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Mae Gross asked:

Can someone explain to me, why, on page 139, Lauren calls Mae Whitman her producing partner and husband? Obviously Mae is a girl... it's error like these that drive me crazy and spoil books for me. Was she in too much of a hurry to get this book out in time for the reboot of Gilmore Girls?

Jessica It's an obvious joke.
Shannon Hedges It translates better in the audiobook.
Debbie YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS ON AUDIBLE!!! Having Lauren narrate makes ALL the difference!
Laura DeNardo It's definitely a joke.
Hannah It is not a direct reference like at work you sometimes call people your wife or husband
David Dindo It's not an error, trust the author and editor. Use context and tone to figure things out.
Serena Schroeter It really confused me! I went back and read it a couple of times to see if I had processed it incorrectly. If it's an inside joke, cool - I struggled to pick it up though.
Lisa Hahahahahaha. The audiobook makes it clear that it's a joke.
Bridget ......definitely a joke. An excellent one. I call my BFF my husband (she's very much a woman)
Caty I think it was a joke, because they are so close.
Jenna Greenslit I assumed it was like how some people call each other Work Husband or Work Wife.
Rebecca Hodgson I refer to one of my best girl friends as my husband so I assumed it was a similar situation.
Aleesha Bass My money is on an inside joke. An editor would have caught that and questioned it, and Lauren Graham probably wanted to keep it as is.
Christine Heise Definitely obvious LG humor going on there.
Hannah I can say that i know that Mae Whitman and Lauren Graham are working together on producing the 'The Royal We' into a movie adaptation from the novel by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan. I also know that Graham is writing the script for it as well. So that would explain the Producing partner part. The Husband part i have no idea what thats about.
Tania It's pretty common to refer to your work wife or husband, so I took it as a reference to that - a joke for sure.
Cindy Thank you for asking! Listened to audiobook and it wasn't super clear. She talks so fast, it is challenging to keep up. Not a big fan of continuously rewinding, so just assumed that heard wrong.
Mary Cochrum I didn't understand that either. Who is Mae Whitman and what did she do on Gilmore Girls or what part did she play? She actually talks about a lot of people without giving us a clue as to who they are or how they were involved with Gilmore Girls.
Judy Sheluk talks about the project.

It's just a joke...but yes, it made me reread it a couple of times
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