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Am I the only one that sorta ships Maven and Mare?????

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Gillian I am going to be blunt, MAVEN IS A PSYCHOPATH!!!! He wants Mare in the weirdest of ways!!!! Again I must agree with Ariana. Cal loved her, or was at least there for her, from the beginning. Maven hated the idea of being betrothed to her...and he betrayed her...what kinda guy is that!!!! Again P.S.Y.C.H.O.P.A.T.H!!!!!
I wanted to throw the book across the room when Maven kissed Mare. And when they decided to use Cal later....yeah, I'm not frustrated at all!
qalilah They were so perfect together........ (sigh) I still feel that his brother's an arrogant ass.
Jenny Maven and Mare all the way. They just are perfect together!
Gargi Deshpande I liked Maven a lot before the betrayal thing happened but now i just want Cal and Mare to happen.
NunuRani No you are most definitely not, I mean I like Cal... But Mare should totally end up with Maven.
Bella Mare and Mavan..... just saying it sounds wrong.
sara Mavennnnnnnnn!
Ariana There wouldn't even be a Mare and Maven if Cal didn't feel for Mare and give her that job in the palace. Since day one Cal has been there for Mare and Maven never cared I would never love someone who did what he did to me, but if Maven was always that way before the end I would be STUCK because when Mare and Maven kissed it broke my heart when Cal saw it and was so disappointed. It is cute that Maven sort of wants her but scary, very scary. He is that guy from "The Perfect Guy" movie!!
Wendy Zhou I ship then so much and argh I still hope that he can redeem himself somehow, even after all he did in glass sword, but it doesn't seem like it's going that way ://
Evie They're my guilt-ship. I do, because I shipped them harder than a mailman back in the first book, and I don't, because I'm secretly still broken after what happened at the last few pages. I'm a mess...but I still do...
Caroline They were so amazing together, but Elara just wrapped Mavens mind. 😭
WhiteCat Mare x Maven to the end
But at the same time, it’s the fact that I love Maven that I want him to end up with Mare
Wonderlandsoldier I am confused because I like both Maven and Cal. But maybe Maven? Or Cal? You know what, I will just read the next book and be happy whatever happens.
Priscilla I feel that in Glass Sword we didn't get the full insight into Maven's chaotic mind. I'm hoping there's more to him than meets the eye. Maven must be redeemable...I swear M&M have to end together or else my world will possibly maybe completely shatter.
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