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I really really really loved Peter but I find myself being team John in the end.Am I the only one?

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Melisa If I was lara jean to be honest after she found out that peter knew Genevieve took the video and that peter was gonna hook up with her Iwould have been like ur done goodbye. I'm just gonna stare into John's deep blue eyes forever
Hannah Lazatin YES!!! Can there be a third book for when they fast-forward to the future and Lara Jean realizes John was the only one for her and they get together?!?!?! Please! I AM BEGGING YOU, JENNY HAN!
Florcita No you're not! I mean I love Peter K, but in the last half of the book, I kind of wished she stayed with John!
Cay I honestly loved John more. Peter just seemed so whiney at the end I didn't think he was worth Lara Jeans time.
Hannah Team John all day, every day. John is actually NICE to Lara Jean. And while I think Lara Jean is pathetic and stupid as hell, at least he's not Peter. I honestly cannot get behind the Peter-Lara Jean relationship for the LIFE of me. He lied to her on multiple occasions??? She's a junior in high school and she's STILL too stupid to pick the right guy.
Milly Paris Omg, thank the lord I'm not the only one!
Bahiah_Ina Yeah, me too. Lara Jean and Peter were cute and all but I think John is sincere in having a relationship with Lara Jean while Peter, I felt nothing and he seems really confuse with his feelings. TEAM JOHN ALL THE WAY!!
Melody That's what made me so conflicted! The reason why I loved Peter was because he treated LJ well and he truly seemed to be genuine. But then in PSILY, it was like he got the girl, so why bother putting up an effort? Like, no! That's not what you do! And Peter K, of all people, should know this.
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Ainoa López I got disapointed in someway about the end of the book.
Because JOHN OMG he is perfect for Lara Jean, im sorry Peter you should leave. Im really angry (not really) with Jenny Han because of that end.
Valerie mincks NO I LOVED JOHN. Peter did not deserve her really in my opinion. It seemed like she settled.
Dorothy Anne I also would like her to pick John. Peter was likable enough but his loyalty lies with Gen and that's really not acceptable. Relationships are not black and white but instead of assuring Lara Jean, he'd run to Gen when she "needs" a friend. That's not putting Lara Jean in first place. Whereas John is the opposite.
Nazia Zabin Omg same here!
I just couldn't forgive Peter about the Genevieve thing. Why do girls always choose the wrong guy! As long as John wasn't in the picture I loved Peter but then there is John and you just realize and to quote Lara Jean, ' I deserve better than that, you know? I deserve ....I deserve to be someone's number one girl.'
Nora I'm late to posting this answer, but whatever. Here goes my opinion...
Boys like Peter do tend to be annoying, and sometimes act like they know everything, but that's just a shell that they keep around themselves. I think Lara Jean fell in love with him, because she saw the person who he was beneath the act - he seems to be a nice, sweet, and even thoughtful guy when he isn't pretending to be confident.

John seems to be sweet and romantic, but I do think that Lara Jean truly needs somebody who would keep her on her toes like Peter. Based on how flustered she gets around Peter, and how he seems to open up to her - I think their relationship is quite good. Just keep in mind that they ARE teenagers and going through a lot of hormonal changes, and they are still figuring out themselves.

Haven't read book three yet, but should be getting it soon. Don't let me down, Jenny Han ;)
Kyera I'm definitely Team John, but I understand that she needs to get over Peter first. Once she's realized that Peter is not the one for her - she can find John. He's supportive, kind to her and he's a good influence for her.
Sindija . I actually was sad at the ending when she got back together with Peter. I don't even know why I like John better. Peter and Lara Jean are cute couple,but I wish she stayed with John.
♥ Kym John is like every other guy in every other YA books that is too good, friendly and "almost" mr.perfect/right, yet the annoying heroine is so blind she can't see him so she still picks the other guy who have hurt her just because.
Charlotte Jimenez You're not alone. I just wish that Lara Jean will realize that John is perfect for her and Peter is... I don't know. I hate him when it comes to Genevieve that he can't say no to her. (Like what?! I thought he likes Lara Jean and why the heck he is still with Genevieve?!) Ohmygoodness. I really love John for her. I wish Stormy would set them up. Lol But I'm hopeful. :) 3rd book: "Always and Forever, Lara Jean" confirmed.
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Sharon Definitely love John more. He was just so sweet and KIND. He was good to her.

Peter just had too much drama and ties with Gen. But I do see why LJ would love Peter. She's so tied up in him, so I'm not surprised.

(I would have chosen John though)
Anna Diafa no, you're not. any person in their right minds who respect themselves would pick John in the end
Rebecca Team John all the way. Maybe she will realize he is the better choice when she is older? She is only 16 after all.
Satvika No,you're not..i guess there will be book #3,about how universe finally conspires to make Lara Jean and John get together in the end *i hope
Sudden I am all for team John. I mean, he's such a gentleman and all his words are so sweet. Peter is amazing and everything and I was definitely on his team at first, but then I met John and I was like, Lara Jean, you have been gifted with the privilege of knowing an angel, don't waste that. I hope that sometime in her future she gets together with John.
Katherine Bakker TEAM JOHN all the way. he is amazing kind and actually cares about Lara Jean.
Maounda Christopher Ok, I'm glad to hear that I am not alone. Peter began to be too much and a bit annoying. I mean, I lovee Peter but after this book and getting to know more about him, I am team John Ambrose McClaren ALL THE WAY!!
Liz I am also team John. I would've much rather seen LJ with him at the end!
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Hana Abdi I was so disappointed at the end when she ends up with Peter. John and Lara Jean would have made a very cute couple. John was more genuine, sincere, and innocent than Peter
Gyralda im with you!!! i just really totally in love with john. if Large dont want him, well just give him to me!
Rashmeet Kaur Team John. Totally.
JoLee I like John. He seems like a better match for Lara Jean than Peter.
Ally I would have picked John too!
Annalise Dominique Nope you're not the only one, I really liked john.He had a perfect delicate and sophisticated personality.
Shaylee nope you are not john is way cuter with LG and peter is a dick I seriously wish she had picked john.
☽°. Elizabeth ☽°. John is the best person for Lara Jean and he will always be in my heart. If he is single he can come to me!
Katherine Elliott I love this book so much, it is the most interesting book I have ever read, Lara Jean gets a little spicy with Peter and asking Margot about SEX. She is so funny and amazingly SMART she is really good at being cute with Peter. I love the author of this book she makes the book better than the movie.
Sadie Brown Peter is needy and basic with his "nutty hair" and "long eyelashes". john was sweet. #TeamJohn 100%
Chee-Hahn John Ambrose is an academically inclined, hopelessly romantic, letter writing mirror image of LauraJean, so it is jarring to compare their compatibility to the sexually experienced, stunningly handsome school heartthrob who she actually has very little in common with. #teamjohn
elodiederdas I agree with you, Josh was in my opinion obliviously the right fit for Lara Jean
Patricia Bell YES!!!! I totally agree!!!! Every chapter that has the two of them interacting via letter or in person has me going.. Um, Peter who? And I totally love Peter.. But you know what it's like to date him... Try Johnny!!!
Aly I really like peter but after finding out that Peter putting gen 1st still. I think she end up with john
Ellen Douglas I felt the same way! I was surprised, because I'm usually very loyal to a couple that I like haha but I felt like they fit better together - there wasn't as much struggle as there was with Peter. But sometimes that is part of the attraction I guess!
Mia Right! I thought they made s much better couple!
Laurie Burns I also am super team John.
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Strona po stronie Not the only one. John was sooo cute and much more loyal for starters. With Peter - many things would have been deal-breakers for me.
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Veronica I felt the same way! Peter still has feelings for his ex! John would not only b e a fresh start but also a best friend
Filipa Carujo I am team Peter yet. I just can't get over him!
A.Z. Nope, you're not only the one. I thought the same too, but i think i prefer Lara Jean with Peter, so i can have John for myself (Lol) XD
Jessica Dillema Nope, you're not alone. I'm Team John too...
Maya Team John all the way. When Lara Jean found out the Gen took that video and Peter didn't believe her I was like Ummmmm no your So wrong.
I want Lara to get with John but if she stays with Peter it will be ok.
Rezkinta Diniar but.... Peter is rough, he still protected gen after she took the video. then why would peter wait for gen in the hot tub. it so unfair, no matter how much gen need him, peter should be realize that he already have a girlfriend now. Just like Josh when he is with Liza.
i beg you for goddamn sake, Jenny please make a third part!! please make gen pay everything she has done no matter what is her problem, she's still a b****
Catarina PB Honestly I am team John!!
Mariana Varela I was really team John and I really hoped that she choosed him instead of Peter but we can't have it all...
Dannah nope! I'd pick him over Peter
Whatever Loverboy Omg me too! I really liked josh and they would have been perfect together.
Cherry Arceo I love Peter too! But I kinda felt bad when John was left out. But he said something there that made me think that Jenny will write a book for him! :)
Sydney Winstanley My friend and i felt the same way. like we were... cheating on Peter! lmao John was so amazing the author didn't give us anything to dislike!! WHY!!!!
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