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This sounds a little bit the Lincoln Lawyer? I love Grisham but...What did readers think?

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Judy Sorry, but Mr. Grisham's last two books (Rogue Lawyer and Gray Mountain) just don't come up to the mark he set for himself in the past. Because of his reputation, I kept reading, hoping for something interesting, but after finally finishing Gray Mountain, my first thought was, "Well, that was a little boring." and Rogue Lawyer is a little like a short story book. I have read every other John Grisham book several times, because they're that good.
Betsy Barnes I agree with several other readers that this book does not compare favorably to other Grisham books. It was a HUGE disappointment. I continued reading it thinking it would get better - but it certainly did not! I've decided to take a break for Grisham books....and recommend Mr. Grisham at least take a vacation.
Carrie I agree, disappointing. It's like Grisham is trying to create a soon-ti-be recurring character incredibly similar to Mickey Haller. Did not like this book
Brittany Parallels Mickey in way too many ways with one big difference, at least Mickey Haller is likeable in all his flawed glory! I love Grisham, but this book left much to be desired.
Melissa Kayden Yes, thought it was a Lincoln Lawyer ripoff, though Sebastian far less likeable than Mickey Haller!
Margie Read ten pages and gave up. His last two books have not been good
Nancy Cole Silverman I love Michael Connelly and can appreciate you're concern that this sounds similar to the Michael Haller (?) character in the Lincoln Lawyer, but it moves quickly and deeply into such interesting territory and with such unexpected consequences I soon forgot that, and found I couldn't put the book down. Any story that stays with the reader long after they've finished the book is a winner in my opinion.
TomS I'm a quarter of the way through the book and thought the same thing from page 1. I'm a fan of the Lincoln Lawyer series (first book was the best), so this one immediately jumped out as a pure copycat. Let's count a FEW of the similarities:

- Edgy defense attorney that flirts with the law and yells in courtrooms.
- Defends the underworld, especially those that nobody else will take.
- Everybody hates him, and he has a reputation like scum.
- He has long hair.
- Works out of his car, which is setup with printers, filing, etc
- Has a muscly, tough-guy driver
- Cavorts with the ruffians (Mickey, motorcycle gang; Sabastian, MMA fight club bookies).
- His tough guy friends step in to help him deal with the real bad guys from time to time.
- He's divorced from another lawyer, with a kid in the middle (kids are even the same age), and they squabble over legal stuff.
- And on and on.

The only way to redeem himself here is to suddenly announce a collaboration with Michael Connelley and that Sabastian Rudd IS Mickey Holler, and that he's running from someone extremely dangerous and must stay hidden. Other than that, Grisham, give me a break.
Nan Williams BIG disappointment.
john luce 60,000 lawyers graduate yearly

There will be similarities.
Melanie I would rate it his worst yet if it weren't for Gray Mountain, which was *really* bad. His sexism gets worse and worse to the point that I despise his protagonists. I don't think that is part of his "characters," I think it's him. I'm done w/ him.
Beth Disappointing at best...he needs to get his mojo back....
Ryan Anderson Just finished it - literally (2 minutes ago). While nothing beats The Firm and The Partner (for me), this was still enjoyable. The book is divided into parts that, at first, don't seem to be connected, and I wondered if this was actually just an episodic/short-story type of book, with a few recurring characters. However, there is a complete story arc, and perhaps Grisham has decided, thanks to the success of Theodore Boone, that he may just start a series for his adult fans. No complaints here. Some great characters, and Grisham's normal ability to talk about food in a way that makes me hungry.
Christine Yeah, this is a very weak imitation of Lincoln Lawyer. Did not impress me.
Kimberly Personally, I like the Haller character a lot more.
Larry That's the first thing I thought of when I saw the title, which I'm sure was influenced by the success of Lincoln Lawyer. However, I found the book to be interesting and original in its own right. I actually liked this better than earlier Grisham works I've read, as it seems to be more character driven.
John Reid There are certainly a lot of similarities between Sebastian Rudd and Mickey Haller.
Alasandra Alawine Enjoyed the majority of the book. Sometimes Sebastian Rudd seemed a little over the top.
Cecilia Santana
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Ramon I don't permit others to sway my impression of any book before I have at least read it. And, most often than not, my impression is nothing like theirs. When I read my first Grisham book, I had no impression about the book or Grisham himself. And here I am many years later and still reading Grisham books. Want my impression? Read between the lines.
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