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I want to read at least one Dorothy book and i found this is the most acclaimed one. Will i feel any continuity issues as i have no idea about the central character & never read any other book of her..? Please help.. :)

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robyn I don't know if I WOULD read this one first. It's my favorite, but it's very dense, and it's the wind-up of the main character's relationship with someone he met a few books back.

If you want to try Sayers on for size, you might try an earlier one like Murder Must Advertise or The Nine Tailors, both of which are excellent.

It's not that you'd regret reading Gaudy Night, it's the first one I ever read as well, and I went on to read everything in the series. But I had watched the Mystery! adaption, so I was familiar with the characters' interactions prior to that particular story.
Jeff Suter No way should you read this one first. You should read the series in order - and this book is pretty much the pay-off for the series. If you must skip books just read the first two Harriet Vane novels in order, Strong Poison - Have His Carcase - then this one.
Jan Priddy I have read and reread the series and appreciate Sayers over Christie for breaking barriers of class, religion, and gender. Yes, this is a big payoff, but like the others I would urge you to start back a ways. I always think of Strong Poison as coming just before this one (it doesn't), but if you don't want to begin at the beginning, you might start with that one since there is a good deal of exposition to bring the reader up to speed about the characters.
Hezekiah I am reading through all of the Lord Peter books in order and all I can say is that there is no way I could have started with this book, knowing nothing about the characters and enjoyed the book. As was mentioned this is a very dense book, there is a lot to take in that is only tangentially related to the mystery. I suppose you could call them continuity issues in the sense that you won't have seen the growth and change in the characters from the previous books, and without that, it would have made it rather difficult for me to appreciate a good percentage of the book. Additionally there are parts of this book which come pretty close to straight up romance, which again would have been hard for me to appreciate without reading certain previous books.

If I were to recommend just one to read, I would probably recommend "Murder Must Advertise" as that was a really fun one that focused mostly on the mystery but also had some interesting thoughts on the advertising world as well. I also really like "Unnatural Death" and "The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club", but I rarely see those singled out as recommendations, so maybe it's just me that likes them. I'd avoid "Five Red Herrings" unless you want more of a puzzle type book that focuses on train schedules.
Keith Walker It wouls be more satisfying if you read them in order,especially the Harriet Vane ones, 'Strong Poison' , 'Have his Carcase', Gaudy Night' and 'Busman's Honeymoon'
Following those Jill Patrick Walsh completed 'Thrones. Dominations' which was begun by Sayers, then 'Presumption of Death' and 'The Late Scholar'
Mary Hemenway Not recommended as the first one to read. I recommend reading them in the order written.
Esdaile If you have the kind of approach which includes referring to her with the presumptious familiarity implied in your belittling and ridiculous expression "one Dorothy book" my advice would be not to bother.
Key2Lock I have to say that this is the only one of her novels that interested me. I tried to read others, but the characters were not as well developed. It may have been because I was more interested in the Oxford setting. My only criticism is that the character, Lord Peter, is well developed, but too perfect to be realistic. The female characters are well developed and wonderfully nuanced.
Sundy By the end, I loved it, but I was so confused in the beginning. I wish I'd read the series in order.
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