Fredric Rice
Fredric Rice asked:

This book appears to be a spoof, a hoax. Does anyone know if the author is trying to be serious? For that matter, is anyone stupid enough to believe such anti science nonsense?

Jane You appear to be looking for someone to argue with. Have you read the book? As a former scientist I can say with the utmost sincerity that scientists do not, I repeat, do not know everything. The clarity of the interpretation of results is dependent upon the integrity of the primary investigator. You may want to rephrase your questions as they come off sounding 'trollish' and argumentative.
Jim Walker Interestingly enough, as time has passed since the writing of "Fingerprints of the Gods" the evidence seems to be pointing more toward's Hancock's big idea that some sort of civilization existed before the end of the last Ice Age - about 12,500 years ago. Any details about this "civilization" is still complete conjecture, but sites such as Gobekli Tepe are throwing a monkey wrench into the gears of established ideas that humans were strictly hunter/gathers during this time.

Hancock is a journalist not a scientist, and he has never claimed to be a scientist. His book is food for thought, not science. I agree, however, that the blow-back to Fingerprint of the Gods, over time, seems to have given an inkling of credence to Hancock's claim that the biggest "intellectual crime" of his book in the eyes of science and academia, considering all the newest evidence, was the success of the book.
Michelle How is it "anti science nonsense"??
Did you read all of it since you think it is a spoof or a hoax.
Just a bit confused about your reaction.
Janeil There is enough science to keep you thinking, enough myth to keep you interested, enough drawings to keep you focused, and enough questions to keep you reading to the end.
Molly It is not a " Spoof or Hoax" it is backed up with some good science and some conjecture but it isn't about aliens or anything like that. Have you even read it?
Kasun Liyanage Future WILL tell that this book contain lots of truths. But you or I may not know in this reincarnation. Maybe in the next round. That's how it works--today's taboo becomes tommorow's normality.
Rick Ottinger I've just started reading this book and its very long but to answer your question... NO this is not a hoax and its not anti science.. I would bet you never finished this book.
David Kerslake how can someone say this is a hoax graham hancock isnt saying ( in my eyes) this is difinative truth these words are what he sees with his own mind and eyes eveymainstream and non mainstream writer archaeologist expert what ever you may want to call them tend to have their own opinion so what you are sayin (fredric l rice) that everything ever writen and disected is a hoax it seems to me you have the whole answer so i would be nice if you would share the truth of all civilization and all things man and women create.
James Williams hahahaha this guy coming in hot
Buck Wilde People are always stupid enough, man. Never doubt that. But go on doubting this pseudomystic tripe, that shows you've outpaced most of the small children that haven't learned the truth about Santa yet.
Jeffrey Gao The author totally believes what BS he vomits and nobody with a brain cell would believe this.
Daniel See Wikipedia's article on Pseudoarchaeology. Excerpt:

"Academic archaeologists have heavily criticised pseudoarchaeology, with one of the most vocal critics, John R. Cole, characterising it as relying on "sensationalism, misuse of logic and evidence, misunderstanding of scientific method, and internal contradictions in their arguments".[5] The relationship between alternative and academic archaeologies has been compared to the relationship between intelligent design theories and evolutionary biology by some archaeologists.[6]"
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