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Can I read this book even though I haven't read anything else in the Discworld series?

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Tim No problem at all. I started my journey into Discworld with The Light Fantastic (book 2), even if it's a direct sequel to The Colour of Magic (book 1) (you do have to read these books together). After that I read Hogfather, which came out much later.

The other Discworld novels are written so that you can read them without worries and thus go back and forth, even if some characters come back here and there.

So.. yes, you can read Reaper Man without prior knowledge. ;-)

This overview, the last novel not added yet, can also help you find your way in the reading process:
Tom I would suggest following the characters' storylines or reading the books in the order they were written. For the former, Mort (Death #1) provides a bit of context for the beginning of Reaper Man (Death #2).
Glen Start with Tiffany Aching ("Wee Free Men"). If you like that, try more Discworld. If not, then Discworld probably isn't for you.

I agree with Elisabel that Tim's answer is really good. I still recommend against starting with Reaper Man because it's a merely average Discworld book. I don't think that Death is the strongest Discworld series. This is still a sort of early Discworld book Pratchett matured as a writer as he went along. If you don't want to start with Tiffany, the next best place to start is The Watch ("Guards! Guards!"), but again, that book doesn't have *everything* the way the Tiffany books do.
Elisabel Tim's answer is pretty much right. But I *have* read other things in Discworld (not about Death, though), and this book (which I finished today) seemed really surreal by Discworld standards, and I don't know whether I would or wouldn't have been confused had I not looked at websites that ended up telling me every single plot point beforehand. . . .

But yeah, the main point is - no worries, and also if you don't like one Discworld book there's almost certainly another one, at a later or earlier point in his writing (Pratchett wrote Discworld from when he was in his early thirties and not really a mature writer, to when he was physically unable to write and had to draft and edit by dictation) that you *will* like.
Thom Kirkwood I would say that this would be one of the best Discworld novels to read if you've not read any others before; there are no major characters in the book who you need to know backstory for, most of them are introduced in this one.
Joyce Pepper Terry Pratchett wrote his Discworld series and can be read in order if you want to meet the first characters, but you can read them in any order. Be prepared to laugh out loud when you read any of them.
He also wrote books for kids as well. The Bromiliead Trilogy is wonderful and inspiring. Those 3 books are Truckers, Diggers, and Wings.
Enjoy reading any of his books.
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