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Sherrilyn Kenyon Those are different species of demons. Caleb is a Daeve demigod. Ravenna is half Kalios. And my Ravenmocker was male. So yes, they are both. It depends. But their shapeshifting form may or may not have anything to do with their demon class. Many demons can shift into multiple forms (such as Simi and Nim). The form they choose often correlates to the god they serve more so than anything else. Or the form they need to complete a specific task.
Sherrilyn Kenyon Oh no, you just missed me. I was there not that long ago! I'm sorry I didn't get to see you! Please keep an eye on the events page on FB. Hopefully I'll catch you next time! Hugs!
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Sherrilyn Kenyon Yes. You'll learn a lot more about him, and a lot more about future Nick, past Nick and Acheron, and Styxx and Kody. (And Caleb and Bubba, too).
Sherrilyn Kenyon Their powers have nothing to do with the gods. I've never said that they did. Only their duties do. As for who is stronger, they are as strong as they need to be and they don't fight as it will weaken them to fight each other. It's just a real bad idea for one Chthonian to fight another.
Sherrilyn Kenyon It's explained on the website and numerous other places. It's not counted because there are no Dark-Hunters in it. It's that simple. I can't tell you how many wrote to ask, "Where's a Dark-Hunter? Why is this book 1 when there's not a single DH or any of the main DH characters mentioned in it?" Since we (my staff and I) were receiving so many emails by those who were confused by it being on the list, we decided to remove it. After all, it is a spin-off/related book. To a "cold" reader who has no knowledge of DH picking it up without ANY prior knowledge of the world, it doesn't make sense and the readers were right. That's why we have it listed as a related book, as we do many others and not as book 1. We just didn't want to confuse those numerous new readers who were confused by us having it there. So while Julian is a related book and those are related characters and Kyrian appears briefly in the book, and though we had the web site up and running many, many years before the book was out, we redid the list years ago to make new readers happy and not confuse them. Technically, book 1 is the aptly named The Beginning or as it was subtitled Kynigostaia, which was originally published in 1980's and referred to in Julian's book as an homage to the previously pubbed DH origination story, but that really confuses people as it's out of print and can't be bought.
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Sherrilyn Kenyon Curses don't always work the way you think they will. Whatever you put out into the universe carries a cost. Especially when it's a curse, as you've seen in the series time and again. Again, it's a transfer of energy. It comes from some place and it goes into another. Even the strongest of them can't always control exactly how it plays out as there are so many variables in motion. They have tried to contain him, but he does grow stronger and he is extremely powerful and is a god himself. So they have to be careful as they don't know how exactly their magick will rebound when it zaps him because he's not a regular demon or a human. He is of the source, too and is older than dirt, with both light and dark powers he can call on. They're trying to prevent a war with the Malachai not call him out. Hugs!
Sherrilyn Kenyon I am so ready to be back in the UK! I miss it over there :) They are an extension that will make sense when you read Intensity. The focus is shifting slightly from Nick to Cyprian for a few books, so I wanted a clean break to differentiate between the series main characters. Nick and crew will still be prominent and important, but the "hero" will be a bit different :) Hugs!
Sherrilyn Kenyon Their powers aren't that black and white. It's not a question of who can knock whose block off. You have to remember that they draw power from the same "source" and that each one has strengths and weaknesses. And that power comes at a cost and using it costs them something. As Ash says, "just because you can, doesn't mean you should." Power equals energy and they're not creating, they're transferring. So it comes from somewhere and it goes some place. Which means it can have unforeseen consequences. Some of the gods don't care and will use their powers willy-nilly. Ash does care and doesn't use his willy-nilly and so while he might seem "weak" at times, it's not that he's weak so much as he's more than aware of the consequences for all involved (as a final fate he sees it), so he chooses restraint. So it's not a question of who is stronger or weaker. Sometimes inaction is the action of the stronger person because it takes more courage to take a punch than it does to throw a punch. Neither mercy nor kindness should be mistaken as weakness. Remember, Alexander the Great didn't attack in every conflict. Patience is sometimes the way to victory, and retreat might not be retreating so much as advancing in a new direction so that you can obtain ultimate victory. Ash is the ultimate strategist. That's what makes him so deadly. He moves with purpose and much like death, what he aims for, he never misses. That being said, he is up against his own mother and her proteges who are also really good at strategy, and patience. Hugs!
Sherrilyn Kenyon No, that's not what he says. I think you misread it. Dikastis most clearly states that Bethany wouldn't remember Apollymi setting up the Atlantean pantheon because Bethany hadn't been born at the time Apollymi sets it up (because Apollo had killed Bethany). Apollymi is the goddess who set up the pantheon. I've always said that. That has never changed. The dig isn't about when Apollymi joined the pantheon, it was over the fact that Apollo twice killed Sytxx and interfered with Bethany's life and that he'd best stay away from her and Styxx or else they'd have his head.
Sherrilyn Kenyon Depends on what and who you're hiding from and which kind you go into. If you're talking a true lamina, you're screwed if you're a Were-Hunter. Those are astral openings between dimensions that can be used by Were-Hunters or Daimons. However, most go straight to Kalosis and into Stryker's main feeding hall. There the Spathi tend to chow down on you. Those are bolt-holes or portals the Daimons use to teleport back to Apollymi's realm or to their safe zones or colonies so not a good place for anyone other than the Spathi or Daimons to hide.

If you talking a Sanctuary or limani like the Were-Hunters use, then as noted, you can't be harmed, so it's a great place to hide. Has everything you need and no one can touch you. They're set up as safe zones where no blood can be spilled. That being said, there are entities you can hire who don't respect the laws of sanctuary who will go in and drag someone out so there's always some risk. And the owners could always snap a wheel -- such as Dante with his brother. Animals can be a bit unpredictable that way :) As can Savitar.
Sherrilyn Kenyon It's an old country saying that my mother raised me on. As an homage to her, I occasionally sprinkle her pearls of wisdom into the books, such as, "honey, trust me. No woman has ever shot a man while he was washing her dishes." And the infamous one she used to say to my dad, "you know, God didn't name me woman because he wanted my sole point of being to go around yelling at you, 'whoa-man stop!'"
Sherrilyn Kenyon Because I'm only one person and I don't have a team of ghostwriters who write for me. And luckily, I have a lot of fans for each series who would be very upset if I didn't write at least one book a year for them. Sadly, I have to sleep and eat :) Otherwise I could write more :)
Sherrilyn Kenyon You can start with any of the books. I always write them so that new readers won't be lost if they happen upon a stray book out of any series. But if you're a stickler for the order, please visit the site where we have the reading lists for each one.
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Sherrilyn Kenyon It was done to weaken him and control him. But at the same time, no one wants them powerful or controlling him, either. So while they can weaken him, they can't really "use" his powers. In theory, with the right circumstances, and right pieces, they could combine to destroy him. That was done as a stopgap measure, but they would have to find a way to play along. Which the Malachai usually keeps them from doing. Lot of politics at play with these things :)
Sherrilyn Kenyon The next is Born of Trouble (Ryn). I'm waiting for the release date from the publisher and will have it on the site as soon as they tell me. Hugs!
Sherrilyn Kenyon I don't know what list you're looking at or who compiled it. The best place to get the reading list is always from my site as it's the correct one :) The rest can be interesting at times :)

Sherrilyn Kenyon

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