Danny asked Richelle E. Goodrich:

maybe be mundane in nature,but had to ask,,how do you personally link your notes,and compile them in your books...im personally inquisitive,,,have these moments of "brilliance" and don't have the means to compile them even these advancements ,,it happens over time so loose track of the original point from which the second followed..would appreciate your guidance?

Richelle E. Goodrich Good question. I like how you call them moments of brilliance; and I know what you mean about losing track of the original point or idea. Inspiration for a book or a chapter or just a profound sentence pops into my head at odd times, and it seems to come randomly. I may get a great idea for a beginning chapter and then one for the ending. And then come a few perfect thoughts to include.....somewhere in the middle. The ideas add up. To keep them organized during the months (sometimes years) it takes to complete a written work can be a challenge. Here's what I do to keep organized.

1) I carry a pocket-sized notebook with me for jotting down those 'brilliant' ideas when they hit. Truthfully, I have a notebook for each work in progress with character names, dialogue, important points, and other stuff. (I'm looking at thirteen little notebooks on my desk right now.) If I fail to write out a moment of inspiration, it inevitably vanishes. And writing it out thoroughly, rather than jotting down a word or phrase, helps keep the 'essence and origin' from being lost.

2.) I use sticky notes like mad. When I sit down to write a book, I scribble out my ideas on sticky notes and then arrange them in the order I anticipate they'll be used within the book. Sometimes I plaster over the side of my computer tower with these colorful Post its; sometimes they are fanned around my laptop screen. The fun part is peeling off a yellow square and tossing it out after the idea has been composed and saved. (Actually, I don't toss out any of my notes. I keep them in envelopes marked with the title of the book. Silly, sentimental scraps, I guess)

3.) I write ahead when inspiration hits, simply because the perfect scene just played through my head. This happens a lot, especially when I've come to a road block in a particular chapter. So, if I just cannot figure out how to end chapter three, but I have a super idea for chapter six~ish, I scroll down and type it out. Often I end out with a dozen or more scenes typed at the bottom of a developing manuscript. When (and if) I choose to insert one as the book progresses, it's a simple matter of cut/paste/edit.

So, there you have it! My organizational tools. They work well for me, maybe not so well for others. But I hope it helps at least a little!

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