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Trying to figure out which editions to buy. Was there ever a full matching hardcover set even published or am I just going to have to settle for epubs?

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Thayer Berlyn The best editions are published out of the UK. The first two books, "Ross Poldark" and "Demelza" are missing a percentage of text in the U.S. publications...something like 14% or 17%. I can't remember exactly. I was fortunate in that my Grandfather had the first three books, which are Ward & Lock 1st edition hardcovers (1945-50) published in the UK, and which I inherited many years ago among the other books in his library. I ordered all of the remaining titles out of the UK in hardcover.

If you are interested in hardcover editions, specifically, has an outstanding collection of books, from the rare to the easily available, Graham novels notwithstanding. Ebay is also an option if you want to find UK editions, paperback or hardcover, that you can buy without bidding. It's all a matter of cost comparison. There is nothing wrong with editions printed in the U.S., but I would at least purchase the first two out of the UK.
Drema Hi! - Thayer Berlyn below kindly said there's nothing wrong with books printed in the USA. I want to buy the Poldark series to read. On Amazon (USA) I was looking at what is available. I read the 'one star reviews' and to my horror I start seeing reviews and comments on those reviews how there are tons of typos in the particular series I was looking at. This particular series (single books bought separately) had the current actors on the covers of their respective books: Aiden Turner on the first book: Ross Poldark, Eleanor Tomlinson on the second 'Poldark' book: 'Demelza' and so on. The comments about the typos said there were so many it was a hard copy to read. To me that is an epic fail and I would be really angry the book even went to print in such a mess. The one comment I read hypothesized the publisher was rushing to get the books to print because of how wildly successful the 2015 Poldark series 1 episodes were/are (Season 2 coming fall 2016) I think it's kind for someone to say 'there's nothing wrong with the USA versions of the books', but buyer beware. I hate errors in books I buy. Where have the proofreaders gone? So, I'm searching for a reliable publishing house / printing house? (don't know if that's really what it's called or not... but I want clean copies where I feel like somebody cared about the work they were putting out!....) Just thought I'd give everyone a heads up because, thankfully, I think the books are going to continue to be popular as more people see BBC's new season of the Poldark series each year on tv or online. I'll keep reading comments here & in the future if anyone has a suggestion on publisher to buy from I would greatly appreciate it!
Cas Has anyone ever done a comparison and noted the actual differences between the abridged and unabridged versions? I would love to see an example of both! Anyone game to search?
Arielle The Pan Publishing "Poldark" series (unabridged, Jan. 2008) is a great set. I don't think that there is a matching hardcover set that was published, so you might have to settle for matching paperbacks.
Cynthia I too am looking for the best edition to buy - I read a commenter on Amazon who said the Sourcebook edition has many typographical errors in it and the Pan edition was better. Haven't got it yet.
Sourcebooks The official tie-in editions for the US television program premiering in June will be released June 9th.
Pat in the 70's I purchased the first seven books in hardcover thru Book of the Month Club. Unfortunately they were lost in a move.
Clair There are some new covers with the new TV series characters face's on. I'm not one for TV casting on covers, but Aidan Turner is a great Poldark!
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