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I don't understand. What is this about? Is a new book? Or just 'Twilight' with some changes? If it's a new book, is there an actual sinopsis?

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St. Gerard Expectant Mothers Like I wrote in my review, it's sooo bad that it's good! You have to laugh at the whole ridiculousness of it. It's unintentionally humorous with the writing, the plot, and concept. Trust me, you have to appreciate it for what it is which is really bad fan fiction. It's such a shitstorm, well Twilight already was, that it is highly entertaining as a comedy.
Kay Apparently, it's a "gender-bent" version of Twilight... meaning that instead of Edward and Bella, we get Edythe and Beau. It seems like Meyer is writing bad fan fiction about her own work now, but there it is.
Jess I saw a side by side comparisons of a excerpt and she literally just changed pronouns and maybe a few words. It's not even bad fanfiction, it's just lazy.
Adrienne This book begins as a companion to Twilight, but somewhere around half way through spirals off into a book all it's own. I loved it.
Tal Heyman Some of the paragraphs are different. The ending is different. She added a lot of scenes that she wished that she added in the original Twilight. Also, she made Life and Death as if this was the only book in the series.
Elena Salvatore It's basically just Twilight with a sex change for everyone exept Charlie and Rene
gray Its a gender switched version. I've read a few pages at the book store. It seems really amazing. he characters are "Edythe"and "Beau" the girl (originally bella which is now of course, Beau.) is a vampire and the boy (edward/edythe) is this new nerdy kid at school. People say that stephanie meyer just wants money, but personally its a really great book so far.
Roslyn Allen I suggest you read it. You may like it, and if you hate it, at least you´ll know.
Personally, I was kind of disappointed, but then again, I hated the idea of it from the beginning.
Georgia It's actually really good if you read it with an open mind. Get it out of your head that it's twilight and you'll be good.
Shannon its a good book but it is 'Twilight with some changes but it is an awesome read if you liked Twilight you will like this book to I loved the Twilight series
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