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I think we should be showing this book to young adults. As a young adult myself, I now see the world from a bigger perspective. I have forgiven many people who I saw as unforgivable, and have made new friends from people I have never batted an eye at. Why are we not using this book in more schools?

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Madi I was assigned this book as a summer assignment (I'm going into nineth grade). We were supposed to assess the events in the plot and the bonds between the people written. I think that we should be doing more with this book. I know I will never be the same after reading this extraordinary piece of literature, and I wish that they would talk more of it. The way that they are having us examine the book, takes away what we have been taught from it. I think that this should be required by every high school student to read, but we should be allowed to examine it by ourselves without lesson plans, and I think this is why not many teachers require us to read it. The meaning of the book gets lost when someone else explains it to you.
Erika Eroy I think you're right..as for me,of all the book I've read,I consider this book as one of my favorites....and somehow I also thought that we must recommend this others to read this one
Shake Speare The book's controversial use of racial slurs makes it problematic for school use, even though said slurs were commonplace when the book was originally published.
Maris Bave I did read this book in 10th grade, but I hated it. I don't mind books with messages like this, but I do mind being hit over the head with the message. I adore reading, but only books with solid plots and characters that grow into complex people (aka fiction). This book just didn't do that. I am a young adult, and I just don't respect getting the moral of the story yelled at me from page one. I don't think that if you respect me if you have to yell like that. Does that make sense?
Hannah I actually did read this for 10th grade honors English class. I absolutely loved it.
Umaima Our school gave this to us as reading and analysis (grade 9/ o levels) and I think this is probably the most reasonable thing they have done, my school always used to give us books to read which had no moral or anything we could learn from and now finally they are taking action to change the generation and help us understand life and the world. I would highly recommend this book to anyone wondering if it's worth it because IT IS WORTH IT.
MariaT My 7th grader read this as a school assignment. Great book indeed!
Yfgg What page is Jan on
Julie huh, many comments about the moral. perhaps I just took it as food for thought, one person's perspective on how to live.
I just finished rereading it - I think it will have a different effect on us at different times of our lives. So starting the thoughts as a young adult is a good idea!
Shiri I got into this book because I was reading another Mitch Albom book for a book club, and a professor say the book ad suggested that I read Tuesdays with Morrie next. I personally think that this is a great read for everyone, regardless of age, but I also agree that this book could be extremely helpful for teenagers and young adults.
Zaynab I had to read this book in my last year of high school, and I have to say it is one of the most memorable novels I have ever read in all of those four years. I really am grateful to my (kind of scary but still awesome) English teacher, who assigned this book for us to read despite our very insistent protests against it. It's true when they say to never judge a book by its cover. I have learned a lot more from Morrie, and even Mitch, than I have from some of the other books I've had to read at school.
Noni Torrent My teenager had to read this book in high school and she passed it on to me as she thought it would appeal. I think we appreciate the wisdom more as we age though...
Elliot Chae I agree, good idea! This can teach good life lessons to people.
Liz Because the "morals" are all things a reasonably intelligent 14-year-old should already find cliche or dead horses, would be my guess.
Cassidy I am actually reading this book right now for a class called Literature Studies at my school. Its really good, but only a small amount of the kids at my school can actually read it.
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