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Is Nick Carraway transgender? I couldn't tell.

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Christine I do not think that 'transgender' is exactly the word you mean. I am pretty sure Nick identifies as a man, and he has not undergone any hormone treatments in 1922!! However -- I would say there is definite evidence that Nick has homo-erotic tendencies and most likely is in love with Gatsby.

I had read the novel twice and I never thought this before. But upon my 3rd read I discovered some passages that indicate Nick's homosexual tendencies. Namely -- Nick accompanies Mr. McKee home after a night of hard drinking and possibly ends up in his bed (p. 38). There are attractive women at the party, Nick has been paired off with Catherine, yet he leaves her and follows Mr. McKee, a total stranger, all the way home! In another incident, Nick is riding the train and he fantasizes about kissing the male conductor (p. 115). In another passage, Nick laments turning thirty and the fact that his list of 'single men' is dwindling (p. 135). These incidents are coupled with the fact that Nick repeatedly turns down offers from women, including Jordan Baker, girls from his home town and office romances. Nothing ever develops between Nick and any women, nor does he express desire for them. In such a beautifully written novel, Nick's attraction to any female would surely have been emphasized. But it is not. His infatuation for Gatsby is told many times and in great detail!

These clues are subtle, the kind of thing a reader might easily pass over. However, upon my 3rd read I must say the implications are definitely THERE.

It is a very layered and complicated novel. I believe Fitzgerald was attempting to encompass several sections of society. Why was he so vague? Remember, the novel was published in 1925, a time when people were jailed, beat up and killed for homosexuality.
Myndi My interpretation is that he is enamored with Gatsby, but not in love with him in the traditional sense. He admires him. I saw no indication of romantic love.
Feliks No solid evidence exists that Nick is anything other than a simple, ordinary, heterosexual male. Hare-brained, flighty, modern-day flibbertygibbets can extemporize and fantasize all they wish; but there's not a shred of valid scholarship to support such poppycock. In the 1920s--and many other decades--the simple fact was that men could and did occasionally express their innocent admiration for one another without there being the slightest sexual tint to their comments or behavior. Hard to believe, but nonetheless true. Read more history and you'll discover this for yourself.
Hanaa Rizk Why is is seen as homosexual for a man to be infatuated by another man or admire him to the point of intimidation? This is quite a common process for women to look up to other women as role models or even slight infatuations that may seem more powerful but in reality remain just that. Nick was in awe of Gatsby for everything he had accomplished, the way he held himself, dressed, spoke..he perhaps projected himself as someone like Gatsby. Nothing gay or romantic about that...
Polly Sergieva No, he is a man
Jason Fiore Nick Carraway's sexual orientation is a hotly debated topic.

There are clues that he might be bisexual. You have to remember that this is written in 1923 and homosexuals were generally in the closet.
Christie Doesn't come across to me, and I've read it at least ten times.
M. Not even homosexual: "I liked to walk up Fifth Avenue and pick out romantic women from the crowd and imagine that in a few minutes I was going to enter into their lives, and no one would ever know or disapprove". (Chapter 3)
Zeinab There is nothing wrong with liking another person from the same gender when you don't have any lust for them! It doesn't make you gay or I dunno transgender! Nik just admires him in some ways and he seems to be liking him in a way I would like some special friend of mine! I think there is no sign of Nik being gay!! And the book has so much more interesting things in it than making us think about Nik's orientation!!
Norman Nick is not transgender but there is evidence that Nick is rather confused about his sexuality, or perhaps he is bisexual. He has had a romantic interest in the "Middle Western city" he left to come to New York, but he has left her behind and wants to remove himself from "that tangle back home" as he calls it on p. 58. Jordan seems to be a love interest for Nick in NY, but any romantic elements of their relationship always seem tempered by a reluctance on Nick's part to commit or be 'in love' with her. Meanwhile his fascination for Gatsby seems to have no bounds, and his post-party (Ch. 2) behavior with McKee is ambiguous at best. I have argued elsewhere that it would be highly uncommon for one man to follow another to his apartment and wind up at his bedside with the other "clad in his underwear"...and there not to have been some kind of homosexual or homo-erotic encounter. And his thoughts on turning 30 are also rather unusual for a completely heterosexual man.
erris yeah he is one hundred percent. if you look up f scott fitzgerald's last words there's a line in there like "yeah nick carraway was a trans dude love that funky little dude fuck you transphobes"
Issac what are you stupid
Ryan I never noticed anything like that after reading it three times, but just tonight I stumbled across an article that blew my mind. It argues Nick is gay, in love with Gatsby, and his infatuation taints his whole portrayal of Gatsby, mirroring Gatsby's infatuation with Daisy.


Lewis M Nick is not trans gendered in my frequent read and re-read of the book. He is a voyeur not in the classic sense of a peeping Tom, but rather in the more modern sense a person who likes seeing and talking or writing about something that is considered to be private. Nick isn't actively engaging with anyone, he simply likes to watch what's going on without getting any deeper into a relationship. Not with Jordan, not with Daisy, not with Jay nor Tom.
Anthony I see nothing that would point to this conclusion, however, I do firmly believe that Nick Carraway is Bi-sexual. I feel he is attracted to Jordan but that it is also hinted at heavily that he has sex with Mr. Mckee.
Jason I think you'd have to reach pretty far to conclude that Carraway was transgender. You'd have to rely entirely upon symbolism, rather than, y'know, the character actually behaving in ways a transgender person might--even the most basic; a personal identification as a woman.

A better case might be made for Carraway being bisexual, but arguing the possibility is a lot different than asserting that this is a correct assessment. Most of the people who put this forth as Fitzgerald's intention tend to ignore the social mores of the time, particularly among men of the upper class. A heterosexual man expressing admiration for another heterosexual man, with whom he was a friend, was much less "suspect" in the Twenties.
Ashley Addington My English teacher taught the book as Nick being a gay character with very strong feelings for Gatsby.
Megan Rasmussen He's not transgender as far as I noted, but he sure isn't heterosexual.
LB I am shocked to see this question. I don't even think this term existed at that time, the 1920s. Nick has girlfriend in Chicago, then has some short lived romance at his office in the East, then goes out with Baker. There is no indication of any relationships of this nature with fellow men.
The Nutmeg I see no textual evidence for that. Nick's a poetic person (of a literary turn, he tells us...and man, has his writing got style!), and you might argue that he's on the effeminate side as far as personality goes. (Or you could just say he's a wuss. The man needs a backbone.)

As for arguing that Nick is gay...I don't get it. He has an affair with Jordan Baker and is genuinely attracted to her. As many others have pointed out, his fascination with Gatsby need not be interpreted as romantic attraction. There's such a thing as love that is in no way connected to sex! If you ask me, the craze for "queering" this classic novel is not a serious literary study so much as it is propaganda for the LGBT agenda.
Evan Nick did show affection towards both sexes throughout the book, he likes Jordan(who has the unlady like personality), also when another man flirted with nick and asked him on a date, he did not reject him, so he is probably bisexual or gay, but not transgender
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Munqith Gharib It's murky. We can't tell for sure.
Karen I don't think so, after my 3rd reading of this I conclude there is no evidence of it.
Candela Diaz Pacheco My opinion as a Literature student is that, if we focus on the character-building, Nick is not deep enough for us to be able to classify him as 'anything', actually. He is just Fitzgerald's tool to tell us about Gatsby in a wannabe-unbiased way.
The only thing we can say about Nick is that he is not as impartial as he believes himself to be.

My opinion as just-a-reader is that, at most, Nick is gay and has the hots for Gatsby.
BUT the awesome thing about literature is that it is subjective and interpretations vary depending on the reader! Most of the times it is necessary for us to interpret a story/character in a more personal way so as to identify with it, and that is good. Every opinion is valid!

As a professor of mine used to say: fu*k the author! just see what you wanna see.
Mehrnaz I agree with Christie.it seems that Nick is a gay in a story !!!!
Nenia ✨ I yeet my books back and forth ✨ Campbell That would be really interesting!
Anastasija I don't think we as readers need to focus on Nick's sexuality, but rather ask ourselves if what he is telling us is true in his alcoholic excess.
I think in some funny and ironic way he is idolizing Gatsby.
“I wanted no more riotous excursions with privileged glimpses into the human heart. Only Gatsby, the man who gives his name to this book, was exempt from my reaction- Gatsby, who represented everything for which I have an unaffected scorn.”

Endless Nick is the kind of person who knows nothing of love, therefore he deserted Jordan and he was amazed at Gatsby's "love" toward Daisy. He couldn't understand how someone can "love" someone else in this way.
Actually, Fitzgerald seems to compare Nick's "Love" with Gatsby's "Love".
Furthermore, Gatsby invited Nick several times to his Pool saying that he hasn't used it all Summer, and Nick refused to do so, this is a strong proof by Fitzgerald to abrogate all allegations toward Nick's sexual tendencies.
Ibrahim I haven't seen anything that would indicate that he would be transgender, nor did I get the feeling that it was implied in anyway. If anything, I feel that Nick may be bisexual. Him being interested in men is repeatedly implied throughout the book. Why couldn't be out with it? It would literally ruin his life. People that were found to be homosexuals at the time were alienated if they got off easy, and imprisoned, maybe even killed at worst.
Myles T Nick Carraway may perhaps be gay. I say this due to the lack of women in his life. I mean throughout the story he's been to the Gatsby extraordinary parties private club with Wolfshiem and Gatsby, but yet he never seems to find a women. I mean i honestly think he more attracted to Gatsby more than anyone else. In the story he always seem to come back for Gatsby multiple time. Its like they had a special connection. Could Nick be in love with Gatsby? Only Fitzgerald have the answer to that question.
Ash Kiernan To me it seems that Nick isn't exactly trans but he does seem to be bi in a way. As Christine mentioned it seemed Nick landed up in a a guy's bed after drinking but I am not sure myself. He also has a strong attachment to Gatsby that Ive never witnessed two non gay guys have. So that could be a possibility.
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Gianna DeMeo How does one even think of this? This never crossed my mind while reading this book. Did you mean gay? Never did they say anything about changing gender. Yes, something was suspicious with the photographer as well as some other scenes, but overall I think he was just fantasized with the life of others and wanted to be them.
Michael Wang
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Helen Wait--where did you get this assumption from lol
That's the biggest jump you could get from this story, ever.
Arletta Sloan The Great Gatsby was published in 1925. The first sex change operation was performed in 1926. So, no, whatever else was going on with Nick Carraway, he was not transgender.
Philip Christman I see No reason to assume so after 3 readings.
Ketty I'm reading it now and that's not the impress I got.
Victor Yeah that's why he knows you can't repeat the past
Francis Oak He's not. But that would be a really interesting interpretation for a future adaptation!
Dark_Starlight No. Nick is not queer in any way, he is obviously a man. He doesn't appear to be homosexual either. Gatsby and Nick are portrayed as good friends and nothing more.
Bryan No. Where did you get such a crazy notion?
Hux If only. That might make the book interesting.
Joseph Schlesinger Whatever his sexual tendency might be, I'm sure Nick is a fully-functioning male. Haven't you heard of Carraway seed?
Daniel Largacha He NO GAY, (NO HOMO)
Daniel Alonso I don't believe so. He didn't lived in such world of confusion.
He lived in a world where the American man began to feel truly alone and dissapointed of society, as a consequence of leaving religion. In his frustrated search for true friendship, he consolidates in the trench of war. A phenomenon that will be common from now on. Gatzby's best friends are and will be veteran soldiers.
Flavia Transgender is completely wrong term.

First different of the most readers here, I didn't see the movie they made or heard passages about the book i literatures classes, I had no affair with this book at all since I live in Norway I came from Brazil, yet I am from Rio de Janeiro and new high society as it's presented at the book.

Homosexuals is sometimes considered the pepperish taste. And a novel talking about rich & empty souls folks, a gay man should equilibrated all the weft. But I admitted in the beginning of the romance I saw all man characters almost like 20's fashion magazined - the models look the same but in the different outfits for the day's activities.

The last note with Nick when he ends with Jordan, make the "coin flops inside the machine", I realized that there in his "half-loved" term use meant that he couldn't keep just for facade a relation with a girl he only like as a friend & not for something else. The other episodes got more clear as Christine mentioned beautifully.
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