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Did you find any sections in the book that were a little slow?

Bbgirl28 I agree that at times the book was quite slow and boring. I, personally, would have enjoyed it more if it focused more on what she did, than the politics behind Pakistan.
Rita This book is very slow and jumps all over the place. If I wasn't reading this for my book club, I would've tossed it aside after the first few chapters.
Becky Leuenhagen I'm still reading the book because I've found it so slow. I selected the book because I felt it was important to know a little bit about this amazing girl. The history of her country was very slow for me, maybe I'm shallow;) I'm now reading as she is going to England and finding it more interesting. Despite my lengthy reading time, I would recommend this book.
Cinnapatty No. I did no skimming in this book whatsoever. I read every word and was enraptured with everything she had to tell.
Danielle I did not - I find it interesting to hear about another part of the world I never would experience otherwise.
not_that_kind_of_karen_karen There is a lot of background information included which is super interesting for a history lover like myself. I listened to this as an audio book and I really think that helped as I am naturally more of skim reader. I also skip words and names that I find unfamiliar (it's a terrible habit I know) so listening helped me absorb more.
Persi To some people, perhaps. Then again, I don't get bored by memoirs easily.
Liz Yes - I think the first few sections of the book (containing a lot of political history and names without much analysis) felt slow, but the story picked up for me when it arrived at more recent events.
Carly Knowles I did. I had a really hard time understanding a lot of the political references to people and keeping them straight. I usually tend to ignore politics, but obviously couldn't with this, so it was likely my deficit to overcome.
Kally I found the beginning slow,yet interesting in an abstract way. I had to skim the ancient history, but I feel the book picks up interest when it gets to political events around her time of birth and after.
Syed Imran Do you Think she wrote the book. I don not Think so.
Annette Taylor yes, I found myself putting this down as much as picking it up to read. I found it interesting; but it was like trying to run through the mud to get through it.
Richa Lallchand I found the political aspect of Pakistan described in too much details at some point. The information was very interesting indeed, but I do feel that the part where the focus is the political history of the Taliban should have been in a different book.
Pooja I found the prose needed some getting used to, but after that, its such an amazing account of an even more amazing individual in an environment I cannot begin to even fathom.
Lessie Shorter Yes, there are a plenty of them. BYou can order an editing at this paper writing service. Helped me!
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ColemanGoble Hey. I do not agree with the fact that the book is slow and tedious. I thought the book was excellent and fascinating. The book was so exciting to me that I wrote a review for this book. Since I do not write a review very well, I bought a review check on the service - navigate here , which added to my article the purpose of reviewing this literature. In conclusion, I want to ask all readers of these comments, read my review, and it is truly worthy of your attention.
Brielle I did, sometimes the book was slow and boring, however it was because she went into a lot of descriptive details that made it drag.
Amber I feel as though the start of the book was tedious. It went on about the Pakistani history and some unnecessary things that didn't really need to be mentioned. I think the book was a bit jumpy back and fourth which made it slightly confusing.
Ann Carney yes I am struggling to read the book. My grandaughter tells me it gets better .... Never finished the book...too many other good books to read
Lydia I have read this book a couple of times - the first time, it was AMAZING. I was really inspired with her strengths and fighting the right to education. Now, I read this book again for my work for school, I found some sections draggy because I already know her life through this book. This however helps me to know Malala better and closely reading the bits where focuses on argument essay.
Ana Valenzuela I never skimmed any page of this book. There were some parts that were heavy, thus making it slow. Just like those who comment here the parts about Pakistan's history was that. It had me googling who Benazir and General Sia was. It also had me questioning what part did the US play for Muslims to start thinking about war (the Russians in the textbook). That was why it took me a long time to read this book, because of the so many characters and the horrifying incidents that these people live on a daily basis.

The other half was actually a lot better and this made me quicken my reading pace.
Emma YES. I am currently reading it, but the beginning is slightly slow. However, she is very proud of her history and the history of her home. She is using this platform she has been given to insert a little knowledge about an area of the world that is otherwise largely ignored. Smart lady! :)
Shraddha Yes.. The initial detailing about the history was slow.But then every thing had its own significance.
Rimma Likover Is this for children, teens, adults or everybody can read it?
Thank you
Ellen Definitely yes. Had to skim the last of the book.... where events occured...
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