of any girl is to make herself worthy of the love and adoration of some magnificent man. That is my idea. There is no success in life without love and marriage. You had better be the emperor of one loving and tender heart, and she the empress of yours, than to be king of the world. The man who has really won the love of one good woman in this world, I do not care if he dies in the ditch a beggar, his life has been a success.”
Robert G. Ingersoll, The Liberty of Man, Woman and Child

Israelmore Ayivor
“Begging would have been the best option if God had given talents to only a selected few. Fortunately, He gave us all our compactible gifts respectively, so it is an offence to be a chronic beggar.”
Israelmore Ayivor

Sol Luckman
“It takes money to make money, even begging. Humans are herd animals. If a stranger’s bleeding to death beside the road, most people won’t stop to offer a Band-Aid. But get the ball rolling with a couple Good Samaritans, and before you know it you’ve got more eager philanthropists than you know what to do with.”
Sol Luckman, Beginner's Luke

Sol Luckman
“Begging is much more difficult than it looks. Contrary to popular belief, it’s a high art form that takes years of dedicated practice to master.”
Sol Luckman, Beginner's Luke

Michael Bassey Johnson
“I don't purchase people with money, or hiss like a snake to attract their attention, all i do is to rest on my couch because i have the conviction that no human can progress with an exception without a power behind.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Cornell Woolrich
“You'd be surprised how difficult it is to ask alms of a stranger when you've never done it before, what a psychological barrier separates the honest man from the panhandler. ("Dusk To Dawn")”
Cornell Woolrich

أنيس منصور
“الإنسان ملك وهو يحلم، وشحاذ عندما يصحو من النوم !”
أنيس منصور, عاشوا في حياتي

George R.R. Martin
“Better a beggar than a thief.”
George R.R. Martin, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

George R.R. Martin
“Bad and worse and worst makes a beggar's choice.”
George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons

“Non-possession” does not mean having nothing. It does not mean to live as a penniless beggar. Rather than meaning having nothing, it is the idea of not possessing what we do not need. The more we possess, The more we have attachments.”
Boep Joeng

“No one in this world can starve n die.. One who does, had died much before then... Never give money to beggars and specially children on street... By giving them money, Either u would be killing them or helping them in dieing (indirectly)...”

“Forgive the beggar
attention is all that’s seeked
and in return I never give
this will hit
this will turn around
and it will bite back
I know
I believe that this
is just another step
another mistake that will teach
so, forgive that asker of questions
and engross yourself in her mistakes
and run
never come back
understand there’s nothing more
not once more
not ever
walk away
and live on.”
Isabel Aanya Leigh

A.J. Darkholme
“It’s amazing how just dressing differently can affect your influence; dress like a beggar and your assumed poverty gains you looks of contempt; dress in gold-lined robes and people are more willing to accommodate you; sport armour and you look strong, dutiful, and prepared.”
A.J. Darkholme, Rise of the Morningstar

George R.R. Martin
“Pride ill becomes a beggar, ser.”
George R.R. Martin, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

Israelmore Ayivor
“Success is yours, and what is yours you don’t beg for it, you don’t kneel down for it. You just have to be responsible and go for it and you will have it.”
Israelmore Ayivor, 101 Keys To Everyday Passion

Gustave Flaubert
“On the hill there was a poor old tramp wandering about with his stick, in among the carriages. A mass of rags covered his shoulders, and a squashed beaver-hat, bent down into the shape of a bowl, concealed his face; but, when he took it off, he exposed, instead of eyelids, two yawning bloodstained holes. The flesh was tattered into scarlet strips; and fluid was trickling out, congealing into green crusts that reached down to his nose, with black nostrils that kept sniffing convulsively.”
Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary

Israelmore Ayivor
“Don’t beg for attention; pay attention to your dreams and others will pay attention to you.”
Israelmore Ayivor, 101 Keys To Everyday Passion

Dan Groat
“We, the beggar class, have little to lose and our expectations are, at best, modest, and when we suffer, it seems we suffer to the depths, for there is nothing in our lives nor in our souls to buoy our hope. Nothing in the way of the blackness. It sinks to the bottom as the lead weight that is despair. We look forward such a short distance that our spirit is myopic, not to be corrected by any lens within our world.”
Dan Groat, Monarchs and Mendicants

İhsan Oktay Anar
“[...] Rus siperine vardığında, elindeki kürekle vura vura siperdeki Ruslar'dan bir nicesini öldürdüğü için üstüne başına, suratına paçasına kan sıçramış bir er paşaya, "Kumandanım! Şu yaralılara bir bakın! Kolları bacakları artık yok! Dilencilik mi yapacaklar! Biz çiftimizi çubuğumuzu alıp buraya geldik! Bu harp kime ne fayda sağlayacak? Bizler kimin için muharebe ediyoruz! Evime sakat dönersem dilencilik mi yapayım!" diye öfkeyle sordu. Kızan paşa ona, "Düşman vatanını işgal edip karını bacını ananı kerkse, kadınların fahişe olsa, daha mı iyi olur!" diye bağırdı. Bunun üzerine er, "Fahişe para alır, ama karşılığında bedenini verir. Dilenci ise bir şey vermeden, asalak gibi beleşten geçinir. Hangisi daha şerefli! Harpten sonra bu memleketin fahişelerle dolması mı, yoksa dilencilerle mi! Vatan kurtulursa, şeref madalyası verilirken bir tek siz şerefli olacaksınız. Oysa biz, vatanı kurtarırken şerefimizi kaybediyoruz!”
İhsan Oktay Anar, Yedinci Gün

C.G. Jung
“That I feed the beggar, that I forgive an insult, that I love my enemy in the name of Christ, all these are undoubtedly great virtues. What I do unto the least o’ my brethren, that I do unto Christ. But what if I should discover that the least amongst them all, the poorest of all beggars, the most impudent of all offenders, yeah, the very fiend himself, that these are within me, and that I myself stand in need of the alms of my own kindness, that I myself am the enemy who must be loved. What then? Then, as a rule, the whole truth of Christianity is reversed: there is then no more talk of love and long-suffering; we say to the brother within us “Raca,” and condemn and rage against ourselves. We hide him from the world, we deny ever having met this least among the lowly in ourselves, and had it been God himself who drew near to us in this despicable form, we should have denied him a thousand times before a single cock had crowed.”
C.G. Jung

Israelmore Ayivor
“When you receive what you begged for, it only lasts for a short time. But what you build day after day will stay on for posterity to meet. Be a world changer and work out your dreams.”
Israelmore Ayivor, 101 Keys To Everyday Passion

Israelmore Ayivor
“There is no excuse to give for being a beggar. We all have imaginations to work out our dreams. Work yours out.”
Israelmore Ayivor, 101 Keys To Everyday Passion

“In this avaricious world, even a beggar needs money in his bowl, to be heard.”
Jawwad Zafar

Napoléon Bonaparte
“The poor man and the beggar are two quite different classes: one commands respect, the other arouses anger.”
Napoléon Bonaparte, Aphorisms and Thoughts

“Stop acting like a beggar,
know your place fool.

You’re a royal guest, a royal guest—
that has been sent to this beautiful illusion.”
Rafy Rohaan