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What do you guys think about the ending? Did you like it or not?

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Tom Tobin
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Becca I'm shocked by how many people didn't like the ending. The ending MADE the book for me. It was an average story I was kind of on board with then the ending came and made it one my favorite books.
Stacy I thought the ending was a bit of a cop-out. But overall, the beauty of the story moved me to tears repeatedly. I would have preferred the card-sender to have remained a mystery with Ed having received the gift of being able to move on and fully participate in his life.
Gail Weinhold I wonder if those that don't like the ending understand it? SPOILER ALERT: Zusak took a huge risk here in that you have to figure out who is sitting on Ed's couch at the end. I am reading some comments that you don't find out who is sending the cards. Then you didn't understand the ending. In my opinion it is brilliant! The question of who was sending the cards was the engine of this book, and the "trick ending" makes me appreciate it even more. I know many of us figure out endings and see story lines coming. It was refreshing and smart to do it the way he did . . . if you get it.
TRS I liked it well enough...I absolutely loved the book so I expected an amazing ending, but *shrug* One thing I didn't like was that some of the problems were set up by that guy...I didn't like that some of the things were organized for him to fix instead of naturally occurring >.<
Renan Colombini My conclusion is that anyone who didn't like the end really didn't understand it at all.
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Tome Reader
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Tomislav Mlinac I found the end very disappointing and felt fooled and deceived. If the young man is the author, as usually perceived, than the conclusion is basically 'everything happened the way it happened because I wrote it that way'. I mean, come on! Really?!? If the young man is some personification of God, pretty much the same thing. Nevertheless, I think that Zusak annihilated his own premise and message of the novel. If everything in the book happened because it was written that way (young man said that he already knows the question and the answer because it is written in the papers he gave to Ed) than Ed's choices were not choices. They were simply actions assigned by the author, like to a machine. And the young man said that he wanted to send a message that if someone like Ed can change then everyone else can change as well. But if everything was written, or let's say assigned, than he didn't change by his own choices, and the whole concept goes down.
Serena Not particularly. It felt like a cop out.
Leah Nugent
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Jennifer Yes. It's meant to make us think. Look at ourselves. We don't need to know who was on the couch. That's what drives the book - who sent the cards - but in the end we realize that's not the important part of the story. It's not what we should take-away from this reading. Wow.

Besides, it's nice not to be able to predict the ending for once.
Katie The ending felt a bit rushed to me, I feel when you put us into the story and say how we can make a difference it should be deeper. Some of the surprises at the end were rushed and those should be revealed in a dramatic, powerful way. More emotion would have enhanced the last few pages of this book. In the concluding of this novel, it got me pondering on the message and made me take a look at my life which I believe is the goal of this novel and it is effective in that way. When he reveals he is the message it brings this whole realization on the reader and brings the theme out in a completely new way. The ending doesn’t interfere with the message.
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Karina Provost Once you understand the ending, you know what the keyword (actually three) in your own life should be: RAKs (Random Acts of Kindness).
Anne Seebach I really enjoyed the whole book. I didn't mind the ending - but I did query whether it was really necessary. I thought the rest of the story spoke for itself and didn't really need further explanation in order to understand 'the message'. I wonder whether it would have been a better novel without the last two chapters, but we can't unread them, so we'll never know I guess.
Megan Sullivan I loved every second of it. The last or second to last paragraph is burned into my soul
Ether Amazing, specially the last sentence
It makes me think more about my life
Teresa I simply don't understand the ending.
Carly I thought the ending was awesome! However, it's not a great if you like solid endings. In the end you find out how was sending the cards, but there are still some unanswered questions.
I happen to like those kind of endings so I loved this book!
I think at the end the man who send Ed the cards was Markus Zusak himself. And he was talking to a character in his book i.e Ed Kennedy .
Marlene Nope. Didn't like it - and not because I didn't understand it. I just wish it had been left as a mystery. I really liked the book, though.
Amber I ADORED this book up until the end, which I thought was lame and stupid, I think having it all be an existential thing is stupid, I think the message could have been gotten across in a different way, it kind of smacks of pride by the author frankly. I agree with another comment I think it would be better if it was his dad wanting him to live a more meaningful life, or just someone or some organization that goes about secretly helping people and making the world a better place. There could easily have been a second book if it was the latter suggestion, but whatevs. Sad that this was going to make it into my list of very favorite books until that stupid ending.
Victoria Loved the book until the ending. Felt like I was dropped off a building with a soft thud.
Zubeda Nuur
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Lucinda Vinoski An imaginative book of taking one's eyes off of oneself and focusing on others. The ending was unexpected and kept me guessing until the end.
Jenny I just finished the book! It was a very good book but the ending to me sort of didn't work. I understand it but it wasn't this existential thing like some people said in the reviews. One thing I have gathered through many years being a literate person :) is that people read how they feel. What I mean by that is your feelings reflect on each page of a book. This ending can mean so much to so many cause something in their life is attached to it. This wasn't the case for me, which bums me out!
Jeanette Grant-Thomson SPOILER : The bit with Zusak in it? - I found it clever but I prefer reading books that allow me to enter the world of the characters and believe in it. I thought MZ redeemed it by the bit with Audrey saying it was their thing now.
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Hannah I actually was kind of heartbroken at the ending. I like reading books that have sequels,You know more plot and characters. But with this I felt as if there was something missing in the end.
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Kendall Overall it was pretty good, but I think it was amazing in the beginning but got a bit less interesting. I'm not sure how I feel about the ending yet. *THE NEXT SENTENCE IS SORT OF A SPOILER* I thought we would know the person sending the messages. *YOU CAN LOOK NOW* But again I guess overall it was pretty good.
Evan Keller I thought it was alright, I didn't like it personally, but it didn't screw up my enjoyment of the book, but I think he could've done a better job, I don't know how I would've written the ending personally.
Lina I loved this book and for me it wasn't about the ending. It was about the positive changes in other people's lives that were brought about by Ed's actions, and about the change in him also. It's about growing in awareness and self discovery.
Z.A. Coe
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Tim Greenwood The book was fun, but I found the ending rather cheesy. The central message had already been made in the narrative, it didn't need a hammer at the end. I had read this because his novel "The Book Thief" was beautiful, this was fun, but rather heavy handed. Not in the same league.
HaveSomeShawarma I find that the ending retains its worth if you imagine that Ed has just lost all association with reality once he received the Joker Card.
Fahmi Masda I think the ending doesn't live up to my expectation. We know it's an average story, it's why Ed and who's behind all that, that pushes me to get through it. Though the ending was a complete twist, I dont think Ed finally had enough answers afterall. And it upsets me to know that the message and everything is all set.
Guillermo Lamphar I liked it but I'm not sure I fully understand it. I'm thinking that was Zusak wanted. He broke the 4th wall but at the same time, he didn't. There as literal reading of the ending, and then there are these other possibilities.
Steph I liked the ending, however much I'm still confused. I mean i get it, but I don't get it. If you know what I mean. It was a very interesting ending. (Also, a note to not finish this book in the early hours of the morning because it'll keep you awake wondering). It's a worthwhile read.
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