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Why is The Emperor's Soul considered to be set in the universe of Elantris, rather than in the universe of The Way of Kings? Seems to be a much much stronger connection between WOK and TES than Elantris and TES.

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Eon ♒Windrunner♒ All the books you mention have stories that take place on different planets, but are part of the same universe - The Cosmere. Elantris and the Emperor's Soul are set on the same planet though.

Way of Kings, Elantris, Emperor's Soul are all part of the Cosmere and are thus connected. From what I remember, the planet way WOK takes place on (Roshar) is a very different place to the one Elantris & TES takes place on (Sel)

Why does the connection between WOK & TES feel stronger to you ?
Samantha On the planet of Elantris, magic is worked through writing and symbols. Words can shape reality. In this case, it's through carved symbols implanted with ink. In Elantris, it's symbols written in the air. That's why they're on the same planet; they have the same magic system.
Kelsea In The Emperor's Soul, they mention Teod and the Jindoeese (the people from Jindo). Both are locations from the world of Elantris.
Derrick White Its the same planet, not the same story. You really have to be looking for them to see it though. Comments about places from Elantris are actually reasonably common: on my second read I caught about twice as many references as the first read.

The magic system in WOK (or rather the stormlight archive) is all about objects and powered abilities. You have shardplate, stormlight energy, and pens that move to match each other.

The magic systems in TES and Elantris (both have multiple) are all about writing and symbols.
Sarah Fagan There are several great answers here specifically that the magic system in both books are based on writing. But you can see how the mention of the 3 realms are echoed in all the cosmere but especially The Stormlight Archive books and Mistborn books. In TES Shai references places that are also referenced in Elantris, but the most obvious references is to the man "in red priests armor" which is a direct reference to Derethi priests from Elantris. Also of course, because Brandon Sanderson has said so :)
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