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Lynsay Sands Attractiveness is in the eye of the beholder Yasmin. So, while the heroines may find the heroes attractive and vice versa, they are somewhat biased. The characters aren't all super models in my mind when I'm writing them.
Lynsay Sands I'm not sure, the draw to Scottish could be because my ancestry is a good part Scottish. The time period varies with my books. I've done medieval and renaissance and regency. Different time periods are nice for different reasons.
Lynsay Sands Marguerite is based on my mother, and named after her was well. She was a sweetie. Not a matchmaker that I know of, but definitely a sweetie like Marguerite
Lynsay Sands Thank you Savina, glad you're enjoying the stories. As for how do I find inspiration for the characters and plots? Most of the characters are based on people I know. Some are even named after people I know. As for the plots, sometimes it's things that happen in my life or in the lives of people I know, sometimes it's newspaper articles I read or news stories I see on tv.
Lynsay Sands I'm sure the vamps will try to prevent mortals from coming up with nanos like their own. There are too many power mongers out there who might abuse it.

As for EMPs I am sure they would already have tried that so I would say, no. The nanos clone themselves and propel themselves via blood which is organic. EMPs affect electronic equipment but while human bodies use electrical impulses it isn't the same thing as you find in machines. It gets pretty complicated to explain, involving an imbalance in ions along the nerves and whatnot, so I won't try. While I THINK I understand it, not sure I understand well enough to explain it in the proper way, EMPs wouldn't work on nanos. LOL. Thanks for the question Kevin
Lynsay Sands No, they were already together when I wrote English Bride. Sorry. Might do a prequel later I suppose, but no plans for it right now, Mia.
Lynsay Sands It depends on the book. Historicals usually take more than the vamps, but even the vamps need research if they have a career I know nothing about, or if it takes place somewhere I've never been. I used to spend a LOT of time at the library doing research. They used to joke there that I should just bring a cot and move in, but between the internet and the research books I've collected I can do much more research at home now. But I can't tell you exactly how much research I have to do. I do some before I start, but also stop to look up things mid-story a lot.
Lynsay Sands Thank YOU Abbie, I appreciate your letting me know you're enjoying them. It really helps when I'm on deadline, exhausted and wondering why I didn't become a psychologist instead. Seriously, letters and notes from you guys keep me going when things get tough.
Lynsay Sands There are always new characters, and there should be plenty more books...well, so long as people want to read them....and so long as I'm still alive to write them, lol.
Lynsay Sands Two more are already written and two more are contracted, but I don't have plans to stop any time soon, Brandy.
Lynsay Sands There are two in editing right now, the first comes out February 2015 and the other should be six months after that. Hope that's good news, Brandy.
Lynsay Sands I find it harder to write without humour than with it so I guess the chemistry is harder, Jill. But only because I've written so many and don't want to repeat myself but it gets harder to do new and interesting scenes.
Lynsay Sands Nope, didn't have a clue about Marguerite's story and what made her tick at the start. It came later. I had fun with Lady Pirate, but don't have plans for a follow up at the moment. I never say never though, so you may see something in the future.
Lynsay Sands I'm glad you're enjoying them, Steph. The twins will get a story eventually, both Julianna and Victoria and Dante and Tomasso, but I can't say when just now...although, the boys are likely to get their story sooner than the girls. The gals are younger. The next book comes out early in 2015, I think it's February.
Lynsay Sands I love all my books Kira. If I stop enjoying writing one, I tend to stop writing it and switch to a different story.
Lynsay Sands Necessity, Kathy. My mind is way too logical. I couldn't do the whole cursed soulless dead people business so had to come up with a reason for vampirism that was more scientific in nature. I did some research, read a lot of scientific journals and then I saw a sci-fi classic, an old movie where a bunch of doctors and scientists were put in a sub which, along with everything in it was shrunk to a nano size small enough to be injected into a president or something so that they could cure an ailment from the inside. Well, between that and some research they were doing with nanos at the time, I came up with our bio-nanos the Argeneaus enjoy.
Lynsay Sands Thank you Arianna. Actually, I'm not sure how I get into the characters heads so well. I'd guess taking psychology in University didn't hurt. And people fascinate me, their motivations, how they think, what makes them tick etc. So I guess that all just jumbles together to help with it.
Lynsay Sands I've just always loved to write, Tina. I don't really remember a time when I wasn't writing. I was writing short novels as a kid even.
Lynsay Sands

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