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I read on another book review website that large chunks of this book won't make sense if I haven't read The Dark Tower series. Is this true? Do I need to read The Dark Tower series before reading Insomnia?

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Garry Wayne It's one of King's 'things' to make reference to other of his books. It seems his philosophy is to write what comes into his mind and he must be thinking of the other book or series so he writes it. It only adds to the bulk of the book and nothing to the story. I wish he would just let each story stand on its own. By the way, the Dark Tower series is very good and far superior to Insomnia.
Irwin Fletcher Insomnia isn't really necessary (although recommended) for a DT read-through, but some DT reading is pretty important if you want to enjoy Insomnia. I read it as part of my first Dark Tower read-through about 5 years ago, prior to that I didn't know much about it and had no clue it was tied to the DT. I'm glad it was a book I just happened to have not read prior to that because I can't imagine just reading it as a stand-alone novel. I've spoken to people who have and said they enjoyed it but I think you'll be missing a lot of what the book offers. Outside of the actual DT novels, Insomnia is probably the most bizarre book in Stephen King's bibliography. Maybe even the most bizarre. And without the craziness of the DT books to prepare you or knowing what all the DT references are about, it would probably seem like random insanity just spilled all over the page. It's hard to describe just how MUCH this book ties into the DT series without spoilers, but it's so much that I don't consider it a stand-alone novel. Hearts In Atlantis is somewhat similar in that it's stand-alone and a tie-in at the same time but it doesn't lean on the DT stuff nearly as much as Insomnia. You could easily read that without having even heard of the DT but I'm not sure about this one.
Judy I read Insomnia before reading the Dark Tower series and still loved the book. It is great book, especially if you are older.
Hakim "Cross-pollination" is what springs to mind. The books enrich themselves mutually, but you can still enjoy them separately.
"Insomnia" also enriches the "Derry"-universe, some references to "It" characters are in there. But you can fully grasp Insomnia without having read anything else from King.
Firas Ajjuri It's listed in the "extended dark tower series/world"
1. The Gunslinger
2. The Drawing of the Three
3. The Stand (Extended)
4. The eyes of the Dragon
5. The Wastelands
6. Wizard and Glass
7. Salem's Lot
8. The Mist
9. IT
10. Insomnia

I think this is correct :)
Laura Read this before the Dark Tower or without reading Dark Tower at all. There are a few references to characters that cross over into the series but they'll be well explained in the book in a way that gives nothing away.
Jam Sinclair You dont need to have read The Dark Tower to enjoy or understand Insomnia, BUT it does make a LOT more sense if you have, especially near the end. I cant say much more without spoiling, but when I understood the connections in Insomnia, it made it all more exciting :) lol.
If you do read The Dark Tower, you will feel the same when you understand the Insomnia connection ;)
Book Vamp Jade Williams No I doubt it. Insomnia was written years before the Dark Tower series, i first read this in high school. But there is a character mention in this book as well as the series.
T. Stranger I haven't read the Dark Tower series, and I've nearly finished Insomnia. It's easy to understand and I don't think you'd get much more out of the book if you read the Dark Tower series first, anyway. I think there is a mention of a certain character, but that's about it.
Penner No. He claims this book is "related" to the Dark Tower series, but I read it specifically because of that and couldn't see any connection at all.
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