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I just found out that Robin Hobb tweeted: "I just typed a sentence I've waited ten years to write. I just need to sit here for a while and look at it on the screen." She later responded to someone asking how she remembered it with: "Writers are like that. I don't have to write down my birthday to remember it. This sentence was that important to me." Does anyone want to discuss what this sentence could be?

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Cogent Asparagus Perhaps the sentence was Fitz saying:"Hmm, I have a big problem... so, why don't I tell my loving friends and family about it and I can benefit from their help, experience and advice?!"... Hmm, Ok I admit, that's a bit far-fetched
Monica How exciting...!!!
"Fool, it's you I've loved all my life."
Not that Robin would write it so poorly, but perhaps something to that effect.
That's me hoping very hard.
Donna Glennon Fitz you are the best mistake Chivalry ever made!!!
LysaMichelle "And I, too, set no boundaries on that love, Beloved."
"Nighteyes had the right of it: together, we are complete."
Barbara Douglas Fitz to Chade "We're going to kill them all, like the bastards we are!"
Jim Awe Fitz and the Fool developing a romantic relationship at this point would be pretty token and forced.
Sasha Malik A fan tweeted Robin Hobb asking about it, and she said the sentence has been moved to book 3 as book 2 was too long!
Shannon Workman A sentence proclaiming that the fool is actually a woman and has been all along? Only kept that secret to prevent a bad outcome to her/his prophecies.
Tracey Trafford Fitz becomes bonded with the mother of all dragons and rescues Bee who later becomes out of this world amazing with the skill.........fitz and the fool submit to the skill river to become one with Nighteyes........fitz becomes king and rules with Nettle his Queen......fitz and Kettricken get it on...........Fitz returns to Buckeep to become a wonderful grandfather to Nettle's daughter who looks just like Molly.........oh the possibilities........just one suggestion to Robin and the course of book 3 is altered. :)))))
Pascale I hope it relates to the Fool, maybe the last truth he witheld to the very end? I so love the Fool. He is my favorite character :)
Suzi I don't know how she can think book #2 is too long, because I never want the stories to end. I am loving this book! I can't wait for #3. I am wondering will Dutiful realizes that Fitz is his "bio" dad!!
Tina "Fitz, I just ate your child. She was tasty".
Bm Fool: Fitz... I'm your mother.
Em and they lived happily ever after! :)
Mathieu Apers
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Jodi Hartley The Fitz the Fool and Nighteyes became one.
Anja Petković I still haven't finished all of the books, but I hope it will be something crucial about the Fool. Maybe their gender finally announced or something extremely important to tell Fitz that they kept form him all these years.
Pesto "Fitz.. is dead" - good riddance!
Serenityjane Has to be something between Fitz and the Fool, I think.
Roan This is a complete guess, but I wondered whether it was Fitz becoming king... Seems crazy, but bear in mind that on the first draft of the UK cover there was a crown with a charging buck on it...
Heedwhite my mother stood across from me.
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