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Sherrilyn Kenyon There will be new character profiles but we don't "update" the old ones because we don't put spoilers on the site as we don't want to ruin the books for new readers. That being said, there will be a new companion that will have spoilers. Hugs!
Sherrilyn Kenyon Right now they just think he's possessed by the demon known as puberty :) Hugs!
Sherrilyn Kenyon It really depends on what you like to read :) If you like science fiction, The League. If you prefer more urban fantasy, Dark-Hunter. Historical would be Lords of Avalon or Deadman's Cross that comes out in May or the Were-Hunters. The best thing is probably to poke around the site and read a few excerpts to which stories and/or characters appeal most to you. The good news is they don't have to be read in order and I have some of everything :) All the series have reading lists so you can jump right in :) Hugs!
Sherrilyn Kenyon While the books can be read in any order, the Dream-Hunters are part of the Hunterverse/Hunter Legends books that are comprised of Dark-Hunters, Were-Hunters, Dream-Hunters, Lords of Avalon (Grail-Hunters), Hellchasers/Hell-Hunters, Nick Chronicles and Deadman's Cross.
Sherrilyn Kenyon Monakribos was sentenced to put his people down as punishment for their rebellion against the gods. Jared turned traitor and did it under a cloak of deception for his own reasons. Big difference.
Sherrilyn Kenyon Thank you, sweetie :) That's what I try to do with my writing. To me, everyone in the world is important and deserves respect and love. We all have our own stories and scars. My motto has always been that there's no one you couldn't love if you only knew their story.

Nero's book is coming, but the next one is Bastien. You had to know that I couldn't leave him hanging ;) BIG hugs!
Sherrilyn Kenyon Aww thank you, sweetie. I've never written as Kimberly McGregor. I did write as Kinley MacGregor. Sherrilyn is my God-given (or mom-given) name and Kenyon is real.

As for the two names, I wrote and published Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy under my own name back in the 1980's and early 1990's, and was a bestselling author under it. Unfortunately, the market crashed in the mid 1990's and I had a four year involuntary hiatus where I couldn't sell novels no matter what I tried, even though I'd been a bestseller and had sold and published six books. It was a horrible time where I was homeless for a stint.

In 1997, I pitched two novels to an editor who'd been my agent back in the days when I'd been selling (ironically one was Night Pleasures and the other was a pirate novel). She passed on the Dark-Hunter series because there was no market for urban fantasy and I quote from her rejection: "no one wants to read vampires." She bought the pirate novel which became my Sea Wolves and asked if I would consider a pen name since it was a different genre than the one I was known for. She wanted a fresh start (that's a very common thing in publishing, especially back then) and I had no problem with it, so Kinley was born as my historical twin. While I continued to write the historicals, I kept nagging her to buy the Dark-Hunters, but she couldn't get them past her marketing team who continued to reiterate that paranormal/urban fantasy had no market and wouldn't sell.

In 1999, St. Martin's took a chance on those Dark-Hunter books and made an offer. But by then, Kinley MacGregor was a bestselling author and my publisher didn't want us to "taint" the MacGregor name with that urban fantasy series no one would buy and that they were convinced would flop. My editor at SMP was fine with that and said that she knew I still had a lot of fans from the 80's and 90's who remembered me as Kenyon and that she wanted me to return to my real name since I was returning to my original genres that I had started with. I agreed and so the DH books were brought out under my name. I worked my heinie off to make those books a success and thankfully, in spite of there not being a market at the time they were published and while others mocked and laughed, we (me and the fans) carved a niche and the books did not flop. As they say, the rest is history.
Sherrilyn Kenyon The Belador series was never my series. It was Dianna's. I helped her to launch it and then returned it to her most capable and skilled hands. That was our plan all along.
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Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Sherrilyn Kenyon It's not that he's good per se, but yes, I knew what had happened with Seth and Set at the time I wrote it. I was already working on Styxx and was trying not to spoil anything. Hugs!
Sherrilyn Kenyon That was one of the alternate possible futures and was the one that Ash first foresaw when he met Nick the first time (before they became friends). But the future is never set in stone.

Sherrilyn Kenyon You know some of what has befallen a number of them already since Ambrose has said it to Nick in CON--- he's basically laid it all out for him. Since DH was written first, CON actually fills in details and history about DH that you don't get otherwise. They're designed to compliment each other and work together as one overall giant series with intricate parts. You've actually seen further into the future in CON as Nick and Ambrose have both glimpsed the future to come and, with the exception of Time Untime and Fury's short story, DH has never gone into the future at all (neither of those stories dealt with Nick or the DH world when speaking of future events). So offhand, I would say, no, it wouldn't spoil it.

Sherrilyn Kenyon Yes, they are "supposed" to balance. The whole series is about the fact that the balance can be broken and tilt to one side. And when it does, it knocks everything out of whack. You have to maintain the balance. It doesn't mean that there is always an automatic regression to the mean. It simply means that if one side takes control, we're in deep trouble. Jared isn't so much his balance, as he is the stop gap. He's supposed to be the one who can kill the Malachai, but the Malachai has grown stronger with every generation. Jared hasn't, and that is becoming a problem, too. Hugs!
Sherrilyn Kenyon I've been writing both Nemesis Legacy and Nemesis Rising for over thirty years and plan to continue to do so, God willing :) Hugs!
Sherrilyn Kenyon It's when the Dark-Hunters are created and tells the story of Ias/Alexion. It's actually in several books now, and has been for many, many years. Dark Bites, Acheron, Sin of the Night, Companion and several others. Hugs!
Sherrilyn Kenyon Aww thanks, sweetie. But I'm not really sure what you mean. He's as prominent in the last few as he was in the beginning and he was definitely all over Styxx, which was only three books back. He couldn't have been more prominent :) And he was fairly well placed in SONO. As for Dragonbane, Ash has never played that big a part in the Were-Hunter books and that's what the last one was, so anytime we're focusing on the Were-Hunters, the Dark-Hunters are in the background. Just the way the books/series have always been. Otherwise they're unwieldy and you have characters in there who don't belong. Just like the Were-Hunters don't figure prominently in the Dark-Hunter books. They merely make cameos. Hugs!
Sherrilyn Kenyon Aww thank you, sweetie! I really appreciate it! This is the time of year when I really feel his loss. Not that I don't feel it the rest of the time, but it's always harder around the holidays :) I'm so glad you enjoyed it. The League will always be a very special series to me for many reasons :) BIG hugs!
Sherrilyn Kenyon I was a DJ in my former life and am from a family of musicians :) I learned my first instrument probably before I could talk :) In fact, I'm typing with two drums, a harp, three flutes, two spirit rattles, a jaw harp, and a harmonica within arm's reach of me right now. And a guitar in the corner. I can't imagine a world with no music. The playlists for each book is listed on my website :) Hugs!

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