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Kitkat Darkfold asked Sherrilyn Kenyon:

When I read Ash's book, it completely just broke my heart about how he was in the -before- years, what made you want to write one about Styxx? I haven't read it yet (pick it up this weekend), but I'm having mixed feelings about reading it. I don't know that I want to like him! :)

Sherrilyn Kenyon My mother raised me on one simple principle: Judge no one until you've walked in their moccasins. And I know from the horrors of my own past just what hides behind the facades we show to the world. Anyone who's ever had their feelings hurt or who have become crossed-up with family or friends knows that there are three sides to every story. Yours. Theirs. And the truth that lies between the two. We all see things very differently and it's filtered from our perspectives and experiences. The thing to remember with Styxx is the curse that was given to him on his birth, that was uttered by the priestess. Whatever befalls Acheron would also befall Styxx. The scenes you know from Acheron are very different when you view them from Styxx's vantage point, and you see the wider canvas of what both twins were having to cope with. And as Ash, himself, has said repeatedly in the series: It's amazing the damage we do to others when we're striving to protect ourselves from further hurt. The story of Styxx, is how to deal with a brutal past and how to learn to trust when the very people who were supposed to protect you, offer you up for their own selfish gain. It's something too many of us have to face in real life. And it's to show how that pain never goes away entirely, but how we can learn to cope and not let it ruin our present, or more importantly, our futures. Healing is a slow process, but it's worth it. We are all warriors who have fought or are fighting mighty personal battles. Growing up, too many of the books I read trivialized trauma and made it seem like you woke up one day and it was gone. Time heals all wounds . . . malarkey. I can tell you from personal experience, that's not true. Every day can be a struggle. Or even worse, too many books showed that there was no hope at all, that life ended as bitterly as it began. But again, I don't believe that. I believe, no matter how brutal our pasts, our present and our futures are what we determine them to be. Never let others or the past define or determine you. Be strong and be true. It's hard to don that armor, but we can overcome. We can be the people we want to be, but we have to make the choices and the sacrifices. The human spirit can be a dauntless entity and it should be a dauntless entity. In the immortal words of Galaxy Quest: Never give up. Never surrender.
Sherrilyn Kenyon

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