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Did anyone else cry?

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Kathryn I cried tears of happiness that I was finally done with this boring book.
Becky Fiser Yes. I cried a lot. For Finnick and then Prim the most.
Piper Yes OMG! I don't understand why everybody thinks that it is a let-down! I reckon it is a great ending to an AMAZING series!
Drew No. In my opinion it was rushed, so parts where I should have felt at least sad didn't have the impact I feel that Collins was aiming for.
Doctor Robotix I think Gales story was pretty much ruined. Apart from that, Its a pretty good book.

And for those who thought Finnick and prims death was not nescessary, here are my thoughts:

Collins wanted the book to seem like the unimaginable is always possible. She wanted something to happen that would trigger Katniss's mental state. She knew this had to happen at some point and she knew Prim was the trigger. Because Katniss held that special grasp of love for her sister, not the type of love that she would ever give to Finnick, Peeta, Gale or even her own Mother. Its something she would treasure. Apparently the only girl she cared about so strongly. Collins also wanted to lead the fans into the wrong direction. She wanted the fans to believe that the Capitol is the only enemy. But as many people would say "Not every thing is Black and White". She then wanted to shock the fans into reality of knowing the truth of Prims death. Prim had the die, and that was it. Finnick also had to die so that the fans would get a horror shock and to be prepared for the following events. If that didnt happen to Finn then I suppose he would be completely mentally unwell (And that would mean Collins would have to admit it to her fans.) For someone who'd been closer to a monster, almost killed and spared, there is absolutely no telling what could be contain in his own mind in aftermath.
Ally || the Inkblot ||
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Kimani Lauren I haven't cried over a book in years. This one had me rocking myself and telling myself that everything was going to be okay. The last four chapters were just...
Primbookreads I cried for Finnick. :'(
Katherine I cried so much for all the time I wasted on this overdramatized letdown.
Paulina Yes, I cried at the end of the book. I loved that tragic ending.
Katniss Everdeen Yes! You are not alone!!!
Meg I cried during The Hunger Games. I cried during Catching Fire. I stared incredulously during the Mockingjay.
Lily H Yes, I cried but who wouldn't in the end when Buttercup and Katniss are crying I cried. I even have water stains in my book to prove it!
Abbi Jones
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Ellie I cried for Prim then I cried because I finished this book! :(
Katie I did actually cry at the very end but I often cry when reading the epilogues of really good series. I tried to cry over what happened to Finnick but this part was too rushed and not well written and even though I really loved him I did not cry. And when it comes to Prim, well, my opinion differs a lot from what people generally think. I did not like her, which is why I didn't cry. However, I found it tragic that Prim was killed in a war that only started because Katniss did not want Prim to die. Another thing that I found pretty sad (though I don't think it made me cry) is what happened to Katniss and Gale's relationship. He deserved so much better, really. She hated him for something that was not his fault at all and I think it's unnecessary that Collins burned that bridge.
Brittany Lange Yes, I cried when Finnick and Prim died. However, I cried the most when Peeta, Katniss and Haymitch were writing the book together.
Mina Ehab I cried rivers especially after the part where Katniss says "She's not coming back! She's never ever coming back here again!"
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Greg Yes! But I'm an easy crier and since I was on Team Finnick you can imagine the tears flowing when he.....you know....married the girl who wasn't Katniss. Oh, and I cried thinking about Snow's mouth sores. Oh, and I also cried thinking about Haymitch running out of booze. I didn't cry, though, when they gave the can of salmon to the tiger lady instead of the cat.
Lea I cried for hours when I finished the book. I don't want it to end!
Rebecca Leonard-archuleta I bawled like a baby...
Rachel I listened to this on audiobook while driving. I had to try really hard not to cry because I needed to see to drive. I cried mostly for Finnick. I didn't feel as sad about Prim I think because her death was so sudden and didn't have any emotional build up.
Voldemort Nope, which is funny because I often cried about Naruto... Beats me!
aLex no, i am a normal person 👍
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Blen I don't cry over book... But it was very good!
Gilles laforge That book was so intense that my tears were to emotional to come out
Caden L no but it was a very good book
Danny Knorek I, honestly, only cried at the very end
Isa AB Yes! Cried so much. But I also think the end could be better.
Seeyeun Lee not at all...
This book was a disappointment. :(
Alex I cried for Finnick and Rue, and a bit for Prim.
Sofia I cried when I finished the series. And creid for Finnick.
Sammie No it wasn't as sad as I thought it would it be. I do cry over books a lot but surprisingly I didn't. I think I was more shocked than sad. I think I just sat there mad at the book. But I bet I'll cry in the movies. Especially mockingjay part 2. :(
Kyle I didn't cry. Go ahead, think I'm heartless. I'm really not.
Lara Lightwood
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Sameera oh yes! how can one not get affected by such a tragic ending!
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Emory Pettys No, but it was a good book :)))))
Haripriya Palanisamy first for Rue, then for Cinna and finally for prim and finnick...
Lady Midnight yup i cried. I can't imagine what Katniss must have gone through in those months after prim's death
Maddie OML YES for prim and finnick
Sarah Alabdulkarim yes, I cried in all three books ;(
Emily yes.
I was so overwhelmed at the end after the last line.
"But there are much worse games to play"

Dianthe I cried for everything that happened
Ari Can someone not cry?
Melia Dillard
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Madelynn I loved the books leading up to this one, but I did think Mockingjay was a bit rushed. I also don't like how things went down. It just bugged me a bit. I don't know how to explain how I feel. I didn't cry. The way Finnick and Prim each died didn't do it for me. All of the pain Katniss experienced was while she was... sorta delirious. Still a good book though.
syd Yes!! I cried SO much when Finnick died.
Johanna Burton I just finished reading Mockingjay for the second time and I have cried both times. Suzanne Collins does such a job of incorporating Katniss' emotions and reminding us at just the right times that she was just a girl, only 17 yet faced with so much. I love these books soooo much!!!
Everllark Ohmygoodness, yes!!! Through out this whole AMAZING book series.
Mishkat i did when finnick died
it was really sad
Erin Bronn YES. I definitely cried. Numerous times, in fact. Mockingjay was filled with so much raw emotion that I think it would've been impossible for me not to cry. The biggest tearjerkers for me were:
(1) Prim's tragic, very sudden death;she was the sweetest character in the entire series aside from Peeta! And the one who least deserved to die. But I do understand why the author did it; that last tragedy really carried a lot of emotion, on towards the end.
(2) In all the scenes with Peeta when he was hijacked and trying to recover. It was so, so sad :(
(3) When Finnick died. Oh my gosh, but I could NOT stop crying, for days! And then I went and watched the movies and cried all over again. Finnick was one of my absolute favorite characters, and that, coupled with the fact that he had just married Annie (anyone else think their love story is one of the most precious and beautiful things ever??) made it even worse. AND then they went and told us he had a son! I pretty much lost it after that. I honestly wish Gale had died instead of Finnick; Gale's character kinda flopped in Mockingjay, and while it would've been sad, I would've survived if he died. But Finnick...his death is going to go up on my list of worst movie tragedies ever, along with Kili from The Hobbit and Jack Thornton from When Calls The Heart.
Timothy Morrison 🌹I found it very sad, in the same way that I found Ender's game, red queen,
v for vendetta, divergent, and ready player one! And for the same reasons!
Meredith No. I thought that it was very sort of focused on how depressed katniss was and how she is killing everyone. The first book was great. This one she just got sadder and sadder until it was almost excruciating to read.
Jasmine Yes, both tears of happiness and sadness and sometimes because a moment was just so beautiful.
Rowan Yes! The ending made my cry.
Piper i'm sorry you didn't like the book it was amazing and i respectfully disagree i agreed with Sydneyct912 it was an amazing book and the book made me cry more than I ever have in my life! i also watched the movies and i creid on those too i've read these books 4 times!
Vanessa I did, starting at when Finnick and Prim dies.
Carsyn Of course I did! It was a fabulous ending to a great book series.
Abigail Tuttle
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Soren Um... did anyone not?
Hali Well, I cried during the first two books, so the odds that I might cry reading Mockingjay are ever in my favour...
Sam Yes very much
Ollie yup for sure if you didn't then you might just be a robot.
Anne I only cry if the dog dies. Since there seem to be no dogs in this series, I didn't cry.
Caden um i for one didnt cry but it almost made me cry
Amelia Eve I was sobbing mentaly for Katniss, Gale and Peeta! :(
Brogan I was close 😂 -ish I felt so bad for her!!!!!!!
Peggy Finnick nor Prim's death were emotional. Suzanne wrote them in a bad writing style.
Jess-Marie Me! But honestly, not at any of the deaths. It was Boggs's speech to Katniss that got me.
Dd I cried that I read that book
Addi I cried a lot. Mostly for Finnick:(
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Shania I ALMOST cried when Finnick died. He was my second favorite character. Almost isn't the same as did. So no, i didn't cry.
Olivia Sort of...
I mean, Peeta is such a fence rider, so idk.
Yeah, then I guess so :)
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James I actually cried when Buttercup came back and was looking for Prim :'(
Sherry Absolutely, yes!
gidon shapira At first when Prime died I felt drugged like catniss herself
But when the car came all the feelings came back up
Lis I sure did. This book was full of sad moments.
Yuuna Yes! I cried at the end. Peeta and Katniss deserved so much but got so little. They got what they deserved at the end, peace and comfort.
Tara Still crying now. Just finished the book. Tears started at that part where Peeta says "you love me. Real or not real." I just came apart. I think I was in shock and that moment just made everything come bearing down. Oh Finnick! Don't think I can forgive Suzanne for that one.
Lilyann omg i couldn't stop crying. Why prim? Why, oh why?
Alexandra Yes, because Suzanne killed Prim and Finnick. Screw team Gale and team Peeta, I'm team Finnick!
Emma Neavor For like 3 hours.
Saxitlurg I only cried for 20 minutes. (couldn't handle it)
Jacob No, but it was sad at when the characters died.
Reading-Girl2 As you can probably see from the varying comments below, this book was, too most people, one of the extreme polls (amazing, or horrible). I wonder how this could be. Of course everyone's opinion is different but these extremities rarely happen (I think). So, perhaps the reason that 'The Hunger Games' or especially 'The Mockingjay' gets these different reactions is because of the two types of people that are reading it. (Just a theory) The ones that loved it, new readers. The ones that didn't, experienced readers. Of course I know for a fact that this isn't true in some cases, but what other reason could there be? Girls, Boys? No, I'm a girl and I didn't enjoy it. Younger, Older? I'm going to say no because I'm pretty sure a lot of older people liked it (and because it's too vague).
It'll have to remain a mystery for now. But, just to say, most people I know agree that it was the ending that was the biggest let down. So, maybe, it's people who think that stuff like that is okay, people who think it's cliché.
Jessica Sleap I cried when it was finished because its officially all done, no more movies, no more books. Not sure what to do for the rest of my life.
Christina Loyolacabral I cried when Buttercup made his way home and Kattness took care of his paw
Ammar Moujood Yes. I cried when prim passed away and when the book finished sluggish
Breanna I started to cry at the end
the hundred-eyed human Yes, it will be a downright lie to say that this book didn't touch my heart and that i didn't cry. And Oh! The Hanging Tree. it went perfectly with the book, I mostly cried when Peeta becomes Hijacked and when Prim And Finnick die. Suzanne definitely has outdone herself in creating the most strongest female heroine, really sometimes in my hardships, i look upon Katniss for inspiration, for strength. Believe me there is no denying it, an emotional reader has to (must) cry while reading this one.
Valentina Mahecha I was angry a little.
Afia cried for the people that died
Sam Gambill yes i did cry did uk?

Sydneyct912 I did cry a little at the end of the book, but I quickly stopped crying when I remembered my parents were home. But I still tear up at the mention of Finnick's wedding, his death, or his kid, so.
David Fhu I cried over a lot of characters in the book. It remind me of people around me who are in the similar situation. Everyone have a story behind it, but still force to smile in front of others.
Mae Jackson
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Andreea I didn't cry, but I had never been so disturbed by a book.
Krystal I cried about Prim and at the very end also
Nothenry I cried because the quality of the book was so bad.
Belinda I cried a lot but I cry in all books so I guess I am not a good statistic.
Na'zyia yes i cried. And i found that you will find some sad moments in the book and in the movie :*(
†Reviews of a FearStreetZombie† Oh yeah. I hate to reread a few parts a few times for it to actually register in my mind.
Kuni I cried so much towards the end of the book, it wasn't even funny.
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