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Jess I quit at 28%; the author needs to get an editor. I took a photo of the phrase "rill protective" it's real. Totally wishing I wouldn't have paid for it. Marked it as finished at 28%, because it's just not "rilly" working for me.
Susan It is boring, repetitive, offers nothing new. Plus its treatment of mental health issues is disgusting and harmful.
Trez Stiwalt YES YES YES. Thank You. Her suggestions changed my mediocre turned horrid life around. She reminded me that actually any moment is a moment to turn your life around. I like how real she is. He delivery Is awesome. I was writing her quotes in my journal. This book is an inspiration. Read it once and you'll want to read it again.
Ashley Maden I liked her perspectives, humor and the stories that she shared from her personal experiences from those perspectives and lessons that she learned in her own life. The principles were very basic but the personality that she added made the book entertaining and fun to read. It provided some good points that we should remember when we are faced with our own negative self talk and excuses that we create for why we can't live the life of our dreams and be our best self.
Sally I tend to roll my eyes at self-help books, imagine my surprise when I found myself loving this book! I felt like my best girlfriend was giving me that honest yet loving talk we all need to hear at some point in our life. There is nothing earth shattering in "You Are A Badass," but the language, style and delivery really worked for me.
V L Not a fan. It was a bit glib and unfeeling at parts. Some advice was sound, but I just didn't connect with the way the information was communicated.
Hannah Krumrey I am an 18 year old girl looking to be the best version of myself, and I found this book to be very inspiring and motivating. The author does not sugar-coat anything, she says it how it is. Parts of the book were also interactive which helped me figure out certain aspects of my life that were wrong. She gives so many amazing quotes and sayings that I took to heart and really focused on ways I could apply them to my own life. She offers many tips and ways to use them, and more. No matter where you are in life, I would really recommend reading this book. You will not be disappointed, I promise. I did NOT want to put this book down, and that's saying a lot because I I'm being honest, I'm not a huge fan of reading... however, this book was so good that I am already reading her next one, "You Are A Badass At Making Money."
Evan Lien the only part i liked, were the stories. Especially the story of the loincloth man. the rest of the book got a bit too religious for me, though. meditation is fine, but the entirety of "let go, and believe that the universe will provide it" made me roll my eyes far too much.
Dana Taylor I would agree with those who say that this is the best self-help book for people who avoid self-help books. This is a great tool for regaining perspective. The short chapters, filled with punchy language, are perfect for daily affirmations and personal reflection.
William Prystauk Helped me put things in a much better perspective. I've allowed myself to become overwhelmed, even though on a creative level my life has rocked like never before. However, due to juggling so many projects, including teaching at a university full time, I wasn't allowing myself to enjoy my successes. But thanks to Jen's wisdom, I'm gaining a foothold in feeling good and keeping my anxiety at bay.
Christy Ch I found it extremely boring and redundant. I had high expectations for this book as I heard a few people mentioned it. A lot of obvious pointers. I was listening to the audio and gave up. And too much of anything is a bad thing, you wouldn't want to be oblivious of a reality check in be in la la land.
Butterfly2507 Let me start with the wrong quote she used "Nokola Tesla" ... you mean, Nikola, right? Also, out of 7 chapters she used "love yourself" in 5. Repetitive and nothing new. I just checked out the next few chapters and lo and behold "love yourself" appears another handful of times. I'm done with this book and honestly feel like writing a huge rant.
Ashley Astells This book would be more suited to young adult with some updated anecdotes. Not worth the read if you've read any other books on personal development.
Mary Good advice and reminders to take care and love yourself. I like that she ended each chapter with that tip and it really is critical to your success in relationships. I did some of the exercises, in writing out the stories I tell myself, the false reward, etc.
Jermaine Young I love what she said and found myself physically nodding along as her voice read the dialog through my audible version of this amazing (am I allowed to call it) life changing bible. Source energy. The Big Snooze. Baddassery. This book was wonderful and strait to the point. I loved it and am actually now seeking to get Jen to coach me.
Brooklyn This book was really good! Jen Sincero tells her story and it helps to hear that other people are/were just like you but if you just stop doubting your greatness you can come into your badassness! Her language is light and fun, but direct. Good Read, indeed
Tegan Love love love it! It contains so many messages I needed to hear to bring my focus back to me and what I want from my life and my attitudes toward so much. I am fairly fresh off of a massive destruction of the life I was expecting to have and a relationship that was intended to be forever and this book has been critical in getting my perspective back on track! The audio is fantastic because she reads it herself and it ingrains it that much more!
RajdeepKaur I found it average...it left it in the middle too.
Sean Cramer For my it wasn't worth the time reading. I think I read the first few chapters in depth then it got boring, then consistent, then not worth reading. There was nothing new in this book that I haven't already read from other authors.
Lương Tài I read this book. Actually this is a very good book
Kristen I feel conflicted. I like how she encourages you to love yourself, but then casually throws in "cow" to describe people. Also, I feel at times she just got really lucky floating through life and networking. This isn't how real people live.
Desirae I'm almost done with this book and I'm loving it so far. It's hard to put down at times. The stories are funny and I love how authentic and 'rill' the author is. She never strays from being herself. As other reviewers have noted, she misspells things, but it seems to be on purpose. She wants you to be able to read it how it is meant to be heard. I love that about her. It makes for a better read than a seriously edited version that would just make it dull and uninteresting. This is a great book if you need to be reminded that you are a badass, or if you need to learn self-love. Yes, she uses "love yourself" in many of the chapters, but that's kind of the point of the book. Once you really learn to love yourself it will be easier for you to stop doubting yourself and just realize that you are amazing. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who has low self-esteem and can get past the fact that not everything in life needs to be edited and pristine.
Ruchi Das People seem to be smitten by this book as if no better self-help book ever existed. I would call it good, but digress from crowning it as the best self help book of all time. Some things worked for the author. She has written this book under the assumption that they will for the others too. Sadly, belief is the catch-phrase here. On more than one note, I found it difficult to believe in the author. While some quirky anecdotes and the conversational style of writing makes this a light-hearted samaritan read, I find it difficult to relate to the author on so many levels. I attribute most of her "miracles" to a aggressive networking, relentless tenacity, and on rare occasions, a privilege.

Overall, inspiring and readable, but certainly not a masterpiece in the self-help genre.
Holly I kinda skimmed a lot of the book towards the end. Most ideas were not new ideas for me, more like affirmations. There are some points worth considering and I think it will give me the nudge I need to get certain things done but I wouldn't say it was life changing or a revelation.
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