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Lauren Gallo I admittedly starting wondering if we were going get a switch-a-roo and Feyre and Rhys would end up together. I like Tamlin, but I was always left with a sense that his and Feyre's relationship was largely set up from day one on his side to break the curse. I also felt Rhys was a more complete character. But since this is the first in a presumed series, who knows? Maas did a great job with the world-building here, and Rhys is quite complex. I wouldn't surprised if he ends up a fan favorite.
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Kawther I ship them so hard! I shipped them the moment he apeared and saved her from the three men/fay
Faith Sardothien
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Cindy ✩☽♔ Not going to lie a strong part of me really likes them together. They have this strange bond that lingers between them, and I knew from the beginning Rhysand cared more for Feyre then he led on. I also figured he was trying to save them all. Because let's be honest who wants to be enslaved by a cruel queen? I knew from the moment Rhysand first saved Feyre that he would play a greater role in her life somehow. Even their last scene together had me feeling like these two had something that words could not quite explain. In many ways I feel like Rhysand is a more complex character, we've seen more sides of him so I feel for him and his suffering.

That being said, after everything Feyre went through to save Tamlin I don't know how the author could make Feyre end up with Rhysand without making Feyre look like a flip-flop. I am not saying it is impossible and I would not be enitrely opposed to it. But we'll have to wait to see how this series progresses in order to entertain that possibility.
Aparajita It'd be amazing if Feyre turned out to be Rhysand's mate and would explain his reaction at the end of the book. ^_^
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Lauren No, I ship them as well! I think Rhysand is end game!
Nico I wouldn't mind if it had been set up like that and it turned out Tamlin was a jerk who just wanted to use her. But Tamlin is so genuinely caring and loving I don't want him to lose Feyre. Also they have that deep connection of understanding each other because they both grew up only caring for others. Sure, Rhys is mysterious but he was also gross to her and forced her to get drunk.
Vicki theglambookworm
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Jovanna No way I totally ship Feyre and Rhysand! I think he is endgame, but I think it's mostly going to be Feyre and Tamlin considering all that she did for him......but I ship them very, very, VERY hard!!
Lia Covington I want to ship them but I have to agree with what @Mrsbooks said about Feyre doing so much to save Tamlin and his court just to switch to Rhysand would be very odd. I am just hoping that if she does change her heart that it better be a good reason for her to change love.
However I really want to know more about the Night Court. I mean a court made of stars, dreams, and nightmares? SIGN ME UP!
Olivia Waters No you're not #Feyrhys is so damn perfect. They just have this chemistry that Tamlin and Feyre did not. Tamlin would probably be a better suit for Nesta though..who else? And Rhysand is just sooooo swoon-worthy.
High Lord of Night Court...check
Total Alpha male...check
what else do we need?
Vartika Me too..:D loved rhysand
Tina Soetzenberg I knew there was going to be a love triangle and Lucien was the only other option. Yes I know, ridiculous. The moment Rhysand showed up, I knew it was him. The second half of this book could have been a stand alone. Those last three months under the mountain was about introducing Feyre and Rhysands romance! And I hate that I think this but I love Rhysand! So torn
Christine Carlucci Nope! I Ship them too!
Kelsey Connors Hold onto your panties, girl. Sh*t is about to get REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. #NightCourt4Lyfe
Grace aboud
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Lot No your not.
I ship them forever.
I ship them so hard.
Damn rhysand damn him hahaha
Jaycee Lam *have just finished the book* *little animal noises*
Olivia Okay, so I definitely think that Feyre and Rhys have chemistry, and I'm interested to see what will happen at the night court, but after all the shit Feyre went through for Tamlin in CoTaR, I just don't see how Maas could get away with it... Even so, considering Maas' previous works, I'm know keeping on my toes is probably a good idea. I guess we'll just have to wait and see :)
Hannah No, but I wanna say this: RHYSAND GO DIE!!
The_Halfblood_Muslim Dude the second she took that bargain, I'm like, yeah you're in deep.
Mae Hall
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Haley NO! I thought he was a major dick for making her spend a week with him every month. I think he deserves his own book but so does Lucien! I would ship her with Lucien before I did rhysand. I feel like he's just truly too dark for her. Her high lord is compassionate and truly cares for his people and was willing to die to her. Rhysand cares about his people yes, but he was using her to set his people free, not because he's genuinely that compassionate, although he could be- considering he killed the guy instead of shattering his mind. But we don't know enough about him for me to think he's some good guy. I say this before I read the book and thought oh no I hate when I fall for the side character. But for me it was no contest.
Kaitlyn I shipped them the moment Rhysand saved her, I just think they are perfect together!
Sylvia Omg
I have shipped them since he first appeared in a court of thorns and roses
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Amalie Dalmarta After reading the whole series I can't believe I ever liked Tamlin!
- Feyre and Rhys all the way!
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Libby Moscovitz
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Lauren Lanz I think that Feyre and Rhys are going to end up being mates. I never really liked Tamlin, he was to pushy with Feyre from the start. He kept trying to be nice and all, but when Feyre kept refusing... don't you get the message??? I understand that things changed, but that's just how I feel about Feylin, or just Tamlin in general.
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rain Definitely not. Rhysand is WAY better than Tamlin.
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Erin Darling
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Jordon Knight I honestly hate love triangles but Rhyshand is by far the most interesting character, so I ship it so hard. He was barely in the book and became my favorite character so fast. I like Tamlin, but to me he is kind of boring. Initially I was like "I ship Feyre and Lucien!" cause he's awesome.
Katherine It's not possible... In the curse, Tamlin has to have a human fall in love with him to break it. Feyre breaks it therefore they're in love, so she can't fall in love with Rhysand (this is assuming that love can only be found once).
But, oddly enough, #Feyrhys does not sound that bad (the couple, I mean.. Although the ship name is pretty good too ;) . I guess I do ship them in a parallel universe where Tamlin never existed.
Marissa Smith I would love to see them as a couple! Even though Feyre did go through all that trouble for Tamlin, I do think that Sarah should go into a love triangle between the three. Plus, Feyre did form a connection of "trust" with him as he helped her through the trials. If it weren't for him, Tamlin wouldn't even be existent as a love interest.
Tenmodo ohhhhhhhhh... I love rhysand n I hope they are endgame!!!
Vinnie Feyre x Rhys for life!!!
Shanine RHYSAND IS AMAZING, ASOLUTLEY NO REGRETS. I freaking LOVE him. He was hot and mysterious, and also very protective of Feyre despite some of his actions...
Chelsea I ship them so, so much!
Poulami I ship them tooo..very haaard!!
Anna Z What in the abuse o.o
Chelsea Docking This is still relevant in 2022. I totally was shipping Rhysand and even Lucien!! They had better character depth and development forrrrrrsure
Macy If they aren't endgame, I'll probably cry.
For a very, very, very long time.
Sara Zapata girl...hahaha, best question ever xD
leo. Bro dont spoiler ::::::::IIIIIIIIIIII
Harley Quinn Going to have to join in on the FeyRys train I think...especially since i just finished the second book.
Desi No your not. I ship Feyre and Rhysand.
Hannah I personally ship Tamlin with Feyre's dad. I don't care who you ship you CANNOT deny there was tension between them in that break-in scene!!! like wowza awooga the sparks were flying!!!
Riya I ship them so hard!! He's like the Damon to her Elena and Tamlin is like Feyre's Stefan.
Jamila Sudi
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Chloe I didn’t at all, in fact I hated him cause I shipped her with Tamlin so hard… AND THEN AT THE END… wow sorry Tam but Rhys all the way.
Rebecca Me looking at this comment after reading all 5 of the ACOTAR books so far:

Alex Wolf I ship more myself and Rhys....she can keep her golden boy lol Give me shadow man!
S.I Luncasu Please let it be Tamlin. Please let Feyre end up with him PLEASE
Amanda Abraham Oh gosh. I do too
Diya OMG YESSSSSSS. That's what I thought!!!!
Sophia Z
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Chris Gonzalez #ILOVEFEYRHYS Absolutely not, please press 'continue on to next book' to see the evidence of what peer pressure can do to an author.
liz Feyre and Rhysand 4 life!
Isla I personally like Rhys... so I would love if he and Feyre ended up together.
Liss huehue... you have nooooo idea...
duda mendes
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Cailyn Skindell I would ship them in the second book because you get to know Rhysand/Rhys a little better and he turns out to be a really caring and sweet person and I was actually talking about them getting together today because I think that would be so cute and also a page turner
Kari I would choose Rhys any day of the week! Love those bad boys😉
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Olivia OMG I ship them so hard.
Brooklyn #Feysandforlife. Am I the only one that wish Rhys was real? This is the best series I've read !!❤️
Lily no i totally ship them too
Allissa Howze I swear, you guys seriously need to read the 2nd and 3rd books
Shriya Waiting for ACoFaS and looking at these comments like "hmm interesting"
calliecowboydaddy No honey. Everyone does. #WelcomeToTheACOTARFam
Jane YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES!!!!!!!! I SHIP THEM SO HARD!! Literally from the moment Rhys was introduced I liked him. FEYXRHYS!!
Feyre Archeron Nah mate, Feysand 4 Life!!!! <3 <3 <3
Kelly Omg Rhysand is my actual son and Feysand is the OTP that trumps every other OTP ugh I just have so many feelings about this.
Ana Luiza No, I ship them too ... love FEYRE AND RHYSAND
Bethany Feeck I like the original ship
Kaitlynn De Ville It has to be all about Tamlin! Ugh I don't think I'm ready for this love triangle
Ella I shipped them from the start, I never liked tamlin and feysand is amazing
Kaya Nope, you are not. Forever live Feysand.
Sarah Oh no, you are definitely not the only one. I would love to see them together and you can SO tell that Rhys felt something towards Feyre.
Alex I liked the Feyer/Rhys aspect. It reminded me of my husband and I when we started out our relationship, even as friends... I found Tamlin had a bit of a stick up his ass, and was entitled, even from the beginning. But then again I'm always the girl who falls for the darkest character in the book, I always find them more interesting and relatable than characters like Tamlin.
Maysaa I totally ship them, I know most of you will hate me if I say this but I kinda like Feyre and Rhysand (Feysand) better than Tam and Feyre(Teyre)!!
Oluwa Why didn't I think of this when I first read this book?! All I did when at the Rhys was shocked about something was took a picture of it so I could possibly have an answer after I read the second book.
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Rae Jenkins
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Thebookerscafe You're not the only one!!! Absolutely love them!!!
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Courtney Johnson I made the mistake of going o tumblr before I read the book and so I knew that Feyre and Rhysand were going to get together so I shipped them the whole book and was literally like, when are they going to get together??
Michelle I like Rhysand. there is something about the dark.
Nelly Omg yes, it was so weird the minute he came into the story I was like 'hey new fav person' not sure why!!! I think the next book was just perfect omg
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Debbie Oktriana YASSHHH!!! Would be awesome!!!
Anouk YESS!! Rhysand is such an interesting character, and the only reason why I am going to read the second book, is because I want to know how he is going to develop :D
Eva I ship them soooo much, but I would be annoyed if that actually happened in the sequel because of everything that Feyre goes through to save Tamlin. I don't like Tamlin, but I don't think I could like Feyre if she left him.
Nissandra Leigh I knew there's something that pulls me to Rhysand when he first appeared in the book and chapter after chapter, I loved him even more but... No, i won't ship them. It breaks my heart when I think of Feyre going after Rhysand behind Tamlin's back.
Susann No you're not! I was reading ACOTAR and totally fell in love with the Feyre-Tamlin ship, but then Rhysand jumped into the picture and oh god I just adore bad boys and he won me ower almost immediately! But then Fyre risked so much to save Tamlin and I just couldn't see how Fyre and Rhysand would/could work out after something like that... and then I read ACOMAF :o read it it's even better than ACOTAR! Soooooo much better!
Saradine Nazaire You are not!!!! He is everything I pictured a lover to look or sound like. Its not like switching partners is new for Sarah J Maas as she did in the sequels of Throne of Glass so it could be possible. I think though, he would've been better suited for Feyre's older sister which I already forget the name of and Jullien with her younger sister. It would've been the perfect book.
Britta Rolandsson I totally ship them. I don't know why, but i'm always more into the "bad" boy in books. I'm not saying that Tamlin Isn't cool but I just think that Rhysand is so much cooler! It's actually really weird that I like Rhysand because... well... he's an asshole! He treats Feyre very badly in the beginning but I just can't stop thinking about what he did in the end when Aramantha tortured her! I just can't wait for ACOMAF!
Rachel I ship Feyre and Rhysand so much!!! "Fangirling screams"
Valeria you are not Alone)))
Rachel (Galaxy Girl Reads) Absolutely!!!!! I honestly think Rhys being shocked at the end when he stumbled back was because the mating bond feel into place for him.
Jen I totally this Rhys is endgame. Tamlin became too boring
Claudia Verleg Yessss! In the end, Rhysand was acting so weird so I'm thinking, you know,,.. something about them being together just makes sense. I do love Tamlin and Feyre together, but for some reason I secretly ship Rhysand with her.
Lily My thoughts exactly!! #feyrhys
Lilay Longbottom Hope Feyre ends up with Rhys! Kyaaa~ She might be in love with Tamlin right now but hearts do change. :D
Danielle Ahh, Rhysand. <3 I want to know so much more about him. Although I love him more than Tamlin, I think Feyre has already made her choice. She cannot flip that easily after what happened in Book 1. I'm happy that he'll get more appearances in the next one though.
Joana I like Rhysand a lot, but I think there has to be a very big reason and very well built to make Fairy fall in love with him. I hope Maas does not disappoint me and makes the protagonist so fickle after all she went through to prove her love for Tanlim. I really think she and Rhysands are mates after his outbreak at the end of the book, but that does not characterize love. Let's wait to read what is about to happen.
graze_thestars YOU ARE NOT ALONE
Max Kristian Ship them so hard!
Jennine Rentz I shipped them the moment he appeared and saved her from the three men/fay
DJ I love Rhysand and I kinda ship him and Feyre together, but also I think Tamlin and Feyre are OTP. Can't wait too see where this book will take us readers next.
Henri Metivier
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Aiyana You're not alone. I SHIPP FEYRE AND RHYS SOOOO HARDDDD ...
Audrey nope, I'm guilty. i ship them too... complete rhysand trash over here xD
Janine I also love him but i feels like I am betraying Tamlin. So I chose silence but knowing a lot feels the same way. OMG i am so scared of what Maas is preparing for us.Let us just wait and see what will happen.
Ashley I ship them a bit! More Tamlin and Feyre but I do hope that Rhysand gets his own book because he is a magnificent character!
Nicole I ship them so hard
Diana NO YOU ARE NOT!!!! :D
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