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Freya I would agree with a mature teen/young adult rating. It's a darker story than you first think and if you are prone to night terrors I would say don't read it before bed. And it is magic based so if you have a problem with magic then this book isn't for you.

This story contains mature subjects not limited to, sex/adult themes, wound descriptions, etc. However these are handled in a mature manner, giving enough description to paint a picture for you but not so much to gross you out.

If you are a parent and wanting to get this book for your child I would ask you to read it first and judge it for yourself. You know your child the best and all the answers and reviews in the world won't help you the way reading the book for yourself will.

I am about half way through the book and have enjoyed it greatly as with all of Naomi's works.

Edit: June 9,2015

I finished the book, and I will still agree with my first assessment of the novel. Its best for a mature teen or young adult. It has its darker points and lighter happier ones. It does have mature subjects in the beginning and heavy at the end. So you need to be prepared for that. It does have a ending that some may or may not figure out. And the story as a whole is a rather sad one.

Parents: I still say please read the book before giving it to your child (unless you know for sure your child can handle this book), if I had to give a number rating on this book for age it would be 16+. Though it's really a lot prettier than some of the M rated games out there. But as I have said before only you know your child and you can read reviews till your blue in the face and it won't help you understand the book fully, the best way to do that is to read it yourself. And if you let your child read it then you have something to talk about together.

Happy Reading.
Waru There's some violence and mild descriptions of wounded people. There's a bit of political intrigue that isn't too confusing. There is one almost-sex scene and one sex scene, but they aren't too terribly graphic and they're...nice and respectful. Sensible, mature teens and older would probably be able to fully enjoy this.
Cassandra Connor Due to the awfully abusive relationship between the 2 main characters, I wouldn't recommend this for anyone who isn't mature and fully aware of what a healthy relationship actually looks like. It's heartbreaking that examples of abusive relationships like this are touted as "wonderful" & desirable to young, vulnerable adults who don't yet have the life experience to know that if someone calls you an idiot and useless constantly and threaten you with violence then they don't love you.
Tandie I'm rereading it with my 15yo daughter after reading it myself first. If I were to give Uprooted a movie rating, it would be PG-13. We talk about sex & rape type scenes, how strong or wimpy the leading female is, etc. I'm okay with non-graphic sex scenes and we talk about it in relation to our beliefs. Descriptive sex & lots of F-bombs are a no go. I think the question is, "What level of sex, language, & violence is acceptable for me or my child in a book?" For me, this would be a no for my 13yo but a yes for my 15yo.
Farah 14+
-has sex scenes, not the most detailed but still there.
-a lot of gruesome deaths
-romanticises unhealthy relationships, age gap love, abusive relationship.
Sarah Also, the other answers didn't mention it but there's an attempted rape scene.
Fiona Based on what I read/my parents let me read as a teen, I think 13 and up sounds right. There is violence and sex, but I don't think as such as to mean a thirteen-year-old should not be exposed to this book.
Runli Liang The writing is at the level where an 8 to 12 year old would read. But the abusive relationship, adult themes and other stuff makes it more like a 14+ appropriate book.
Ami I think that some explicit sex scenes prevent it from being for children/too young teens.
Andy Any and all. If they can comprehend it, they're mature enough to handle it.
Rachel There is violence, including some gory battle scenes, and one attempted rape scene. There is one sex scene and one heavy kissing scene, If your kid is under the age of 13 I suggest you read it yourself first before giving it to the kid. The sex is probably trivial for the digital generation that has grown up with porn, but the violence may be disturbing. If 13 or over, they should be fine.
Mary I agree with everyone else. Somehow, because Agniezka's warm heart comes through, this seemed consoling to me in the end. But the violence before you get to the end is pretty horrific. It would have disturbed me as a teenager. 16 on up seems about right,

The two books it reminded me of were "Plain Kate" and "Fire". A kid who can handle the extreme psychological violence of these books wouldn't have a problem.
Strona po stronie I think that it shouldn't be read by teens younger than 13 - not because of the sex scenes, because they are not that explicit, but because of the dark, slightly distressing feel of the book and death scenes. Think of it as you would of a quite bloody, dark, but well-ending anime.

Still, I've never liked horrors and was quite sensitive as a teen.
Nancy Collins I am a voracious reader and have been since I was a child. I feel like I went straight from reading the Fun With Dick and Jane books to The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie. My parents did not censor my reading, and I am forever grateful to them. However, I would have to say that 12 or 13 year old children would be fine with this book. Some tv shows and movies are much more salacious and violent then this story.
Mighty There is an attempted rape scene and a very graphic sex scene. The tone is pretty dark, so I would suggest 17+.
Jody I would definitely say 16+, emphasis on the "plus" if your reader is sensitive. If you're like me and want to skip the sex scene, it's in chapter 27 (about a third of the way through until about two-thirds of the way through).
Lucydad Maybe 12-21....
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