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Mark Vonnegut
“The way I played music there was the way I wanted to farm, chop wood, cook, make love, raise children. Everything. A lo of it had to do with things I felt while I played. If only I could feel that sense of total absorption in what I was doing when I was doing other things. It was more than absorption, it was spontaneity, competence, a sense of grace and playfulness, of being in touch with an inexhaustible source of energy and beauty.”
Mark Vonnegut, The Eden Express: A Memoir of Insanity

Winifred Gallagher
“Arguably the mos intriguing characteristic assessed by the Multidimensional Personality Questionnaire (MPQ), a widely used test developed by the University of Minnesota's eminent psychologist Auke Tellegen, is "absorption," which describes a particular style of focusing. If you get a high score in this trait, you're naturally inclined toward what he calls a "respondent" or "experiential" way of focusing.”
Winifred Gallagher

Marcel Proust
“And at each hour it would seem to me only a few moments since the preceding hour had rung; the most recent would come and inscribe itself close to the other in the sky, and I would not be able to believe that sixty minutes were held in that little blue arc comprised between their two marks of gold. Sometimes, even, this premature hour would ring two strokes more than the last; there was therefore one that I had not heard, something had taken place that had not taken place for me.”
Marcel Proust, Swann's Way

Penelope Lively
“Reading fiction, I see through the prism of another person's understanding; reading everything else, I am travelling--I am travelling in the way that I still can: new sights, new experiences. I am reminded sometimes of the intensity of childhood reading, that absolute absorption when the very ability to read was a heady new gain, the gateway to a different place, to a parallel universe you hadn't known was there. The one entirely benign mind-altering drug.”
Penelope Lively, Ammonites and Leaping Fish: A Life in Time

Enock Maregesi
“Kula sana kunaweza kusababisha virutubisho kuzidi mwilini zaidi ya kiwango kinachohitajika na mwili, ambavyo baadaye vinaweza kusababisha madhara ya papo kwa hapo kama tumbo kuuma au tumbo kujaa gesi! Baada ya muda mrefu wingi wa virutubisho hivi unaweza kuingiliana na ufyonzaji wa madini kama fosforasi, kalisi, magnesi, chuma, na zinki, hali inayoweza kusababisha upungufu mkubwa wa virutubisho, unaoweza kusababisha kifo.”
Enock Maregesi

Deyth Banger
“Everything is from absorption!”
Deyth Banger

Steven Magee
“The organs that have been identified as having issues in very high altitude worker Steven Magee are: 1. Brain. 2. Lungs. 3. Heart. 4. Skin. 5. Liver. 6. Bones. 7. Gastrointestinal system. 8. Kidneys 9. Vitamin B12 & iron absorption problems are currently being diagnosed and may involve the stomach, intestines, liver & blood. 10. Hormonal problems that involve various organ systems of the body.”
Steven Magee

Claudia Rankine
“Another friend tells you you have to learn not to absorb the world. She says sometimes she can hear her own voice saying silently to whomever--you are saying this thing and I am not going to accept it. Your friend refuses to carry what doesn't belong to her.

You take in things you don't want all the time. The second you hear or see some ordinary moment, all its intended targets, all the meanings behind the retreating seconds, as far as you are able to see, come into focus.”
Claudia Rankine, Citizen: An American Lyric