tired asked Lynsay Sands:

I was curious about two things 1) Do you do a lot of research when writing your historical/regency romance and what specific do you research? 2) How difficult is it to come up with so many different story ideas and so many different genres?

Lynsay Sands I used to practically live at the library. The security guard there once joked that I should just bring a cot and set up shop there. But now I own a lot of books and there is the internet so I don't have to hang out at the library as much. As for what I research...everything...anything that will give me ideas or help. There is a history writer who writes history in a story telling way who gives loads of info that is great. I believe it's a woman and I really enjoyed her work. It's where I got some of the ideas for Bliss like the flea fur in the bed. They actually did have such a thing, although the idea was that the fleas would stay on the fur and leave the sleeper alone. My heroine used it to put fleas in the bed.

Guess I have a fertile imagination because coming up with ideas is surprisingly easy. In fact, I often have people offering me story ideas. They'll write and say, I have a great idea for a story. I'll send it to you, you can write it and we'll split the money. (Apparently some actually send ideas in their emails too but I never get those, my assistant goes through my mail and email first to ensure I don't accidentally see someone else's idea) Anyway, I always laugh when I get emails like that, because the ideas are the easy part for me. Sitting down and writing a whole novel is the hard work. I often wish they had a machine that you could attach electrodes to your head, lay down and just imagine stuff and the computer would write it all for you. Man I could really pump them out then, lol.

Hmmm....aren't I getting lazy? LOL
Lynsay Sands

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