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Benjamin Hoff
“The major lesson Tiggers need to learn is that if they don't control their impulses, their impulses will control them. No matter how much they do, Tiggers are never satisfied because they don't know the feeling of accomplishment that eventually comes when one persistently applies one's will to the attaining of non-immediately-reachable goals.”
Benjamin Hoff, The Te of Piglet

Anthony Marra
“If you work hard, and give up certain things, and yes, resort to bribery now and then, you'll be an arborist, or a sea anemonist, or anything else you want.”
Anthony Marra, A Constellation of Vital Phenomena

C. JoyBell C.
“Acceptance" is a very important word in our lives. People drive themselves into madness and death thinking about the chasm that exists between their ideals and their actual reality that they are living. There must be a balance between improvement of one's self and one's circumstances and the acceptance of reality. There is a beautiful dance that one must learn, which involves embracing the reality of your life as you would embrace a Latin dance partner on the ballroom floor, and moving that partner (your reality) in graceful strides, towards where you want to be situated, on that dance floor. If you dance with no partner (your current reality), you will arrive at your destination empty. Empty. That is, if you ever arrive at all. But when you dance with that partner, embracing and accepting it for all of its flaws and its redeeming qualities, you will be able to move across that dance floor as a full, whole person. Wherever you end up stopping in that ballroom, you will stop there as a whole person, not an empty one. So, accept the mistakes that have been done unto you and the mistakes that you have done. Accept the fact that you didn't grow up perfectly and you are not perfect now. Accept, embrace, love the people who are given to you to love. And love yourself just as you are.”
C. JoyBell C.

“Whatever it is in life that is worth attaining, there must be something that is provoking an individual to go for that thing passionately.”
Sunday Adelaja, The Mountain of Ignorance

“A high and attainable goal and being focused on it, is the best cure for laziness, excuses, offence, and hatred”
Sunday Adelaja

“Never stop attaining goals.”
Sunday Adelaja

“To attain your goal, you must know how to overcome battles and challenges.”
Sunday Adelaja

“Do not stop attaining goals.”
Sunday Adelaja