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Is Jason Grace going to be the main character? Hope so...

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jenny Am I the only one who definitely does not want Jason to be the main character lmao
Lavender Bro, its Apollo who is the main character. Trials of APOLLO not Jason.
Mona No Apollo is the main character but also the other characters from the previous series will be in the book.
I'm actually hoping to see as little of Jason as possible since he is the only character from this series whom I can not stand.
Also I'm really excited to see some Percabeth and solangelo and also caleo.
and guys how cool would it be if Will Solace tries to talk to his father Apollo while Apollo is in his human form!
Masumi Sera I hope NOT. I don't mind Jason, but I don't necessarily want him to be the main character, And plus, hence the name, it's probably not going to happen.
Cairn This is not another Heroes of Olympus book! This it's own series! When will people get that!?!
Mia Apollo's the main character, and from the excerpt it looks like Meg might be a primary character...but what we really need is SOLANGELO, CALEO, AND PERCABETH!!
Grace Uy There are actually people out there who want a Jason centered book? I didn't even realize people actually LIKED him...

I don't think I could stand another chapter narrated by him, let alone a whole new book! Gods forbid.
Fatima all i can say is, the seven have to reunite. others need to know that leo is alive and back.
i think the main character would be apollo and would have its own main pov
Martina Simone Jason is obviously not gonna be the main character. Its called the trials of APOLLO. But i did read a thing on riordan wiki that says that the 7 will be in the book. It said that APOLLO makes friend who go to camp half-blood, so i'm guessing that the 7 are gonna be the friends that he makes. But thats just me.
Shayna Clark Fingers crossed!
Luan Uh, no. That's why it's called "Trials of APOLLO", bruh ;)
Lizzy no, it's going to be apollo.
Pierre I hope its not jason i dont like him imagine its octaivin
Gaven and Michelley Swan Ha everyone else is wigging out and I'm just say here like *I know the answwweeeerrrs*
kelly🌹 the book literally its called: The Trialls of APOLlO
Ceana Burton No, Apollo is. (If you didn't get that from the title.)
Andrew it's appllo duh and
Marian Atasha
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Alyssa Hansen I rather Percy Jackson as the main character than Jason Grace.
Kaylyn Sigmon I think we all need solangelo to be cannon also need some caleo action can't wait
Fawzia Hasan Well to b honest, Apollo's the main. But, I wish jason with the other six (and nico, reyna, thalia and others) are present. Fingers crossed.
Sarah It will depend, if it is a prequel to the Heroes of Olympus series then it will probably have the main characters be Reyna, Jason, and possibly Octivian (there is a story behind him that I need to know). Not Hazel or Frank because they came in only a couple months before the Son Of Neptune. But, if it is after the HoO then it could be a number of people, it could follow Frank and Hazel, or it could be new people.
Shirin I haven’t read it yet but I don’t think Jason will be the main character. He will be in it though, because if Percy will be there, I have a feeling most of the 7 demigods will be there. I think that Apollo/Lester will be the main character.
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Whitney A no it is written from apollo's perspective quite funny
Rayan SPOILER-----------------------------------------
Jason died so he can't be the main character
Gretel Sorry, Apollo is the main character. The whole book is narrated by Apollo just telling of his trials as a mortal, in case you could not tell from the title.
Maya Holdaway In the 3rd book...
Book Lover
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Lincoln I don't like Jason. I just never understood his character.
Safwan jason dies cuz he dies cuz he dies its true honest
Ashley Fanz It's Apollo and also Mr perfect dies👹💀😒
Foxy the pirate he is not, thats why its trials of APOLLO. not the trials of Jason.
Karo03 Jajajajajajaja, read the burning maze and then we could talk about it
Brian what if he made it a 500 page documentary just about groover. (I would still read it)
★★★ No. He is only mentioned a few times.
Alamdar Meghani APPOLLO is the MAIN CHARACTER. EMPHASIS on Appollo
Ava Zhang jason is good, so i hope so
Alexa No, Jason does not appear in the book at all. But i will say that Rachel Elizabeth Dare and Percy Jackson make an appearance along with Nico Di Angelo and Will Solace. Apollo (Lester) is the main character.
Audrey No; It's about Apollo, as indicated in the title and summary. I personally think that there wouldn't be a lot to write about Jason Grace, because he is already taken and should have a life outside of crazy-land.
Sydney Apollo is the main character. I don't even think Jason is IN the book...
"It was all just a No...I don't think so,sadly
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Aly Hinman No Jason Grace is not going be the main character, Apollo is.
Rebecca I honestly don't care if he shows up or not. I just don't want him to take the spotlight again like he did in the Heroes of Olympus. I thought it was unfair to the others that have been there waaaaay longer as characters in the books, but this as obviously about Apollo. His name is the biggest word on the whole cover. The picture is also him, FYI.
Alyssa It's Apollo no Jason because it's Trials of Apollo
Adi no its apollo and this new demigod
percy is featured and so is chb
Gabby No, Apollo is the main character. Though, they do talk a little bit about Jason and the rest of the 7 at Camp Half Blood but they do not appear.
Cassie read the description. Who do you think its about? Duh
Cha so excited to know what happened to leo..!!!
mckenzie Staley I am pretty sure this is first person in Apollo's point of view. But Rick said that throughout this series we'd have a little check in on all out favorite characters from the last two series.
Cleopatraselene2 Although Apollo may be the main character, Jason will probably play a bigger part since in the Blood of Olympus he stood up for Apollo. At least I hope Jason will have a bigger part since he is also my favorite character.
Tiana The main character is Apollo but the HoO gang will play a major part, according to Uncle Rick.
Sian Iola Percival its all about Apollo but the seven and others play a role
Amanda I think Apollo will. since the chapters will be haiku (like they were funny chapters with Percy Jackson and the Olympians. (this is all according to rick, there's a video where he talks about it, it's on YouTube; the channel name is Puppylove (with numbers that i don't remember)
Eduardo Um... no? Now that it's announced and the title and synopsis are out, it's clear that Apollo is the main character. According to people who have seen Riordan on tour though, all of our old favorites are coming back, so I imagine he'll feature in some capacity.
Emily Apollo is the main character and it's the Greek version of Apollo (I think). The synopsis talks about Camp Half-Blood, not Camp Jupiter
Nori The main character is Apollo. But, he did say that questions about other characters would be answered.
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Alicia He just announced that it's about Apollo, if you check his social media sites then there's an article! :)
Zoe no Reyna will probably be the main character (or frank or hazel). jason turned greek... remember... he stayed at camp halfblood...
Aleksandr I hope so!!!! He's my favourite character!
Kp Novelist I completely hope so
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