Goodreads asked LK Hunsaker:

What’s your advice for aspiring writers?

LK Hunsaker Read avidly. A writer who doesn't read is not a writer worth being read. Read in your own genre and outside your genre. Don't hide in your own world; get out there and involve yourself in other worlds, in what others think, want, need. Without being stalkerish (yes, writers can make up their own words), get to the heart of why they live as they do. Find their stories. Your own story will only get you so far to keep readers' attention. You have to be able to relate to your readers, also.

Beyond that, write. A lot. Take a class or read writing craft articles. Never assume "it's just a story and anyone can write a story" since stories are powerful and every bit as important as any other craft/trade you must study to learn. Spend plenty of time on the learning before you even start to consider publishing. After you have something 'finished' you think is ready to be out there, submit it to sites where readers and other writers will give you their impersonal and honest opinions. Never rely on people you know who won't want to offend you.

Have or develop a thick skin. All art is subjective. Some will love what you write while others will hate it. Think about bad reviews as to what might be true about them, use them to consider what you might want to improve, but realize they are subjective. Never confront a reader about a bad review. Let it go and move on. Those glowing reviews: print a couple of them out and stick them up in your writing space because there will plenty of times you will need to remind yourself that you don't stink. Floundering between "I'm brilliant" and "I stink" is the bane of a writer's world. Most likely, you're somewhere in between the two and that's a good place to be.

Please, please don't just throw your work out there when you're done with it because you want to be done with it. If you're asking people for their hard-earned money, be sure it's well worth what you're asking! Edit! Get help with proofing! Your professional name matters. Be professional.

Maybe most important: don't write for money or glamour. Write because you need to write, because it's part of you, because you have things to say. If the money and glamour come along, that's great. If not, you will still have fulfilled a part of yourself, a need, and so you still succeed. As the saying goes, if you CAN quit writing, then you should.

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